elon musk buys twitter

Elon Musk Finally Gets His Hands On Twitter

Musk has been offering to buy Twitter for the past 1 week. While some people took it as a joke, others thought that it was not going to happen. But things took a dramatic turn when Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 Billion. Based on the reports, he had been planning to buy the most influential social media platform for some time. Finally, he bought Twitter and ended its run as a public company. Elon Musk made his first offer on the 14th of April at $54.20 per share.  Elon Musk Getting Twitter Will Change A Lot Of Things Elon Musk did not buy Twitter just because he wanted to enjoy the profit. There are many other things that make the acquisition more interesting. For example, he wants to reform Twitter, change many things, and introduce free speech. Apart from that, Musk is ready to bring some new features to Twitter and increase trust by making open-source algorithms. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1518677066325053441 He will authenticate all humans and remove the spambots. As Twitter is a digital town square where people meet to debate or display their concerns, it needs to be free of restrictions. Unfortunately, Twitter has been lately coming up with many restrictions and bans. Many people are banned from Twitter for their tweets. Elon wants to reform Twitter and make it a big social media network where his haters and enemies can talk about him freely. There was no other offer to buy Twitter, which put its back on the wall. He might unban some people from the platform, such as Donald Trump and others. You can expect to see a lot of changes to the platform.  Mask also uses Twitter for some unpredictable statements and memes. He wants to continue this and let every user have free speech on the platform. Many new things will be introduced in the future, A new era and new Twitter is coming by holding the hands of Elon Musk. Time will tell what it could bring and how the platform will work under Musk. Also Read: What Are Social Media Marketing World And Its ImpactGuide To Become A Freelance Social Media ManagerHow To Become A Social Media Expert