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Donate Plasma For Money

Once in a lifetime, everybody thinks about whether they can donate plasma for money. A lot of questions come into mind whether it will hurt them or is it possible to acquire rich donating plasma. But how ethical is it to donate your plasma in exchange for money?  Plasma, platelet, and blood donations play a pivotal role when it comes to fulfilling the requirements for blood components. In this article, I have shared whether you should consider donating plasma or not. Also, discover various other aspects of plasma donation.  So, let’s get started with this comprehensive guide. What Is Meant By Plasma? Plasma, which is found in your blood, is enriched with proteins and infection-resisting antibodies that help scientists to produce life-saving medicines. This yellow-hued liquid portion of blood carries salt, enzymes, and water. In some cases, plasma also transports the cells’ waste products. Moreover, it carries every blood part through a person’s circulatory system. Blood plasma transfusions are mostly used for specific purposes as compared to usual blood donation. One of the most common reasons why people donate plasma for money is because of the economic value it brings. Nowadays, plasma is very rare, and most of the available ones are infected, which should be replaced immediately.  People who have experienced trauma, shocks, or burns and have cancer or clotting disorders might need plasma replacement. It is also used for medical research purposes. Human plasma helps in producing therapies that diagnose diseases like hereditary angioedema and hemophilia. At present, there is an ongoing requirement for human plasma for manufacturing beneficial medicines. Should You Donate Plasma For Money? The answer to this question might be a bit complicated. Before indulging in plasma donation, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. For starters, think of the time it takes. This time-taking process usually makes people get agitated and give up on the idea. Compared to it, blood donation takes less time.  Typically, a plasma donation takes about 90 minutes as per various plasma centers. If it's your first time in the transfer, expect to be present in the clinic for at least three hours. From a screening process to a period of relaxation, there are various things that go into plasma donation for money.  You are technically donating blood while donating plasma. In the process, you might be giving out almost 635-800 ml of plasma as the human body contains almost 3 liters of it. The good news is you can donate plasma more often as compared to blood which is why it’s a profitable investment.  So, the clear answer is Yes, you should donate plasma for money.  How Much Somebody Receives For Plasma Donation? The amount you will exactly receive for plasma donation depends on which country you live in. Every country and plasma center has its own standards and compensation for donating plasma. Let’s investigate further how much different people made while plasma donation: Durin Hendricks lives in Washington, D.C., and works as a PR associate. He donated plasma a few years ago, right after he graduated college from Indiana. Hendricks said that he donated plasma for money at BioLife Plasma Service Center and received a hundred bucks for each donation.  Second on our list is Katie Rasure, who lives in Arkansas and is presently a travel blogger. She says she is a “regular plasma donor” and earned a significant amount of money,  Rasure, another person who tried to donate plasma for money, said that she earned up to $800 in her very first attempt. She stopped donating it for a while but resumed right after beginning her travel blog.  Donating Plasma For Money: What Are The Risks Associated? Plasma donation is quite a safe endeavor if you have good immunity. However, there are a few risks that one might consider. As per the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S., certain donors tend to feel dehydrated and might experience bleeding and fatigue. Sometimes you might also feel lightheaded and dizzy.  When you donate plasma for money, your arm might pain slightly because of the blood getting pumped into the machine. Additionally, you might feel dehydrated since the liquids get pumped into your body after the process is complete. Now, this might make you feel a bit cold.  People who have donated blood for more than three times say they experienced some side effects. After 15 minutes of plasma donation, people said they started feeling like their feet were becoming numb. Then they started having a sensation of attacks which is no less than a horrific experience.  What Are The Side Effects Of Plasma Donation? Plasma donation might cause side effects that can either be minor or major. I have listed down some common side effects that you might experience while donating plasma for money: Infection Whenever a needle is pierced into the skin, there might be a bit of infection risk. Damaged skin tissue makes it easier for bacteria to get inside. It is not necessary that the needle carries bacteria only to the skin’s surface but also beneath it. This eventually causes infection at the site of injection or its surrounding areas.  Citrate Reaction One might underestimate the side effects of citrate reactions, but they are quite serious when you donate plasma for money. At the time of plasma donation, the technician infuses a substance called anticoagulant into an individual’s blood. Such anticoagulant helps in preventing blood clot formation. If you experience numbness in the toes and fingers, you are possibly getting a citrate reaction.  Arterial Puncture Thirdly, arterial puncture is a rare complication that happens when a needle gets into the vein. While donating plasma, a technician begins by inserting needles into your arm’s vein. This is when arterial puncture takes place, where you might experience a faster flow of blood.  Wrap Up To sum it up simply, plasma is a significant part of blood that helps in regulating the temperature of your body. Not having adequate plasma might have serious health implications, due to which people might donate plasma for money. But if you are thinking of doing so, make sure to consider the above-mentioned factors.  So, that was all! Thank you for reading till the end. If you found this article helpful, drop your comments below. Also, don’t forget to share it among those who are willing to earn money in exchange for plasma donation. Read Also: Is It Ok To Go For A Sexual Orientation Test? Is It OK To Do An Egg Cleanse To Remove Bad Energy? Life After Stroke: Empowering Steps To Minimize Future Risk