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New year new me

New year new me… almost everybody thinks to do this and tries to change something in their lives so that they can live a better life. When a year comes, people think that this is the year to kick off, and they want to make the things right that they have done wrong in their past years.  There can be fun resolutions like doing crazy stuff, serious resolutions like controlling anger, life-changing resolutions like planning for marriage, or normal resolutions like exercising or showing kindness. If you have already made some resolutions, then you can add some more to the list. And if you haven’t made any resolution, then pick some of them on your list.  New Year New Me: New Year Resolutions New year new me, or new year same me? So darling, it completely depends on the decision that you take. Whether you have taken new year's resolutions or not, here are some resolutions that you can promise yourself.  Follow Your Passion I am not telling you to resign from your current job and follow your passion. That is not reality. But what you can do is make a plan. I was always passionate about writing, but not articles or blogs, rather stories. I have to write blogs because I am good at them, and I can make an excellent salary out of them. But, I am trying to write and working hard to publish my book. You can do something like this. Work Out With the increasing number of diseases, there is a need for self-care. And there are no negative sides to working out, rather, you will only get benefits from it. Working out will make you feel good both mentally and physically.  Give Compliments There is a way that can make you feel happy every day. Try to give one compliment every day to someone around you, and the smiles are the presents. Making someone feel good makes you feel good. Spread Positivity Gossiping with your best friends is a must thing to do. But never spread negativity, try to gossip in a positive way so that there will be no one hurt. Take Rest One Day I do this thing every week. I take a day off when I do not check my emails. Nobody is going to die, take a rest, and do anything other than work. Do Something Kind When you do something kind to someone, the act will definitely return to you. And if it doesn’t come back, don’t worry, kindness will not cost you anything other than a good human.  Read A Book Whether you are a reading enthusiast or not, reading books will reduce your stress and increase your focus, and you will have a lovely time reading a story or knowing something.  Visit New Place This is a great way to explore new places. Also, visiting new places will be fun, entertaining, an excellent thing to do on the weekends, and many more. You will also be an experienced explorer.  Put Your Phone Aside And Give Yourself Time I am not telling you not to pick up your loved ones' phone calls. Every day try to put your phone aside for at least 10 minutes, and instead of social media, give yourself that 10 minutes and self-analyze. Write Down Memories Clicking photos and watching them after five or ten years is great. But what about writing one line or two lines every day about the things you did, and you didn’t? This way, you can be a better person, and there will be no regrets.  Bonus Resolutions Here are some other resolutions that you can also take.  Drink plenty of water Try to maintain a savings account Be nicer to yourself Call one friend every day Don’t overspend Always keep a journal Do not be late to visit a doctor Grudge… let them go away Never lose people who matter to you Try new hobbies Try to grow plants Start cleaning your surroundings Stop using plastic  Donate things that you don’t use Go out without a plan or map Do something that gives you fear. Do some bravery.  Listen more, talk less Write down your goals and start working on them Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- Here are some interesting questions and answers that are worth reading. Q1. What Is Your New Resolution? Ans: So, what is exactly a New Year’s resolution? A new year comes with new hopes, new opportunities, and, most importantly, something new. A resolution is a promise that people make to themselves. They promise that there be some change that they will do to themselves in the upcoming year. The reason is that they want to improve themselves as well as their lives to live better lives.  Q2. What Are Some Unique New Year's Resolutions? Ans: We all have been making new year resolutions when a new year comes. But what about some unique resolutions? Here are some examples.⦿ Make usual things unusual.⦿ Try a new food every week.⦿ Try to learn something that you have never done as a child.⦿ Build a relationship with your body.⦿ Meet new people and make them friends.⦿ Break a record that you have done earlier.⦿ Learn party tricks.⦿ Click photos in different and interesting places. Q3. How Do You Start A Positive New Year? Ans: Taking a resolution or resolutions is a part of our life when a new year comes. But, there are things that you must do, whether it is a new year or not. And because this is a new year, you can do these things as resolutions.⦿ Improve relationships with loved ones and friends.⦿ Achieve proper work, and try to make a life balance.⦿ Take a relationship or marriage fitness test.⦿ Try to maintain overall satisfaction with life.⦿ Commit yourself that you will improve relationships and your life. Final Words So, what do you think about these resolutions? Are you going to take any of those resolutions or planning to make new promises to yourself? Whatever it completely depends on you. Here are some new year quotes that can change your thoughts.  “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” “New Year= A New Life! Decide today who you will become, what you will give how you will live.” “Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret, or fear.” “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” I hope you will like this article, and some of the resolutions and quotes may help you in your journey. Read Also: Top Best Areas To Live In London Top 5 Tropical Paradise That You Had Never Seen It Before 11 Best Best Japanese Whiskey You Must Try – Check It Out