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Is It Ok To Drink Distilled Water

Is it ok to drink distilled water? Is it safe to drink distilled water? So, you have seen one TikTok video where it says you should drink distilled water. There were also some tweets and Instagram reels saying you should not drink distilled water, which is already confusing. We live in a time when we have so much information available, and we do not know what to trust when our health is on the line. So, we thought of helping out with some correct information regarding distilled water. So, Can you drink distilled water? Let’s find out. What Is Distilled Water? Distilled water is a preferable choice to many companies and pharmacies because they do not contain as many impurities as tap water. Some companies create distilled water by using a distiller to remove 99.9% of impurities, such as bacteria and chemicals, from the water. How Is Distilled Water Made? First, normal tap water is boiled, and the steam is transformed into vapor. The impurities that do not boil at the boiling point of water remain in the original water. The vapor, on the other hand, is transferred to another container. This way, distilled water leaves all the impurities. Why Distilled Water Is Not Suitable For Drinking Now, the quality of distilled water itself is not in question. Despite its quality, distilled water might not suit human metabolism. When water gets distilled, essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and many other essentials get distilled along with different contaminants. This, in the process, puts the purpose of drinking water in question. Surely we are putting some harmful contaminants out of the way. But, in doing so, we are also creating a deficit of essential minerals that our body requires from water. So, we should understand why we drink water. Does distilled water have all that our body requires from water? Where does it fall short, and where does it provide what our body needs? Water contains different electrolytes that your body needs. Since distilled water does not have those electrolytes, your body is missing out on those electrolytes. However, water is not the only source of electrolytes for your body. So, does the impact done by the deficit of electrolytes in distilled water count as alarming for your body? We have to question your health, nourishment, and the frequency of physical activity, for that matter. Is It Ok To Drink Distilled Water? Now, coming to the essential question, can you drink distilled water? The straightforward answer would be ‘yes.’ However, it will feel distasteful if you compare it to tap water. Some many researches and claims say that you can drink distilled water. There are also some claims saying it you should not drink distilled water. However, to what extents are those claims true or false? For that, I suggest you read the pros and cons of drinking distilled water. Since distilled water removes impurities, it also removes necessary minerals in the process. So, when you are drinking water, you are not providing the necessary minerals that your body consumes from water, minerals such as magnesium and calcium. So, if you want to drink distilled water, ensure that you are getting enough of those minerals from elsewhere. You have to put the necessary daily servings of different vegetables and fruits in your diet in that case. Your geographical location can also invoke the question of "whether you should drink distilled water” or not. If you live in a town or location where the water is contaminated with pesticides or chemicals, you may have to drink distilled water. In this case, Distilled water is a much safer option. Common Arguments Related To Distilled Water Here are some common arguments regarding drinking distilled water – Drinking distilled water can cause health problems for the lack of essential minerals and nutrients. It can also cause dehydration. Also, drinking distilled water is not a bad idea since the body cannot absorb minerals dissolved in water. Drinking distilled water has its benefits. However, it is not suggested for everyone. Also, minerals need to be supplemented from other sources. Who Should Drink Distilled Water? Is it ok to drink distilled water? Perhaps we are not asking the right questions. The confusion is not whether or not you should drink distilled water. However, who the question is coming from matters the most. Normally you can drink distilled water without it affecting your metabolism to some great degree. However, distilled water might not be enough for people under certain conditions - You cannot rely on distilled water when you do an intense workout. Your body will require the minerals the body absorbs from water when you are sick. So, consuming distilled water alone is not the solution for people who are sick. Also, people who are malnourished need to drink water and will not get the necessary minerals from drinking distilled water alone. Does Distilled Water Dehydrate You? So, if you have been drinking distilled water for a long time, according to some studies, you will face the different effects as mentioned here – Tiredness Muscle cramps Heart disease Weakness Distilled water is low in calcium and magnesium. Hence, you may feel these symptoms if you keep consuming them for a long time. However, you can also experience other side effects of consuming distilled water – Having a flat taste upon drinking water. As a result, you will keep drinking water less. It may increase urine output, causing your body to have an imbalance of electrolytes. Even the WHO recognizes the lack of different minerals in distilled water and associates it with different unhealthy effects on the human body. Also, during dehydration, your body loses a certain amount of minerals, such as sodium. So, drinking water is a way to replenish those minerals. If the water is devoid of those minerals, then there is no point in drinking water at all. Is Tap Water The Solution? According to statistics, 71% of US citizens drink tap water. Tap water is usually disinfected, has fluoride added sometimes, and is also approved by the EPA. It is also a cheaper option to drink tap water. However, if you feel that it needs to be purified, then you can resort to that option. But, drinking distilled water for the long term would require you to look for additional sources of necessary minerals. Even if you require to drink distilled water for a long, it is better to discuss it with your healthcare provider. Remember, all the information delivered through this article is based on different researches and data sources. We do not promote or discourage drinking distilled water. The article should be used for the purpose of sharing knowledge. However, if you need to make any decisions regarding the same, please consult with your doctor. So, is it ok to drink distilled water? I am waiting on your response to the question. Read Also: Common Causes Of Dizziness And How To Address Them 5 Reasons To Trust Water Bottle Nerd For Your Next Hydration Companion Lactose Intolerance-Friendly Delights: Dairy-Free Alternatives For Food Lovers