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Disco Outfits

The mid-70s were all about disco and rock and roll. The glam and glitter of disco fashion made it the hottest trend and a revolutionary milestone in the history of fashion. Not only did it cover a culture but also a lifestyle that the world still remembers.  Instead of the bars that the conservative American society was so familiar with, disco nightclubs opened everywhere that gave young people an opportunity to express themselves through music, dance, and, most importantly, the freedom to dress.  People wanted to dress more like their musical idols, which included Bee Gees, ABBA, Arabesque, Baccara, etc.  While you may think that the disco outfits are out of fashion, are they really?  Can a style that iconic ever go out of fashion? Certainly not!  The shimmer and glitter of disco fashion can never really go out of trend. Some parts of it will always be an integral part of our daily fashion choices.  So, let me make haste and take you through some of the best disco outfits that you can literally rock anytime and anywhere!  Why Was The 70s Disco Fashion So Popular? Whenever we think about the 70s, all we can see are the bright-colored outfits and the classic bell bottoms. Those, indeed, were a 70s staple. No wonder the 70s was popular as the decade of experimentation, mixing of styles, and a straight desire to abandon the schemes.  Denying the puritanical and conservative models and conventions that initially started in the late 60s got a major blow in the 70s.  The 70s, as we all know, is also the era of disco music. Big hair, bold colors, and classic platform shoes were the ultimate shapers of the brand-new musical revolution.  If you already didn't know, disco fashion was born as a response to social issues, and unconventional style of clothing was a way of self-expression. Both of these phenomena marked music and fashion history during the 70s.  Are Disco Outfits Still A Thing In 2023? Are you kidding me? Can you really think a style that is as iconic as disco can ever lose its charm? That is like asking if Vivienne Westwood is still the Mother Of Punk.  Just as Westwood still remains the Mother of Punk even after her demise, disco fashion will remain one of the most iconic styles ever created and certainly will never go out of fashion in the decades to come.  Whenever we talk about the disco outfits in 2023, there is one name that we can never miss - The Disco Daddy. The crystal-obsessed designer is the go-to option for almost every celebrity. From Doja Cat to Lizzo, everyone is obsessed with him, and it is not quite tough to understand why celebrities are in love with him.  His disco-themed outfits are drenched in colorful crystals, and who wouldn't love to experience such an ecstatic moment for themselves?  While his label was launched in 2017, his love for disco goes way back. "When I was young, was fortunate to go to a studio that had custom beaded and sequined costumes. It was my favorite part of going, even though I couldn't wear it—the girls had all the gorgeous costumes," he remembers. "As a little gay boy in Staten Island, I was like, 'Oh, hell no.' I started going to Michaels and buying packs of rhinestones, and gluing them to my costume." As he got older, he grew more and more enchanted with stage wear and obsessed with the greatest artists like Bob Mackie.  "In high school, I would rhinestone girls's graduation caps for money, and I would do cheerleading uniforms," he recalls. After he moved to L.A., his art of crystals gained more momentum, especially once he started working with the drag queens. "The way the fashion world is now, it's all about minimalism and who can wear the least amount of sparkle. But I'm really gunning for something completely different, and a lot of drag queens gravitate towards that style, too." The first drag celebrity that he worked with was his close friend Violet Chachki. Now, you would find them often collaborating on her old Hollywood or vampy outfits. One of his biggest accomplishments was when he designed Lizzo's outfit for her Grammy performance. It was a custom bodysuit embellished in Swarovski crystals.  "I did her costume, her boots, and all the dancers' [costumes]," he says. "That was one of my biggest accomplishments."  Also, designers like Donatella Versace are also the reason why disco fashion still hasn't lost its momentum even fifty years after its inception.  Read more: What Are The Top 10 Best Summer Outfits That You Can Choose Disco Outfits To Wear In 2023 Now that it is clear that you can easily nail disco outfits literally anywhere and anytime, let us see some of the disco outfit options that will make people go, "Who does she think she is?"  Backless Metallic Dress Anything that sparkles reminds us of the night of the year-end party. It is loud, fun and everything disco. Sparkle is also a symbol of the disco floor. The attention-grabbing music, the uncompromising style, and, of course, the disappointment in people's faces. All of it is just as perfect as it could get.  A metallic material shines, making every design even more beautiful and fun to play around with. While it is bold, it does not lack the femininity and sensuality that every woman desires.  Thank God for backless metallic dresses. They look like they were born from either a party where you make bad decisions or a music video that your parents strictly forbade you from watching! One-shoulder Metallic Gold Dresses The disco outfit style of the 1980s was one of the most adored trends in 2023. This style's key element is a little sparkly metallic mini dress that shows off your gorgeous legs with large and bold accessories.  Every party girl is fond of this fashion recipe. A one-shouldered metallic dress in a gold color is a sworn-by fashion trend for disco lovers.  This is one look that can never ever fail.  Sequin Jumpsuits With Flare Pants Jumpsuits are already classics. Give it some glitter, and we are on board. The 70s was a time when feminism was the reigning queen.  Female fashion was then reflected through flared pants, t-shirts, and jumpsuits, and feminine designs could no longer limit it. Almost five decades later, the wave of disco is very much alive, and we can never have enough of it.  Two-wire Black Sequin Dress There are many disco outfits, but some are etched in our minds. This look is one of them. It is inspired by the disco culture, music, and fashion, aka the ultimate glam disco.  A classic two-wire sequined dress in black is the ultimate symbol of sensuality, passion, freedom, and a desire to enjoy life.  It is important that you know that disco fashion is not just all about loud music or carnival fashion; it speaks a lot about one's liberation, an aching desire for freedom, and fierce energy to deal with life.  Disco was also one such fashion wave that paved the way for genderless fashion, hence supporting and liberating LGBTQ+ rights.  Strapless Black Sequin Dress While the other fashion trends say that sequins must be only reserved for parties, disco says otherwise.  If you ever have a close look at disco outfits, you will find a trail of glitter here and there. A sparkly outfit itself is enough to make heads turn without being showy. Now, imagine it in black. And no straps?  You can imagine the kind of attention you will grab!  Black makes everything look ten times more classy and elegant. Therefore, a combination of all these elements can never be a fashion failure.  You may like to read: Dressing Up For Your Special Celebrations: 8 Tips You Can't-Miss A Patterned Bodycon Dress Vibrant patterns with fashionable designs are always the rockstars on the disco floor.  Fashion enthusiasts do not find the appearance of breakthrough prints every season strange. There is no doubt that these patterns will soon flood the wardrobes, be it clothes or accessories.  A Turtle Neck With A Leather Skirt Who would have known that the turtle necks that we used to hate so desperately when we were kids would make such a huge comeback? Literally no one.  A classic turtleneck with a leather skirt is a great pair for your everyday fashion. Now, to make one of the classic disco outfits, all you need to do is thrift a sparkly and glittery turtle neck. It would be even better if you could get your hands on some sequins.  A sequined turtleneck with a glossy leather skirt? If outfits could kill, this would!  Crop Top And Flares In PINK! A crop top and flare pants individually are disco staples.  Also, you must not forget how pink, as a color, dominated the 70s color palette. So, if you are thinking of disco outfits, it would be a grave mistake if you miss out on the most loved color of the 70s.  Recently, Harry Styles has been quite the talk of the town for pulling a number of disco outfits in pink. So much so that fans have even named his most favorite shade of pink as "Harry Pink."  From pale to bright pink, this color palette screamed of class and luxury.  A flared pant in bright pink and a cropped top in a comparatively lighter shade of pink is the ultimate way to unleash the Barbie inside you.  To gear it up a little more, you can just tie the top at the front and tie your hair in a high ponytail, and you will ignite those disco dance moves.  A Classy Denim This one is my personal favorite. A classic denim. Can these ever go out of fashion? I feel you can never have enough denim in your closet.  This is the 70s disco style that almost everyone has in their closet. Floral maxi skirts, flared jeans, loose blouses, long leather jackets, knee-high boots, and the classic denim jacket paired with leggings and sneakers are the cult favorite of the disco decade.  They have returned, this time being more uniquely innovative and classic.  Today's fashion trends have proved that nothing you buy in the name of fashion can ever be a waste. It is always an investment.  Take my advice, and look through some of the boxes in your attic. You may find some of your mom's old clothes. Trust me, those are hidden gems. They are not disco, but also vintage.  A Black Dress With A Cheetah Print Jacket I mean, who doesn't want to make heads turn wherever they go?  This is a cheetah print that comes into the game. A leopard or cheetah print is the perfect way to make heads turn wherever you go.  A cheetah print is classic and can never disappoint. I have never seen a single person who doesn't feel bold or confident wearing a cheetah print.  Just make sure that you are pairing it with something as bland as black. Cheetah in itself is a powerful print to carry. If you pair it with something that is flashier, it will lose its charm and will look quite clumsy.  The goal here is to highlight the confidence that a cheetah print oozes out and not make it look lost with a pool of different prints.  A Split Sequin Dress Split dresses are the absolute fashion favorites these days. They are beautiful, elegant, and scandalous. Disco fashion was all about freedom, showing skin, embracing bodies, and being free, and a split dress is all about that.  A split dress with sequins all over it can make you steal looks from every individual who passes by.  When you take the elegance of a split dress and the punk of the sequins and put them together, you create one of the best fashion choices for yourself ever.  Wrapping Up The disco style is iconic. It was not born to be forgotten.  Disco outfits were all about liberation, freedom, and acceptance. It was a time when music and fashion were at its peak, and people did whatever they wanted. There were no limits; nothing could stop them.  There were colors and patterns and flares and glitters. It was all like a daydream that you could never get enough of. It was a style so strong that even five decades later, it still dominated the fashion industry.  This was all that I had to offer. Thank you for staying this long. I am hoping this article was helpful to you.  If there is anything else that you need to add, please feel free to drop a comment below! Read Also: How Fashion Tape Enhances Your Outfit? Top Style Tips To Improve Your Office Look Different Types Of Club Dresses And How To Perfectly Style Them