how to delete a youtube channel on iphone

how to delete a youtube channel

There must have been a reason that you opened an account. Sometimes, the YouTube channel can fail, or any kind of circumstances can take place. At this time, you need to know how to delete a YouTube channel. It is to delete a track; from YouTube. First, you learn the steps and do them accordingly. Today we will tell you how you can be able to do your works. It is sure that after deleting your account, you can not use it any longer. There is another option for your security. You can hide your channel from YouTube. In that way, nobody will track your account and will not see the videos you have posted.  Read Also: Google Chrome Task Manager: Everything You Need To Know How To Delete A YouTube Channel Some channels are directly connected with your Google account. And another is a branding channel that is linked with the brand id and version. You can delete them both if you want to it. First, you choose what you want to do with the YouTube channel. If you delete the channel successfully, it will be challenging to get back. If you are sure, then read the next and learn how to delete a YouTube channel. Let’s go step by step and see how you will do it quickly. 1. Open The Account To Delete When you want to open the account, first, you have to open the account with your id and password. Then, open the detailed understanding that wants to delete. Otherwise, something wrong can take place. So, be assured, and then go to the next step. 2. Click On The Account Setting After opening the account, you have to go to the account details, and there you will see all the account details. The blogs, videos, subscribers, the channel starting date, and other information related to your account.  3. Overview Button If you want to show your activities or the overview of the account, you can do this here. However, if you’re going to take a look, go to the further details and see everything before deleting the account. This is because it takes a considerable time to create an account and takes only a few seconds to delete it.  4. Advanced Option Button When you press the advanced button, you will get the option of delete panel. Deleting an account must have a serious reason, and that is why YouTube sometimes raises questions to the account holder of this account. So, be prepared for this and press on the advanced option. 5. Delete Channel Option After going with the advanced click, you will get an option of ‘delete account.’ You have to click there to delete the account. As we said earlier, be assured and then go with deleting an account. If you once lost the understanding, it will be hard to get it back.  Press on the delete channel button if you truly want to delete the accounting. And then go for the next step. 6. Permanently Delete Account After you click on the delete panel, another option will come in front of you, and this is to delete the account permanently. Click on the button and delete the budget fast. If you don’t want to delete the account permanently, you have to go with another potion. However, don’t overthink. Go and press the permanently delete account button.  7. Select The Delete Option Deleting the YouTube account is almost done. Wait for some time more and see the rest. You have already come to the last stage of deleting a YouTube channel, so see carefully.  You don’t need to worry, and your account will get deleted soon after ensuring the button. Press on the button and confirm that you want to delete the account permanently. It is high time to take the decision. If you are in a dilemma, you don’t need to delete your account for no reason.  8. The Last Step In the last step, you just have to delete the account. When the account is deleted, you will get a notification that your YouTube account is permanently deleted. So, make sure sure that the account is permanently deleted. If you don’t get the news, then probably the report is not deleted. So, you go from the first time and can see how the thighs will happen next.  If you get the news, then it is sure that the account is deleted. You can search from another id to confirm the deleting of your YouTube account.  These are the steps of how to delete a YouTube channel. You have learned the ways of deleting your YouTube account permanently, so start doing it soon.  The Bottom Lines It is imperative to know how to delete a YouTube channel when you are a YouTuber. Generally, people don’t delete accounts if they don’t get any problem regarding this. However, you can delete separate videos if you wish to.  In few cases, the viewers do a report, and therefore, YouTube gives the message to delete the account. But, it is your choice that you will delete the account or not. So, follow the steps and delete your account. Read Also: Facebook ToolKit – Chrome Extension: In-Depth Review Guide To Become A Freelance Social Media Manager In 2021 How To Change Your Reddit Username? A Step By Step Guide