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The legend of the Aragawa restaurants started during the sixties, and it has made its way to Forbes, listing them as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. The popular Japanese restaurant has spread itself in the west and has been making quite the noise with its melt-in-the-mouth juicy Kobe beef steaks that are both tasty and pricy. The prestigious Tokyo restaurant chain owes its earnest gratitude to the finest meat they collect for its heavenly mouth-filling steaks. Although Aragawa is known for its steaks, other dishes are also there to make your mouth crave. So, without any delay, let’s see what tasty dishes they have for you. About Aragawa Restaurants    Image Source Aragawa was established in 1967, and it has been serving cuisines that are rich in taste and their bountiful nature. They are most famous because of their charcoal-broiled Tajima beefsteaks. But they are also known for the smoked salmons they cook slowly in high temperatures in a kiln. Aragawa was featured in Forbes Magazine in 2006 as the most expensive restaurant in the world. However, despite being featured on Forbes, they still need to show off their decor. The restaurant is located in the basement of one of the office buildings in Tokyo. The main reason for their popularity, the Tajima beefsteaks are produced on the restaurant’s own farm. This farm provides them with meat from Sanda or Sanda-guy, the main USP behind their beefsteaks. Aragawa Tajima Steak    Image Source Tajima beef steaks from Aragawa restaurant have countless praise and appreciation on the internet. The meat at Aragawa is unlike the meat in any other ordinary restaurant. The Tajima beef comes from special cattle that are carefully watched and raised by some o the leading farms in Japan. Their special meal features Sanda-Gyu, their specialty, with a side of baked potatoes, some peas, and a few carrots. At Aragawa, they give the beef a special taste by seasoning it with simple salt and pepper before finally broiling them in a metal skewer in a particular kiln and being fired by Binchotan charcoals.  Their special cooking technique and Sanda meat make their dishes special and give you a lifetime dining experience. Aragawa Smoked Salmon    Image Source Aragawa restaurants are also known for their signature dish, Smoked salmon. A traditional meal of Smoked Salmon is made by putting in days of work. They spend almost a week preparing about 5 kg of Salmon. They smoke the whole fish in high temperatures on its final preparation day. The preparation goes on in the special Kiln they also use for the Aragawa kitchen. Since the fish is slowly smoked and is served in authentic Japanese style, it always retains the elegance and flavor of a salmon. Other Dishes On The Aragawa Menu   Image Source You can also choose from the other dishes, appetizers, salads, and drinks they have in Aragawa. You can go with Chef's Choice, Foie Gras Sautéed,  or Linguine with Caviar. But the Charcoal-grilled steaks or the smoked Salmon should be on the main course. You can also have some coffee or tea based on your preference. Aragawa Tokyo Locations   Image Source Tokyo, being the hub of new technologies, cultures, and food, is the perfect place to harbor a restaurant like Aragawa. This popular restaurant is situated in – Onarimon Odakyu Building, 3-23-11, Nishishinbashi, Minato City, Tokyo,105-0003, Japan. Aragawa Tokyo Hours    Image Source Aragawa restaurant remains open for customers on business days and stays closed on Sundays. The restaurant stays open from 12:00 PM and closes at 11:00 PM.  You can reserve your seats with cancelation services available. You can reserve your seat for the price of $15. Their Paid & High-End Reservations allow you to cancel your reservation one week before the starting time. However, you will not receive your refund if you do not follow this time frame. Aragawa Restaurant Review   Image Source Aragawa is mainly known for its steaks. Here are some of the reviews of customers who have visited the restaurant and shared their experiences on Tripadvisor. We have collected excerpts from those reviews to show you what people think of this highly praised restaurant. Review 1: Ok. I'm from Texas, and we are very proud of our beef and steak culture. So part of me is pained writing this, but there is absolutely no comparison to any steak experience I've ever had. Of course, the wagyu beef is of the highest quality, but the chef was truly an artist.   Review 2: As a foodie visiting Japan, trying some Kobe beef/wag was high on the priority list! This little place was recommended to us by some Japanese friends. In the back streets of Kobe, this unassuming little restaurant serves, in my opinion, some of the best beef you'll ever taste in the world. Review 3: Both my business associate and I were very impressed with quality of steak. But prices reminded us of the bygone bubble era of late 80's. So is it worth it? Yes, if you're a true steak aficionado but no, if you don't need to distinguish between amazing and excellent given the prices.   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  Here are some additional questions I have answered regarding Aragawa restaurant. Q1. Who owns Aragawa? Ans: Aragawa’s founder Kotaro and the head Chef Kazuo Imayosh are the current heads of the London restaurant that is being designed by Dale Atkinson. However, Akira Kurosawa is the owner of the restaurant based in the Shinbashi district in Tokyo. Q2. Where Is Aragawa Restaurant Located?   Ans: Aragawa Restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan. Specifically, it is situated in the Shinbashi district of Minato City, which is a central business district of Tokyo. The restaurant is situated on the basement floor of an unassuming building and can be a little difficult to find. But, despite’s its unusual location, it has been featured on Forbes. Q3. What Are The Main Dishes Of Aragawa? Ans: The Aragawa restaurant is famous for its Tajima steaks made from a special kind of beef and Smoked Salmon that go through rigorous preparation. Bottom Line Unlike the other three Michelin-star restaurants, Aragawa has no extravagant decorations or a luxury location. As you have read before, they have built their reputation while being located in the basement of a Tokyo-based office building. I hope this review was helpful. In case you have any additional queries please let us know through the comment section. Related Reading: Rosas Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours Nudys Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours Nordstrom Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours