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failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft

Many mine craft players report from time to time about encountering an issue "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft". This problem usually occurs when you try to connect yourself with the Minecraft server. The popup error message restricts the gamers from connecting to the game. This error occurs when there is a bug in the server. Possible Cause "Failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" errors usually occur when the Minecraft server is going through some bug fixes or internet problems. With that being said, when you are connecting with the Minecraft game, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. How To Fix Failed To Authenticate Your Connection Minecraft Error? When you sign in to the game, there are times when you face problems with the communication between the game and the server. That is when Minecraft "failed to authenticate your connection". Most players do not understand the correct reason for the issue and panic. Well, there is nothing to panic about such an issue. If you ever face this problem, you can use the following method to solve the problem. Method 1: Power Cycle Perhaps the major cause of "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" errors is the corrupted internet cache. This problem is usually due to the router you are using. Your router might be restricting you from getting a secure and high-quality network. To escape this mess, you use the following steps. Start with unplugging your internet router from the socket. Long press the router power button. Now, plug in the router. Restart the router. Wait patiently for the network to start kicking in and then see whether the problem is solved or not. If this method was not able to solve the problem, try other methods given below. Method 2: Restart The Launcher On rare occasions, some of the gamer files are not loaded completely. This restricts the game from starting itself and sometimes showing "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" errors. If file loading is an issue, you can solve it by restarting the launcher. Follow the steps given below. Right-Click on the taskbar. Now, select the process tab. Find things related to Minecraft. Click the process and End the Task. Now, restart the launcher. Try opening the Minecraft game and see whether it is opening or not. Method 3: Direct Connect Feature sometimes choosing the connection from the server lists, you can choose the connection from the direct feature of the multiplayer list. The following steps will guide you through to arrange a dire connection. Open the Minecraft launcher and go to the server list. Select the direct connect. Once the direct connection opens up, write stuck.hypixel.net in the given space and hit ENTER. Wait patiently and see how the connection goes. If the game connects with these methods, you need to understand that there is a problem with your games that restricts your connection with the server list. Method 4: Sign-In Again The "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" error also happens when the login is not authorized. When you mistakenly type the wrong password or use a different ID, the error message will be shown. To solve the problem, you need to log out and log in again with the right account. You can follow the steps to log out correctly and log in to your right ID. Open Minecraft launcher. Select the username option. Go to the setting and log out. Wait for a couple of minutes to complete the process. Once the logout process is successful, type in the credential again. Log in to check whether the problem is solved or not. Conclusion Initially, "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" errors were due to server problems. However, over time, we have come to know that there are issues as well that cause this error. In this article, we have covered all the possible solutions for the error. When you are suffering from a "failed to authenticate your connection Minecraft" error, you can use the solution mentioned above to fix the problem. Read Also: Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path in 2021 – Latest Updates Top 7 Oldest Companies In America – Latest Updates!