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Nowadays, working from home sounds fantastic to almost everyone. Creating your working hours, not having to drive to work, and sharing the loud office sounds like a dream life, but working from home is not like that in practice. Freelancers sometimes struggle to have a productive day, or sometimes, working day-long becomes our typical day, and it can be even more stressful than an office job. If you struggle to balance your life and feel like all you do is work even more, here are tips on staying healthy when working from home. Have A Schedule Planning the entire day can seem like overkill, but it can be beneficial if done correctly. You do not plan the day by the hour, but sticking to some general rules can have many positive effects. Depending on at what time of day you like to work, you can set up your daily routine accordingly. One of the most significant issues, when you are a freelancer working from home, is that your working hours need to be defined, so many freelancers work even more hours. A daily plan can be a step in the right direction to fix this problem. If you designate an 8-hour slot for work and others for other activities, you will be more likely to stop working and do whatever was planned after work. Eat Healthily Food is our fuel, and choosing the proper nutrients can significantly improve our health. Start with incorporating healthy food like vegetables, fruits, or some of the healthiest beans in your regime, and you won't regret it! We all know that cooking takes a lot of time. It is much easier to order something than to cook, but taking care of the quality of your meals is essential. Changing our eating habits can be the most challenging thing in the world, but it is worth it. After a few days of eating healthy, you will notice the effect and see how much our diets matter. Exercise Every Day Exercising is something many of us avoid because we feel that it may waste our time, but that has to change. It is not a secret that exercise plays a significant role in our overall health because the benefits we get from working out influence many of our bodies' essential functions. Running is the type of exercise that fits into everyone's schedule, even extremely busy people. There is no need to go to the gym when you can run in the local park or the streets. You only need a good pair of running shoes, and you are good to go. Running shoes play a big role in running because if you choose the one that fits you perfectly, you can significantly lower the risk of injury while running, not to mention that running in comfortable shoes is much more rewarding than being uncomfortable while exercising. You can easily find the proper type of running shoes for your needs online, so running is the most convenient exercise. Sleep Is Essential A lot of people need to sleep more. Do you remember when you slept for 8 hours? Rest is crucial for our brain, and not sleeping enough can have terrible consequences on our health. Having good sleep hygiene is the best thing you can do for your productivity, as well as your stress management. Make sleep just as important as your work, and you will see significant improvements literally overnight. Taking care of ourselves is the most important thing we can do, so thinking about ways to improve our lives is something we all should do. These are just a couple of things you can change to get you going, but once you see how fantastic you'll feel after following this new schedule for a week, you will not be going back. Read Also: Performance Anxiety: Is It Worth It? Is It Okay To Binge Drink Once A Week? How To Hypnotize Anyone In Easy Steps