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We know very well that we should not play mobile games while charging. A mobile phone can get hampered in various ways if you continue this practice. But playing laptop games is different.  Well, we need to understand that playing games on a smartphone while charging might hamper the battery's health and the phone's capabilities. But once in a lifetime, we have experienced such a situation. We get to know things more quickly than ever in this digital world. We have read blogs or heard from YouTubers that we should not use mobile phones while charging. But some of us are in a dilemma about laptop games and their playing instances.  Are you in the same dilemma of playing games on a laptop?  Well, do not bother removing the charger of your laptop. It does not work the same way your phone works. In fact, if you play laptop games, the laptop battery might get harmed as the whole pressure or load drops on the battery. Why You Should Not Play Laptop Games On Battery Power? Playing games on a laptop is not a rare option in this busy modern world. In fact, we enjoy laptop games more than playing games on mobiles. Why? Well, there are many reasons to find laptop games more interesting than any mobile game. Laptop games are uniquely made for PC games, and those are high-tech distributors. They create unique graphics and better-quality games with a better storyline. We are obsessed with laptop games, but we do not know a healthy gaming process.  We are used to mobile, and thus we think we can also use the same tricks on laptops. But this is now how it works. In fact, you should not play laptop games on its battery power.  Well, there is a particular reason why you should not play games on laptop battery power.  When you consider your laptop's battery to play, you are probably putting too much pressure on your system. For instance, a highly demanding laptop game will ensure more resources from your system. And in turn, your laptop will try to work on it, which needs more backup. But the problem is a laptop that runs on battery backup cannot provide enough resources for the game. This is how both your laptop mechanism and the battery will get damaged. And as a result, you will face a low gaming experience with low FPS.  What else?  Heating Problem With Laptop Games Yes, you might find your laptop overheating. The laptop GPU works with its optimal capacity when it is getting full power. You must remember that laptop batteries are just made for minimal backups, and you cannot use this backup process to play high-end games that require optimal performance from your system.  You will face tremendous battery drainage from 100 - 0 in the blink of an eye. This is not good for your laptop's battery health. On the other hand, your laptop will find it cumbersome to use its RPM (rotations per minute) system.  So, it mainly fails to keep the system cool and overheating issues become prominent. Can I Play Laptop Games Sometimes On Battery Power? After admitting the previous issues, you might not try a laptop game on its battery power.  But this is not for all situations. In some cases, you can still use laptop games while on battery power.  For instance, if you are playing competitive multiplayer online games like Fortnite or Counter-Strike, it's unnecessary to plug in. These multiplayer online games are not heavy and, thus, do not create much pressure on the GPU.  But after you finish your game, close the game tab completely to cool down the system. While heat is the worst enemy of any laptop, no matter what you are doing with your system, it's better to keep it cool as much as possible. Have you heard about the games that gamers play with high-end GPUs? Think of a situation where you are playing such high-end games on your battery power. The whole scenario will tell you that your system is going to hang and the battery power will get damaged soon. Keep Your Battery Life Okay After you have gone through the dangers you may face while playing laptop games on its battery, it's time to check the instances of how you can keep your battery safe.  Keep your screen brightness low to save battery. Your keyboard light also consumes battery. Lower your keyboard backlight when you are not charging your laptop. Turn on the battery saver always. Use dark mode with dark wallpaper. Follow the 80-20 rule. Hope you have got some valuable insights on the idea of playing laptop games while charging. Flame in the comment box if you have further queries regarding laptop games and health. Related Reading About: How To Play The Free Money Beans Pokie Game? What Types Of Portable Charger You Should Carry For Traveling? How To Fix Failed To Authenticate Your Connection Minecraft Error?