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Whenever I watch Jordan Peele movies, I am left speechless by the end of it. All of the movies that he has written, directed, produced, and starred in are exceptional from start to finish. Every dialogue, action, setpieces, camera angle, and everything else is full of emotions, heightening the entire storytelling experience. Therefore, if you want to experience masterfully crafted, thrilling, and equally funny spectacles in movies by Jordan Peele, read this post till the end. Best Jordan Peele Movies And TV Shows If you wish to watch movies by Jordan Peele that he has acted, directed, written, or produced, you are in the right place. Here are my top ten Jordan Peele movies that he is associated with that you should watch NOW! 1. Mad TV (1995 - 2009) Since you are reading a list of the best Jordan Peele movies and TV shows, it’s impossible not to mention Mad TV - the series that started it all. This series proved that Peele was one of the best upcoming comedy sketchers who will not be ignored. With its pilot episode airing in 1995, this comedy spoof series jumpstarted Peele's career as a new-age filmmaker. This was a late-night sketch comedy series that was based on the comedy magazine called Mad. Most of the episodes were satirical comedy sketches and parodies of all the latest pop culture news, music videos, and politics, which were explored through the eyes of original characters. It aired on Fox for 14 seasons and 326 episodes till 16th May 2009.  This show also received 43 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations, out of which Mad TV won 5. It formed a tough rivalry with another comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). 2. Key And Peele (2012 - 2015) If you watch comic social media memes and reels, especially on Facebook - there’s a high chance it’s from Key and Peele. If someone asks me which is the best duo on TV, then my answer will always be Key and Peele, not Britain Dalton and Jamie Flatters in Avatar: The Way of Water. This featured various comedy sketches by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Micheal Key, who portray various historical and fictional characters. Each of the episodes features these characters going through awkward situations, which are based on movie sequences and refer to various pop-culture stereotypes. Image Source All the episodes are downright hilarious, with the on-screen chemistry between Key and Peele being the driving point of the series. This made this hysterical comedy a household name, and it’s now made more famous because of memes and reels being made around scenes from the series. 3. Keanu (2016) Key and Peele became so popular that Jordan Peele and Keegan-Micheal Key came back together for Keanu - a movie based on the duo getting entangled in weirdly funny situations. This time, the duo plays the role of cousins that start searching for their missing cat Keanu by infiltrating a street gang. This movie was written and produced by Peele, starting his acclaimed career as a filmmaker. Also, again, the on-screen chemistry between Key and Peele here is timeless, with perfect timing and exposition that makes this one of the goofiest movies of all time. Plus, you get to see a cute cat throughout the movie. Purrfect. 4. The Twilight Zone (2019 - 2020) The original The Twilight Zone (1959) is one of the best fantasy sci-fi TV series ever made. While various attempts at reviving this series failed, this modern spin on the series by Peele stood out as one of the better remakes. Image Source Each episode has a different story and cast of characters, who all go through supernatural sci-fi experiences in the parallel world of The Twilight Zone that change their lives drastically. His includes strange visions, UFO sightings, and other supernatural occurrences. This series laid the footprint for all Jordan Peele movies that will be released later on. 5. Get Out (2017) When it comes to Jordan Peele horror movies, nothing comes close to Oscar-winner Get Out. This is the first Jordan Peele directed movies. If you watch this movie at night, you will still try to discern what went on throughout the movie, even a few days later. Get Out showcases the strength of Jordan Peele movies when he directs the movie and also does its screenplay. The right and tense screenplay of this movie that always keeps you at the edge of your seat and expecting the unexpected is what drives this film forward. Image Source Chris (played by the enigmatic Daniel Kaluuya) goes to visit the family of his white girlfriend Rose. Little did he know that he had signed up for something extraordinary (in the scariest ways possible). What presents itself as a film about racial differentiation soon turns into something so much more. This film presented Peele with his first Oscar win, winning the Academy Award for Best Screenwriting. 6. BlacKkKlansmen (2018) Continuing the themes of African-American men coming under fire from racists, BlacKkKlansmen portrays this perfectly. Produced by Jordan Peele and directed by the amazing Spike Lee, this film follows the infiltration of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) by African-American detectives (spectacularly played by John David Washington and Adam Driver). Image Source When it comes purely to its story and realism, this one is one of the best Jordan Peele movies in terms of - everything. It has a thrilling (and real) story, political and racial themes, and solid acting and cinematography to top it all off. 7. Toy Story 4 (2019) Let’s face it - we all loved Toy Story when we were kids. This animated film series about talking toys has garnered critical acclaim ever since the first film. Image Source While this 4th iteration is every bit as good as the first one, it has one extra element the previous films lacked  - Jordan Peele voicing a cute, blue, stuffed bunny called - Bunny. Everyone found this film to be loaded with more comedy scenes than the previous films in the series. This is due to Peele’s brother-from-another-mother Keegan-Micheal Key also voicing his buddy Ducky. The comic chemistry is another aspect that made this film a lot better. 8. Us (2019) After Get Out became the first Jordan Peele movies to be directed by him, his second outing, Us proved to be a more mature - and scarier - sophomore effort. Image Source The film stars the fabulous Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson - whose family is being attacked by their doppelgangers - people who look exactly like them. While the premise sounds spooky, it definitely is. Plus, the twist at the end of the movie was masterfully executed. 9. Candyman (2021) Regarding Jordan Peele movies, Candyman is a tribute to one of his favorite movies of all time - the original Candyman (1992). This violent supernatural slasher movie was written by Jordan Peele and directed by Nia DaCosta and is a prequel to the original Candyman. Image Source While the original is regarded as a cult classic horror and slasher film, this film maintains the ingenuity of the original and makes it even better. If you have watched the original Candyman, then you must watch this one as it explains the origins of the titular Candyman. 10. Nope (2022) Nope - aliens don’t exist. If you think aliens don’t exist - then think again. If you want proof that aliens exist, then Nope - one of the latest Jordan Peele movies will give you all your answers. Image Source The third directorial by Jordan Peele, this movie is amazing from start to finish. This movie marks the second collaboration between Jordan Peele and his second favorite actor Daniel Kaluuya (after Key, of course). This film follows a Hollywood rancher (marvelously placed by Kaluuya) and his sister's (perfectly portrayed by Keke Palmer) plot to film the appearance of a weird UFO near their ranch. What turns out to be a terrific quest full of action and a lot of suspense. Conclusion Jordan Peele movies and TV shows are amazing to watch. His earlier ventures are downright funny with tongue-in-cheek humor, while his later movies cement him as an amazing horror and thriller movie director. Every movie does things uniquely, making Peele one of the best directors, screenplay writers, and producers to look forward to in the future. Read Also: How To Become A Social Media Consultant In 2021? The Ultimate Guide Ian McShane: Meet The Iconic Al Swearengen From Deadwood Exploring The Talent Of The Oft Underrated Sam Rockwell