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You know it's summertime when you go out during the daytime and feel the heat and sweat of the sun straight in your face. So while people might be confused about which is better - summer or winter - we know for sure that a jeans top for women combo looks the best in summer. When it comes to dressing up cool and still looking hot in summer, ladies need the comfiest clothes that pack a big style statement for others to gaze in wonder and feel jealous or infatuated. Therefore, after mixing and matching different dressing styles for women, we have several jeans top combo ideas that you can pull off during this warm summer. Why Is The Jeans Top Combo Perfect For Summers? But why the jeans top combo, you might ask? We believe that this combo looks the chicest during summers and even makes you stay cool under all that heat. While jeans provide the best semi-formal yet stylish look for those long slender legs, a casual top will make your summer outfits look the sexiest. Therefore, we recommend wearing jeans with light-colored tops to give your summer look a makeover. So grab the best pair of jeans and top for girls you can find in your nearest shop and pair it with an equally cool top to beat the heat this summer. Best Jeans Top Combo Styles You Can Apply In Summers After trying out different jeans top combinations in the green room, we would recommend these new jeans top combinations to work best for you this summer: 1. Flared Jeans And Sleeveless Crop Tops Starting off this list is the stylish jeans top combo using flared jeans paired with sleeveless crop tops. A crop top and jeans go well together to provide the best look for keeping it cool this summer. In our opinion, this is one of the best fancy jeans top combinations we can think of. The pant shirt flared jeans add a dash of retro, mixed with the cool summer vibe of a crop top. We recommend wearing blue jeans with a light-colored crop top to create a good contrast between the colors. 2. Ripped Jeans With Mono Colored Tops Ripped jeans are some of the best jeans for women that look modern and cool. Ripped jeans might not be the best choice to keep you cool this summer. But, pair them with a top and you will get one of the best jeans top combos for this summer. Look for ripped jeans that have tears near your knees and thighs to rank up your hotness meter. Our advice, wear ripped black jeans with a simple white top to look great this summer. 3. Denim Jeans And Simple Tops If you want to dress up simple and don’t want to spend much time getting ready to face the heat in a bikini, this jeans top style is perfect for you. The good ol’ denim jeans with a simple colored top have their own cool statement on a hot summer day. This combination will never go out of style since you can wear it outside casually and pass it off as a party wear jeans top. We recommend wearing dark blue jeans with an ashen white shirt to look cool this summer. 4. Denim Jeans With Lace Tops If you want to showcase your sweeter feminine side this summer, you can do so with confidence. To pull off this jeans top combination, you need denim jeans with laced tops. You can show off your feminine elegance in all its glory, but be relaxed enough with jeans. To wear this refined look, we recommend that you wear blue denim jeans with light-colored lace tops, preferably white or yellow. As for the shoes, ankle boots would go great with this look, and so will sandals. 5. Boot Cut Jeans With Loose Tops Like flared jeans, boot-cut jeans are another evergreen retro style if you want to look chic and refined. Boot cut jeans are one of our favorite girl's jeans top styles that we would love to see more of in the streets because of their short long dress aesthetics. So, channel your inner summer of 69 vibes by rocking blue boot-cut jeans with light-colored loose tops. We recommend pairing these jeans with loose tops because it keeps your lower legs and torso cool because of the extra space for airflow. 6. Slim Jeans With Casual Tops Sometimes, keeping it modern during the summers is the best way to go about it. Therefore, we have this jeans top style with slim jeans paired with a casual top. If you want to look really sweet but with the right amount of spice, then this style is for you. Better than an overly sweet skirt and top, you can wear almost any top with any high waist jeans for women. Even though blue and black are our preferred colors for your jeans, just tuck in any top you feel comfortable wearing on a hot day. 7. Tapered Jeans With Cape Tops The last jeans top style on our list is the coolest combination to help you stay cool and sassy. Wear tapered jeans with big cape tops to keep the sun away and attract more men to you. The best factor about this combination is that you can wear it any day, at work, and even at parties. This long shrug with jeans top style has become pretty trendy in the last couple of years as one of the best summer styles for women. While some like to wear tights instead of jeans, we believe tapered jeans will go best with the cape top. Colorfully mix and match them to get the look you desire. Drawbacks Of Wearing Jeans In Summer However, the jeans top pair may look very cool in summer, but did you know that your favorite pair of jeans may actually become a trouble for you during the summer? Most of us are only aware of dehydration and heat strokes during summer and take necessary precautions for it. But did you know that the pair of denim that you so comfortably wear during summer may be the reason behind most of the skin issues that you face when the temperatures mount. Here are some of the side effects of wearing a jeans top during summer: Bacterial or fungal infections Too much heat anyway makes your skin too itchy due to excessive sweating and humidity. Therefore, growing fungus or bacteria on the skin when the weather gets too hot is pretty common. Redness, rashes, or constant itch is an examples of bacterial growth in the skin. Wearing jeans over that is even more problematic as it restricts the skin from breathing, hence resulting in an increased chance of bacterial growth. Uteral infections Experts suggest that denim itself can cause a lot of congestion to the crotch, which is the reason for a lot of vaginal infections and yeast infections. Pair it up with summer, and it is the worst thing you can do. The severity of the infections may also result in infertility issues. Clothing dermatitis Also known as Textile Dermatitis, it is a form of skin irritation that is caused when the skin comes in contact with certain types of clothing fabrics. Denim is made with formaldehyde, dyes, and chromate, which may cause skin irritation when worn in summer. Experts say, “The prevalence of textile contact dermatitis is increasing, most likely because of changes in textile manufacturing and the use of processing agents that are known irritants.” These irritants cause rashes, mainly on the upper thighs, and may sometimes be present with no evident clinical features but with constant itching or pruritus. The clinical features are: Eczema, along with red and scaly patches and plaques. Lesions that are dry and localized. Jeans are very comfortable and look very pretty, but you cannot forget the physical issues that they bring to you physically. There is no point in causing trouble to your skin just to look good among others. There are multiple options other than jeans that look very classy and stylish and are also summer-friendly. Some states are hotter than others, so before you spend your bucks on multiple pairs of jeans, have a talk with your dermatologists and see if your skin permits it or not. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. How To Buy Jeans That Fit Online? The best way to do so is to know your correct waist size and see the online user reviews. 2. How To Buy Jeans Without Trying Them On? We highly recommend not doing so unless you are sure that the jeans you see will be a good fit. 3. Are Jeans And Top Good For Summers? Yes, a jeans top is a great combination for summers. 4. What Are The Best Dresses For Women In Summers? Wearing shorts with tops are the best dresses for women in the summer of 2022. Dressing Up If you have read this article till the legend, you will have picked a style to wear this summer of 22. With seven trendy and chic jeans top styles that you can think of wearing this summer, you will look cool by following any of these summer dress styles this year. With a mix of modern and retro dressing ideas for women, all the styles mentioned here will enhance your look and keep you cool on these hot and humid summer days. 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