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How to find cheap wedding venues near me? Weddings are expensive. Yes, you can ask people who have already walked the aisle – most of them will give you an instant nod.  It is alright to go all out and spend as much as you can. But, some couples like to stay on budget. Does that mean their wedding does not live up to their expectation? No. they enjoy as much as any other couple. In fact, budget wedding venues are great. You can save some money and spend it elsewhere ( like a honeymoon!). You might think finding cheap wedding venues takes a lot of work. NOO, it is easy. This article will help you find the best wedding venues close to your locations. Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me: Ideas For Wedding Venues Who said that you have to spend a fortune on your wedding? In fact, you can do it at a pretty cheap price. Here, I have listed some options worth trying.  The Courthouse Marriage Save your fortune and put it to good use. How do I find cheap wedding venues near me? Well, have you thought about the courthouse? It has been the go-to destination for weddings for generations. Most cities allow citizens to get married at the city hall or the county clerk’s office. How much does a courthouse marriage cost? Usually, they cost as less as $100. You only need to pay a small fee. Also, most of the courthouses have an attendance limit. It also allows you to cut on other costs. Get Married At Home When looking for ‘cheap wedding venues near me,’ I personally thought of turning my own home into a wedding venue. It helps you cut the cost of booking a wedding venue. Instead of looking for cheap outdoor wedding venues near me, you can turn your barn, house premise, or neighbor’s space into a wedding venue. However, you may still have to spend on decoration, chairs, tables, and dinner. It also comes with managing most of the things from food to decoration and reception by yourself. If you can tackle that instead of spending a lot on a venue, it is a good option to consider. Have A Look:- Outdoor Wedding Venues: Hotel Rentals Or Airbnb You might need more space to accommodate the people you have invited to your wedding. In that case, you can rent a hotel or cabins, ranches, beach houses, or different spots on Airbnb. This kind of wedding venue is great for people with a smaller list of guests. This might be the best option for you if you want to get married in style. Get Married In The Street Now you can get married on the street if you want. It also helps you cut down on your budget. You can take permits for a few hundred dollars to block a specific part of the city streets. This permit will help you close off a specific part of the street. You can hire a food truck or have barbeque ready for the guests. However, if you want to serve food and alcohol, you might need another extra permit for that. Bars, Cafes, & Restaurants You can rent the dining space of the largest cafe in your neighborhood and use it as your wedding venue. You can rent an eatery, a shop, or a bar and get married there. If you have a few friends to invite to your wedding, you can rent a cafe, a restaurant, or a dinner close to your home. Have A Look:- Exploring Wedding Venues Near Me: Libraries Or Museums How does a patron of books, arts, crafts, and architecture get married? Some people may answer– Surrounded by the very thing they love. Affordable wedding venues near me – if you are searching this on google Maps, you can try getting married at the museum or the libraries. The museums and libraries usually charge around $400 for these events. Rent Your Schools Not all high school romances reach the peak of happiness and turn into weddings. If you are one of the few lucky ones, marry your sweet beloved in the school you met. Yes, some high schools rent their fields, dining halls, and amphitheaters for weddings and other similar occasions. So, if you are searching – for cheap wedding venues near me, you might just check if your high school rents out its space. They will charge you $100 to $200 at best. Park Or A Beach It would be a shame to look for wedding venues if you live in the coastal area. Beach weddings are a dream to many. Beaches are a great place to get married at. The ocean waves and the winds will witness you as you get married happily. You can also choose local parks or gardens. If the park is properly decorated, it can be the best location for weddings and affordable. Theaters Theaters add historical and beautiful architecture to the event. The photos you take during such a wedding look like a thing of history – something vintage. If you are looking for a cheap and charming wedding destination, then a theater might be just the location you are looking for. You can have a ceremony at a low price of $600. Both a ceremony and reception will cost you $1600 at best. A Boat Or A Cruise Are you searching for – cheap wedding venues near me? Well, it might not be near you. The venue might be on the sea or the river, on a boat. You can take a romantic boat voyage while getting married, keeping your close ones witness. Most cities offer rental boats for occasions. They let you reserve a cruise for a wedding in the ocean. It is always about what fits your needs and your budget; So plan accordingly. How Can I Get Married Very Cheap? A wedding should be affordable if you want them to be within the budget. Here are different ways to cut the cost of a wedding – Choose a wedding day. Cut down the list of guests to a minimum. Look for a unique wedding location. Look for a cheap wedding package. Cut down on jewelry, and makeup costs. Be creative with your idea. Only spend a little on wedding dresses. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): I hope that you have found the answer to your query. However, here are some additional questions and their solutions if you need to read them. Q1. Is 200 Guests A Small Wedding? Ans: It depends upon your perspective. Some people consider 50 people a great number while some people call a wedding with 200 people a small one. However, if you want to keep the list of guests to a minimum, consider the list of guests to be within 50 to 150. Q2. How Much Does The Average Indian Wedding Cost? Ans: The cost of a wedding depends on how much both parties are willing to spend. However, judging the massive gathering and celebrations Indian weddings are characterized by, they usually cost around 10 to 20 lakhs on average. Wrapping Up You can choose the wedding venues according to your budget. Choosing more affordable wedding venues helps you cut down on the wedding cost by a huge margin. If you are searching on Google Maps – for cheap wedding venues near me, then the options here might interest you. However, if you have any further queries, you can put them down in the comment section. We will be sure to check them out as soon as possible. Read More: Unique Wedding Venues Near Me Top Barn Wedding Venues Near Me How To Find Intimate Wedding Venues Near Me?