going out without your partner

Traveling without your partner

Solo travelers are often mistaken to be people without friends, family, or love. Lone birds, immersed in wanderlust. However, the truth is you can travel alone and go on solo trips even if you’re in a relationship. It is completely fine traveling without your partner and exploring new locations. With no criticism intended for people who love traveling with their partners, solo travelers often find more peace and serenity when visiting certain locations. Other than that, there are several practical reasons why you should plan your vacations alone, without including your partner. In this article, we shall help you understand some of the most crucial reasons why it is okay when traveling without your partner.  It will help some of our readers to remove the guilt of planning a solo trip and for others to help understand their partner if they feel left out. Why Do Couples Feel Insecure When Their Partners Travel Solo? There may occasionally be unavoidable pressure to do everything with your spouse while in a relationship.  While it's fantastic to share experiences with someone you care about, maintaining a good balance requires ensuring both partners have autonomy and independence. When you go on a solo trip, you may revitalize your relationship and look forward to your partner's companionship even more when you get back together.  Insecurities, such as worries that the traveling companion is having an affair, might be triggered by separate travel. Some people do find that traveling alone is a sign of more significant problems. There is a presumption that if a couple doesn't do everything, a breakup is on the horizon. We rationally understand that having distinct lives and interests is essential to a happy marriage. Although expecting a spouse to share all of your hobbies is unreasonable, it raises the question— is it okay to travel without your partner? Why Should You Consider Traveling Without Your Partner? Barring the insecurities and little feuds, there are some truly enriching factors about traveling without your partner— 1. Separate Leave Policies If both of you are working in different organizations, your leave policies will likely be different from each other. In that case, it will only be a practical option when you travel without your partner.  For most wanderlusts, it can be extremely painful to wait until their partner can arrange a leave can be extremely painful. This can make you feel more stressed and affect your relationship. Therefore, it's best to make separate plans when you want to travel and have managed your leaves.  2. You Can Focus On Other Relationships This is another great reason you must take at least one trip every year without involving your partner.  When you get out with your partner, it is obvious that your co-travelers or friends try to give you the space to attend to your relationship. However, when you’re on a trip without them, you and your mates can focus and invest completely in the company and locations.  It is important to remember that all relationships are equally important. These friends that we often ignore after getting married or getting into a relationship are mostly the ones that encourage us to walk the trail in the first place. Therefore, whenever you plan a trip with such a company, it is okay to leave your partner behind for some days and immerse yourself in the memory lanes and fun stories of your younger days. 3. Independence Can Make You More Spontaneous Going on vacations and short trips with your partner tends to make you less spontaneous. This is because we often rely on them when making decisions.  From booking hotels to finding good restaurants, we tend to rely upon and burden our more spontaneous and resourceful better halves.  However, this makes you less instinctive and incompetent. Therefore, to sharpen your adventurous side and resourcefulness, it is important to plan some of your travels all by yourself and go on trips without your partner. When traveling without your partner, you might get into several troubles. However, don’t let them discourage you. These can be your learning moments and might give you the space to introspect through your own flaws. 4. You Come Back Wanting Them More Anyone who’s been in love has sure felt the craving to miss their partner once in a while. Planning a trip without your partner is one of the best ways to stimulate that emotion where you crave their presence and return to them, which might rekindle your relationship. Imagine looking at the most beautiful sunset from your hotel balcony and longing for your partner for the first time in a long time.  You might not be able to describe that heartfelt moment to your partner, but right there, at that moment, you know how much you love them and want to be with them for the rest of your life.  If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship or marriage, it is highly advisable to take a solo trip without your partner. Traveling without your partner during such times can make or break your relationship forever.  It allows you to look at the problems, recognizes them better, and come back with a clear mind where you know exactly what you want and what is best for you. How To Communicate The Idea Of Travelling Without Your Partner? Certain couples might need help communicating how and why they plan to travel without their partner. However, even if your partner gets upset, there’s always a way to do it less painfully— Communication Is The Key! All you need to do before traveling without your partner is talk to them. Firstly, you need to inform them beforehand about your plans. This is extremely important as you can give them some time to understand and adjust to the fact. Leaving suddenly can make your partner more perplexed and insecure. Secondly, communicate the reasons. You may want some space and alone time. Or else you’re looking forward to a friend’s trip, and it's a rule that you cannot bring your partner along. Be honest and practical when it comes to reasoning. Thirdly, if you’re unable to convince your partner, plan a trip shortly after with just the two of you. This might help them to calm down.  Other than that, make sure that you keep them included when planning the trip. Keep them updated about your whereabouts and send pictures and videos of the locations you visit. 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