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Ithaa is an undersea restaurant. The main attraction of the restaurant is that it is situated 5 meters or 16ft below sea level. The meaning of Ithaa is mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi. The restaurant is located in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, which is in the Alif Dhaal Atoll. In this article, we will discuss the Ithaa restaurant, its location, price, menu, and every other detail that you should know if you are visiting or you are planning to visit. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant   OwnerConrad HotelsDress CodeSmartFood TypeMaldivian-Western Fusion CuisineAddressRangali IslandStateAlif Dhaal AtollCountryMaldivesSeating Capacity14Price Per Person$400Website The area of the restaurant is 5 by 9 meters, and the structure is mostly acrylic. The restaurant has a capacity of 14 people, the restaurant has a transparent roof with a 270° panoramic underwater view. There was this consultancy based in New Zealand, M.J. Murphy Ltd., who was responsible for designing and constructing the restaurant. The restaurant opened in 2005, and it was the first underwater restaurant. When you will visit the restaurant, there will be an entrance with a spiral staircase and a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty. In 2004, there was an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, but there was no harm or damage to the restaurant. The restaurant is mainly used for weddings and private parties where people celebrate their special day in a closed circle. There used to be an underwater suite that stopped promoting in 2011. Before that, the restaurant used to take bookings for overnight residences. And this was a great decision at the time of its 5th anniversary. Ithaa Restaurant Concept   Image Source The company behind the making of the Ithaa restaurant was Crown Company, Crown approached M.J. Murphy Ltd., and then the construction took place. The Crown Company wanted something different in their Rangali Island to attract visitors. The initial plan was to make glass windows and straight walls. But, Mike Murphy was able to R-Cast acrylic tunnel and made this design with the help of Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc., which was a United States company. The tunnels are the same that are used in the Kuala Lumpur National Science Centre, which is the world’s largest aquarium tunnel. Ithaa Restaurant Construction   Image Source Ithaa’s construction was started in Singapore in May 2004. In October, the work was almost was, and then the installation of acrylic arches, electrical ducts, and air conditioners was completed. The day was November 1, 2004, when Ithaa traveled through the ocean for 16 days, and it arrived in the Maldives. At that time, its weight was 175 tonnes. After a couple of days, the restaurant was sunk with 85 tonnes of sand, and then there were maneuvered of four steel piles, and then it had been vibro-hammered around 5 meters in the seabed. After that, it was secured with concrete. And the life span of Ithaa is around 20 years. Ithaa+Beach+Maldives   Image Source So, what do you think about visiting Ithaa when you are planning to visit the Maldives? First of all, people come here for the ambiance, not for the food. I will come to food, but first talk about the ambiance and atmosphere of the place. So, it is an exquisite place where you can eat with your favorite person around the marine life. And believe me, it is a lifetime adventure. Now, coming to other things, first, you need to see the price and food. These are the two main things. So, the food is pretty good, the restaurant offers a variety of choices in the seafood section. And you can experience a lot of new things in this restaurant. There is also an option where you can have a late-night dinner, but you have to book a table earlier. And about the price, the normal price to go and visit the place is around $85, and there are service and tax fees. And the food and drinks will be charged differently. If you want to take the 7-course dinner, then it will cost you around $330, and there is no drink. So, on average, I can tell you that it will cost you around $400 per person. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- Here are some interesting questions and answers that most people are curious to know about Ithaa. Q1. Which Is The World's First Undersea Restaurant? Ans: Ithaa is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Conrad resort in the Maldives. Now, coming to the facts, first of all, it is set 5 meters below sea level, the restaurant is made from glass, so you can experience marine organisms and colorful fishes roaming and swimming around you. You can enjoy the scenic beauty with a glass of wine and exotic seafood. Q2. What Is The Dress Code For Ithaa?  Ans: There is no proper dress code for  Ithaa, but if you are going to have your dinner, then bare feet and smart casual are encouraged the most. The place is great for destination weddings, and people love to visit there.If you think that there can not be any decoration, then you are wrong. The place can convert into a great wedding chapel. Since the beginning, the restaurant has been a craze among people from all over the world. Q3. How Do You Get To The Underwater Restaurant In The Maldives? Ans: Most tourists face this common trouble while visiting the Maldives and how to reach Ithaa or the underwater restaurant. So, here is the way that you need to follow to reach Ithaa. So, let’s assume you are in Male Airport. Now you need to take a cab or taxi to Conrad’s Seaplane Lounge. And there you are.There is also another way to take a seaplane ride, which will take you over the Indian Ocean with excellent scenic beauty, and it will take around thirty minutes. Final Words So, overall, Ithaa is a restaurant that will be your one-time experience that you are going to take for the rest of your life. But when it comes to price and menu, then it's better to leave the decision to you rather than comment on it. When you see the reviews, you will know that there are mixed ones. So, it's up to you. If you want to know any specific delta about Ithaa, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. Read Also: Aragawa – Menu, Price, Ambience, Location Looking For The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World? Rosas Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours