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Manifest Season 4 Part 2

Manifest has become one of the most famous supernatural TV series on Netflix. Following the reappearance of Flight 828 and its passengers after seemingly disappearing for five years, the show follows how its passengers deal with its aftermath. With Manifest Season 4 Part 2 - the final season of the show on the horizon, now is the best time for you to learn more about this series. Therefore, to give you a brief glimpse as to what has happened so far and what to expect in Season 4 Part 2 - read this post till the end. Manifest Season 4 Season 1: The Plot So Far (SPOILER ALERT) We have seen Manifest Season 4 Part 1 ending with a tragic cliffhanger. Here’s a brief rundown: Angelina steals the last remaining Omega Sapphire orb, absorbing its powers and becoming extremely powerful in the process. Now, she has the power to receive an infinite number of callings. This event causes volcanic fissures to erupt all over the planet, signaling the impending apocalypse. In another scene, we see that Cal’s cancer has aggravated. Since he is the only one having the potential to be the Dragon - the savior - Zeke uses his powers to absorb his cancer and sacrifice his life to save him. However, the death date - 2nd July - is not the end for Flight 828 passengers. In reality, it’s doomsday - the end of humanity. And Angelina puts it in motion. Manifest Season 4 Part 2: What We Know So Far And What To Expect Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake explained what might go down in Manifest Season 4 Part 2 in various interviews: "It's up to Ben, Mick, and perhaps mostly Cal to defeat Angelina as we make our way into the final block. The problem is that Angelina becomes increasingly powerful. Even the most rational among us would start to lose it as you get closer and closer to a potential doomsday...That makes things quite more urgent, makes people a little bit more out of their mind. It’s even worse than you [know], but I’m not going to give away how or why...The first calling in the final batch changes everything. That finale that’s coming up, [episode] 420, that’s hands down the most ambitious episode we have ever shot ...The series is going to end as it began. That is to say, with Ben and Michaela leading the passengers, hopefully, to their survival." The actor portraying Vance - Daryl Edwards - revealed that: "I was completely surprised. We did a table read and our director and showrunner pointed out something that I had missed and I was more shocked. I think you all are going to be rocked by the ending." In addition, Netflix posted a summary as well. Here's how it goes: "As Michaela grieves the loss of her beloved husband Zeke, she must team up with her old flame Jared to find new methods to investigate Callings. Meanwhile, Ben and Saanvi attempt to collaborate with the Registry authorities, which only leads to dire results for the passengers. Miraculously, a mythological event reactivates Cal’s sapphire-laden dragon scar, offering a glimmer of hope for the 828ers to survive the rapidly approaching Death Date. But Angelina’s nefarious sapphire powers continue to wreak havoc, leading to a struggle between good and evil down to their very last day in this most terrifying, suspenseful and joyous chapter of the Manifest story." Looks like it will be an amazing final season after all! Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Cast The main Manifest Season 4 Part 2 cast members are: Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela “Mick” Stone): One of the two main protagonists of the show. She’s an NYPD detective and the sister of Ben Stone. Later on, she marries Zeke Landon. Josh Dallas (Ben Stone): The second protagonist of this show. He’s a mathematics professor and the elder brother of Micheala. He is the father of Olive, Cal, and Eden Stone. Athena Karkanis (Grace Stone): She is Ben Stone’s wife. JR Ramirez (Jared Vasquez): The ex-fiance of Micheala. During the five-year disappearance of Flight 828, he married (and subsequently divorced) Michaela’s best friend. Luna Blaise (Olive Stone)” Ben’s daughter. Jack Messina and Tyr Doran (Cal Stone): Ben’s son and Olive’s twin sister. Tyr Doran portrays an older Cal. Cal was suffering from cancer until Zeke healed him. Parveen Kaur (Saanvi Bahl): She is a doctor who was a part of Flight 828. She is currently medically examining the disappearance of Flight 828 Matt Long (Zeke Landon): He is a hiker who was trapped in ice for a year and presumed dead. After beating his death date, he gains supernatural empathic powers. He soon marries Micheala. At the end of Manifest Season 4 Part 1, he absorbs Cal’s cancer and sacrifices him. Holly Taylor (Angeline Meyer): A mentally unstable girl who was a passenger on Flight 828. After the passenger's reappearance five years later, she was held captive brutally by her parents until the Stones rescued her. Daryle Edwards (Robert Vance): The director of the NSA, investigating the case of Flight 828. He was presumed dead at the end of Manifest Season 1 but later revealed to be alive in Manifest Season 2. Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Release Date & Trailer Manifest Season 4 Part 1 aired on 4th November 2022 - the day Flight 828 reemerges after its five-year absence. Therefore, it’s fitting to see that Manifest Season 4 Part 2 will premiere on 2nd June - the speculated Death Day for humanity. Here’s the Manifest Season 4 Part 2 trailer many have waited for: Manifest Season 4 Part 2 How Many Episodes? The titles of all 10 of Manifest Season 4 Part 2 episodes are out, which are as follows: Episode 411: "Final Descent" Episode 412: "Bug Out" Episode 413: "Ghost Plane" Episode 414: "Fata Morgana" Episode 415: "Throttle" Episode 416: "Furball" Episode 417: "Threshold" Episode 418: "Lift/Drag" Episode 419: "Formation" Episode 420: "Final Boarding" Manifest Season 4 Part 2: Best Fan Theories That Might Be True While it’s confirmed that Manifest Season 4 Part 2 is the final season and will be the end of this show, many fan theories have emerged suggesting what we might get to see and how the series can potentially end. After I scoured through Reddit, here are some of the best Manifest fan theories that might just come true on 2nd June: 1. It’s All A Dream If you have seen all the episodes of Manifest so far, you know that Cal Stone - the son of the protagonist Ben Stone, is suffering from terminal cancer. Therefore, many fans of the show on Reddit believe that Calmis actually in the hospital, in a coma, due to his cancer treatment. Everything that is going on in this show is nothing but Cal’s dream. Redditors believe that Cal fell into a coma before his family traveled to Jamaica. However, he can hear what people are saying around him even if he is in a coma. With whatever he hears, Cal creates the Manifest story around him. The burns on his body are, in fact, radiation burns due to radiation therapy. In addition, the lifeboat theory suggested so far may refer to the life force of Cal diminishing over time. As explained by a Redditor: “I feel like all the people who were on the ‘plane’ are patients. Sahnvi is obviously a doctor. She has all her doctor friends and researchers who are helping her find a cure for Cal. Then, you have all of Cal's family with their issues going on and people in their lives. Zeke must be a patient as well.” 2. Flight 828 Passengers Landed In A Parallel World Another popular Manifest Season 4 fan theory is that whatever we are getting to see in this series is happening in a parallel world. As we see Flight 828 go 5 years into the future, it is, in fact, a time warp to a parallel world. Here’s what a Redditor has explained: “The show starts off on Earth 2 with our passengers, and as they leave Jamaica and enter the storm with dark matter, they are actually entering a dimension warp. Cal is the only one awake when this occurs and sees this happening, but I think something else may have happened. I think Cal could have been looking directly at himself on the parallel plane from Earth 1 as they switched dimensions with each other.” Another comment on the same Reddit post revealed this: “Due to this time warp, our Earth 2 passengers are transported five years into the future without aging one single bit. Hence, they land and pass all the tests as being the original passengers from Flight 828 because they have the exact same makeup as the original Earth 1 passengers.” 3. Flight 828 Passengers Themselves Have Created The Callings A fan theory suggests that during the five-year time jump of Flight 828 and its passengers at the start of Manifest Season 1, the passengers spent five years living inside the Divine Consciousness. The passengers were happy inside the Divine Consciousness, which can be referred to as Paradise - the land of eternal happiness. However, their stay was cut short when they learned that the apocalypse was near. Here’s what A Redditor said: “They had achieved divine consciousness. With this, however, came one problem: they knew what was about to happen to the rest of the world. They knew the world had an expiration date. So, as a group, they made the decision to go back and save everyone. By going back, they also knew they would forget everything. So, they found a way to get their own messages to themselves. They used the black box to record their messages, mixed with memories that they had while in the divine (which also included things that they could see and understand).” 4. Michaela Is Pregnant - With Zeke’s Superpowered Child The Manifest Season 4 fan theory that I believe is most likely true is Michaela being pregnant with Zeke’s child. The probability of this theory is very high since it has been hinted at various times in the series. As a Redditor points out: “Michaela said about three times that she doesn't want children. Which, I am about 95% sure, means she's going to find out she is pregnant after Zeke dies. It was just too many mentions of something that didn't even need to be mentioned.” Also, another sensible comment on the same Reddit thread mentions this: “There were two comments from Michaela that I remember, one in an earlier episode about her not wanting kids after Zeke makes an offhand comment about two kids and a white picket fence. Michaela's comment seemed a bit out of place, but I dismissed it. But then at Michaela and Zeke's anniversary dinner, she made a comment about how Ben had to be the bad guy, and that was why she didn't want kids. One comment is fair enough, but two? In separate episodes? There was also a little comment that Ben made about Michaela being the fun aunt, which also seems related. Plus, a baby would “give her some sense of peace that part of Zeke is still with her. Plus, a baby would give her some sense of peace that Zeke is still with her.” Another Reddit fan theory regarding Michaela being pregnant with Zeke’s child is the fact that the child will have superpowers. The child might be born with the same empathetic powers that Zeke had. As speculated by a Redditor, which makes sense: “Much like how Grace developed the ability to have callings while pregnant with Ben’s daughter, perhaps Zeke’s child will give her the newfound ability to feel - and take away - the emotions of other people.” 5. The Sapphire Holders Will Have A Climatic Final Showdown Many fan theories suggest that the apocalypse will be stopped by a final battle between the people holding the Sapphire stones since these stones are sources of massive energy. As explained by a Redditor: “So far, we know that sapphire holds the ultimate power to control the calling. There have been a lot of theories pointing out how the word sapphire stone is literally in the names of the Stone family. So far, we know that Cal has a sapphire dragon, Michela has a white sapphire engagement ring. This leads me to think that Ben will also have some kind of sapphire linked to him in part two.” Here’s what another Redditor pointed out regarding the Sapphire stones: “Grace wears a sapphire necklace multiple times in season three, thus it's likely that Ben will use that as his Sapphire weapon. Now, we also know that Angelina has Sapphire embedded into her. Therefore, it's likely that the final battle will involve the Battle of the Sapphires that destroys Angelina.” 6. Cal Is Noah From Noah’s Ark Out of all the Manifest fan theories that I have read so far, the most ubiquitous one is the true nature of Cal. Most fan theories suggest that Cal is Noah - the same Noah who saved humanity from the great flood by building an arc. In the same sense, Cal is the one who will somehow save humanity this time in Manifest Season 4 Part 2. As hinted by a Redditor: “In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the angel Gabriel is indeed the same individual as the prophet, Noah. And yes, this is the same Noah from Noah’s Ark. But what significance does Noah’s Ark have? The sapphire effusion. What does Cal have embedded into his skin? Sapphire.” Conclusion: Let The Countdown Begin! So far, Manifest Season 4 Part 2 - the final season - seems to be full of surprises. With the showrunners promising a climactic end to the series, I can’t wait for doomsday to arrive on 2nd June! More Resources: 10 Must-Watch Jordan Peele Movies And TV Shows To Watch Now! Ian McShane: Meet The Iconic Al Swearengen From Deadwood Exploring The Talent Of The Oft Underrated Sam Rockwell