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Block eBay Buyer

eBay is a popular website for selling goods by getting bids for them. It’s the best place to buy and sell antique and rare items, like super-rare Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards! However, sellers also frequently get harassed by buyers, prompting them to learn how to block eBay buyer. If you wish to learn the same, then you are at the right place. Read this post till the end to learn how to block annoying buyers on eBay and get the best bidders for the best price! Why Do You Wish To Block A Buyer On eBay? There can be many reasons why you might want to conduct a block buyer eBay search on Google. The primary reasons eBay sellers would wish to do so are: 1. No Payment Sometimes, buyers will bid on your item and not pay later on. This happens more commonly than you think it does on eBay. If you see a buyer with many overdue invoices, it’s a big and glaring red flag you should avoid. This is not an Automated Amazon Store, after all! Many times sellers often contact their buyers multiple times for payment. Most of the time, the eBay buyer will try to sell some random excuse for it. They usually will not even pick up your call and block you instead. You might want to block eBay buyers if you sell on eBay through multiple channels and must ensure timely payment of eBay fees. 2. Fraudulent Activities If you get a bid from someone who has been reported for scamming sellers, block the eBay buyer immediately. You will only end up losing your item with no payment. Prevent this before it happens. 3. Canceling Bids Multiple Times It’s a waste of time and effort to keep in touch with a buyer who only keeps wasting your time by canceling bids and backing out of it multiple times. You should permanently block such indecisive eBay buyers. 4. Harassment Harassment on eBay can happen in many ways. The buyer might spam your messages constantly, and might send threats and abusive texts as well. In eBay, returning a bought good is also a form of financial harassment. If you experience such things, eBay block buyer immediately. How To Block eBay Buyer? I get it. You have had enough eBay buyers who constantly keep wasting your time. That’s why you decided to Google “block eBay buyer” and learn how to block eBay buyers once and for all. After all, you might think learning how to use Shopify Website Builder might have been a better option! If you wish to do so, follow these steps as I have explained below: 1. Log In To Your eBay Account The first thing that you need to do is log in to your eBay account. This is obvious unless the eBay buyer tries to contact you outside eBay. Now that is creepy! When you sign in to eBay, you must do so through the eBay website or the eBay app with your registered email ID. 2. Go To The Page Called “Block A Buyer” After you log in to eBay, you need to navigate to an option called “Block A Buyer.” However, there are two ways to do so, which you can learn from these two methods that I have explained below: A. From Account Settings When you enter the eBay Home Page after logging in, you will see a drop-down navigation option beside your eBay username. Click on it to access the “Account Settings” option, and then click on it. As you enter Account Settings, you will find another option called “Selling Preferences” - which you must click on. When the new page opens, scroll down to the Buyers section and navigate to the “Blocked Buyer List” feature before clicking it. Now a search bar will open up on top of the page. Here, search for “Block A Buyer,” which will then reveal an option in blue to Block A Buyer. Click on it and give the buyer's username you wish to block. You must also write a small paragraph detailing why you wish to block eBay buyer. B. From The Help & Contact Option You can also get the “Block A Buyer” option in another way. When you enter the eBay homepage, at the top of the page, you will see your dashboard with various options like Daily Deals and Help & Contact. Click on the latter option. After you do so, you will be redirected to the Block A Buyer page. You know what to do now. Simply follow these steps and go back to your tropical paradise! 3. Bonus: Block Buyer’s Messages As Well! When you block eBay buyer following the steps above, you can only block them from bidding. Unfortunately, they will still be able to message you personally. If you wish to block their messaging as well, follow these steps as I have explained below: When you enter the eBay Home Page after logging in, you will see a drop-down navigation option beside your eBay username. Here, click on eBay Buyer Management. When the new page opens up, click to toggle on the option “Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact me.” How To Unblock eBay Buyer? If you incorrectly blocked an eBay buyer, then fear not. You have the option to unblock them as well! Here’s what you need to do: First, following the explanations given above, open the Block A Buyer page. Now type in the UserID of the blocked buyer and click on Unblock. Conclusion If you believe you are either getting scammed or harassed by an eBay buyer, then it's best for you to know how to block eBay buyer. Doing so will not only prevent indecisive buyers and scammers from wasting your time and money but also make you more aware of genuine buyers! For any other queries, feel free to comment below! Read More: Google Chrome Task Manager: Everything You Need To Know How To Change Your Reddit Username? A Step-By-Step Guide How To Become A Social Media Consultant In 2021? The Ultimate Guide