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When you are going to visit a new place, it is more likely that you will take different electronic devices. For travel, your phone, camera, and laptop are a must. And there will be a need to charge them all. For example, suppose you are visiting a new country. So the outputs will be different in those countries. Then your regular charger will not work there. And the only solution is a travel adapter.  You will be shocked to know that there are 15 different sockets that are used globally. And you will need one of them. There are adapters capable of different charging ports and can charge high-power devices. Suppose your hair dryer is out of charge, and you need to go out really quickly. A travel adapter is able to charge your dryer within seconds.  Best Travel Adapters ? In this article, we will focus on different factors and different types of adapters so that you can choose the best one for yourself. 1. EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter  Image Source We have put this adapter at the top. Also, you can say that if we measure all the factors, then this adapter will be at the top. The main reason is that it is an all-in-one adapter, and it has a total of six different ports. Before coming to the details, you must know that this is an adapter, not a converter. So, there will be no use in handling high-power devices.  ConverterNoWeight5.1 ouncesProng TypeUK, US, AU, EUPorts1 USB-C4 USB1 AC socketPrice$25 This lightweight travel adapter is so handy and small. Also, if you have this, then the device will be supported in 150 different countries. If you want to charge six different devices at the same time, then there will be no interruptions in high-speed charging.  2. BESTEK Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter Image Source The best thing about this travel adapter is that it is budget-friendly. For new travelers or travelers who go for a tour for a couple of days, then this is the one they should buy. Also, if you are low on budget, then don’t worry. This adapter will not cost you more, and you can spend the rest of the money on souvenirs and meals. ConverterNoWeight4.2 ouncesProng TypeUK, US, AU, EUPorts2 AC socketsPrice$12 Some people avoid buying this adapter for a couple of reasons. Though the adapter is budget-friendly, there are some reasons not to buy it. The first thing is that there are no USB charging ports, and these days most devices use USB ports. This product is also not compatible with high-power devices.  3. Zendure Passport Pro II Image Source If you want to buy the best travel adapter, then Zendure is the best to have. Not only are there so many devices compatible with this device, but there is a 61-watt output, so the charging is pretty fast with this device. Whether you are charging your phone or your Macbook Pro, this device is compatible with any device. And believe me, it is pretty fast. ConverterNoWeight5.93 ouncesProng TypeUK, US, AU, EUPorts3 USB2 USB-C1 AC SocketPrice$75 There is a unique feature that saves your devices not to blow the fuse. If there is an overload, then the fuse will auto-reset itself. And there will be no harm to your devices. And this device is able to repeat the process 6000 times before you plan to a new one to buy. 4. Bonazza 2000W Voltage Converter Adapter Image Source There are two major reasons to buy this travel adapter. The first one is that this product is a converter and adapter in a single device. And the second one is that it can charge high-power devices. The output is 220-240 volts, so you can imagine how much power it can handle.  ConverterYesWeight5.4 ouncesProng TypeUK, US, AU, EUPorts1 AC socketPrice$35 You can obviously charge your phone, laptop, and camera. But if you want to charge your kettle, electric razors, or hair dryers, then you can rely on the converter also. Do not forget to switch the adapter. Every time you need to switch the device from adapter to converter or vice versa. This is one of the best travel adapter converters.  5. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit Image Source If you are an Apple user, this adapter is a must-buy. There are a total of seven AC plugs in this device, and also it is compatible with several prongs. If you don’t want your apple devices to connect with other adapters, then you must buy this product.  ConverterNoWeight11.2 ouncesProng TypeUK, US, AU, EU, KOR, CHN, BRAPortsN/APrice$30 If you use iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple device, then I would suggest that you should definitely buy this product. The kit consists of seven different prongs. According to your travel destination, you can change the adapters. And the best thing about this product is that you can buy this product with only $30. It may seem a little expensive, but it is worth the money. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- Here are some interesting questions and answers. Q1. What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying A Travel Adapter? Ans: I have mentioned different adapters for different purposes and conditions. But, if you want to explore some other devices, then you should consider these factors.⦿ Outlet Voltage⦿ Travel Destination⦿ How many Electronic Devices you are carrying⦿ Weight and Size. Q2. What Type Of Travel Adapter Do I Need? Ans: When you are visiting different states and countries, then you must need a universal adapter. These adapters have several features like a fuse, USB socket, and multiple charging options. But if you are going somewhere on the weekends, then single adapters are fine. Q3. What Are The 3 Types Of Adapters? Ans: When it comes to adapters, then there are mainly three types of adapters that most people use. These are as follows.⦿ Self Adapters⦿ Alter Adapters⦿ Object Adapters. Final Words Whether to buy a universal adapter or buy a single adapter, depends on different factors, so what are you waiting for? Start measuring all the factors, and buy the best travel adapter that you need. There is also a Universal Adapter that I used to use when I started my traveling journey. It is the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter, you can check this too. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have anything to ask. Read Also: Top 10 Travel Gadgets For Next Trip [2023 Updated Guide] What Types Of Binoculars You Should Carry While Traveling? What Types Of Portable Charger You Should Carry For Traveling?