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To sleep naked, or not to! If you have the same question then you are not alone. It is a genuine security, and many researchers and medical practitioners are trying to find the benefits of sleeping naked. However, many would say there is a certain discomfort with sleeping naked; others love it. If you take the right precautions, doctors say there is no side effect of sleeping naked. However, when it comes to people with skin problems and poor bed hygiene, you must be careful about your skin’s health when trying to sleep naked. If you wish to try this, we suggest you go to a dermatologist to get a check-up. Before trying a new routine on acne-prone, or inflamed skin, it is better to get an expert opinion.  The Trend To Sleep Naked The trend for sleeping naked began when Buzzfeed was doing what it always does. Trying to come up with new trends but having people talk about them. Along with small skits, interviews, and short bytes of BuzzFeed employees, the trend to sleep naked commenced. Along with some of the convincing reasons given by people who have experienced the “sleeping naked” phenomenon. However, Buzzfeed is not really a medical record (far from it!). This leads us to a spiral of medical research and taking opinions. Keeping that as a base, we are giving you some of the benefits of sleeping naked, as spoken by researchers themselves. 1. Fewer Chances Of Yeast Infection This has been tested and proven by many gynecologists that yeast infection can get worse when you are wearing tight-fitting underwear and pajamas. Although doctors recommend wearing cotton underwear when sleeping, as opposed to silk or lace, it is even better to sleep naked. Since a woman’s anatomy is self-lubricating when matched with the trapped heat of underwear for 6-7 hours straight, it can lead to yeast infection. Especially when you are wearing a tampon or a diva cup (not a pad, because that would require wearing underwear), you can always sleep naked. It is not just about yeast infection; letting your vagina breathe when you are asleep can improve blood circulation. This can even prevent itching and other irritation, which could be frustrating. If you suffer from UTI, constricting your urinary tract opening with underwear can worsen the irritation. So, sleeping naked is the way to go.  2. Better Sleep If you are feeling too cold, then a simple cover can bring that optimal temperature that allows you to sleep. Plus, it can create a cozy cocoon for you to rest and recharge. However, too hot is a catalyst for good sleep. Studies have shown that individuals need to put a cover on their bodies to feel safe. This is purely psychological, but it does bring in good sleep. So, being too hot forces people to let go of their literal security blanket and even toss and turn to find a comfortable sleeping position. This is especially difficult for pregnant women getting heat flashes throughout their bodies. Many gynecologists would suggest they sleep naked during this time to let their bodies adjust to the optimal temperature for sleep. If the old trick of sticking a foot out of the cover is not working, then try sleeping naked. 3. No More Toss & Turn This brings us to the second point. When we haven’t found the right temperature for us to sleep, it can lead to heavy tossing and turning. Plus, if you are wearing too many layers, this can lead to the clothes wrapping uncomfortably in your body. If you wish to come out of the torture of getting up again and again, to fix your night apparel, maybe getting rid of them completely is the right thing to do. When you sleep naked, there is no layer between you and your comfortable bed. It will be easier to sink into your soft bed after a long day with no twisted t-shirt tugging on your waist. Sometimes, people do have difficulty sleeping without underwear. Then the right solution would be to get lightweight underwear and sleep without anything on your upper half. 4. Increased Fertility In Men This was a controversial suggestion at first, but major medical sources on the internet have talked about research that does prove this. Heat is not good for increasing sperm count. It can even decrease over time. Research conducted on men showed that individuals who wore loose boxers had a higher sperm count than the ones who were wearing very tight briefs. This is because heat is a catalyst for destroying sperm as well. So, the researchers concluded that if a lightweight boxer could increase fertility, sleeping with nothing on could do wonders. Your testicles need a cool environment to produce more sperm, the kind you can provide when you sleep naked. 5. Best For Partners If you are in a relationship, many couples would suggest you both sleep naked, especially if there have been some tiffs or problems lately. No, this doesn’t mean you must do “the deed.” Sleeping naked will only increase skin-to-skin contact between you and your partner. For example, you can cuddle with your partner when feeling cold and embrace their heat. On the other hand, the closeness can help to be in sync with their heartbeat and breathing. All of this might sound mundane. However, if you lose the intimacy, trying this can spark that back.  6. Reduces Stress Before Sleep Sleep stress is often caused by overthinking, anxious thoughts about the past, or uncertainty about the future. This can lead to a lack of sleep and even lead insomnia caused by stress. However, we have already discussed how sleeping naked can help improve your circadian. To sleep naked is to be comfortable, and this includes direct contact with the bed, as well as your body automatically controlling the body temperature without any clothes on the way. This helps to shut your mind and have a good sleep. Waking the next morning refreshed, and a complete sleep gives us strength to fight off any mental issues. 7. Better Healing Of Open Wound Open wounds take time to heal, and this takes giving them enough air and the right antiseptic rub. Many believe keeping the wound closed with bandages will help. However, when the wound has started healing, it needs air. You will only be suffocating the wound and decreasing the healing speed. Sleeping without clothes does allow your wound to get sufficient air. Plus, your system is the most active when you sleep, which can help heal your wound faster. If you do not like to sleep naked, we would suggest trying that for a few weeks if you have a wound on the inner portion of your body. Things To Keep In Mind When Sleeping Naked! If sleeping naked seems like your cup of tea, then before you ask whether it is healthy to sleep naked, then here is what you need. There are a few benefits of sleeping naked, as listed above, but there are a few precautions you need to take before. When you sleep naked, you are likely sweating directly on your sheets. Therefore, changing sheets and pillowcases have to be more frequent. Even if you are not changing your sheets every two-to-three days, you at least have to dust them more often. This is because particles on your bed can cause micro-cuts or tiny lesions, which gives an open space for bacteria to get in. If you have active acne on your body, then sleeping acne will require you to keep your bed sheets clean. If you are applying any active treatment to the body, apply it at least an hour before you go to bed. Or else all the medicine will be smeared on your bedsheet. Read More About: Is It Okay To Not Have Friends? Is It Okay To Romanticize Your Life?