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It’s nearly wedding season, and we can’t stop gushing over all the crazy outdoor wedding venues we are going to see this season. Are you getting married soon - perhaps the next wedding season? Then scouting the perfect venue might just be on the top of your priority list at the moment.  So here we are with the list you have been looking for - the top five outdoor wedding venues you must check out after fixing your wedding date!  Outdoor Wedding Venues: Your Top Choices For The Next Wedding Season! While outdoor San Diego wedding venues have been trending for a long time, it’s a new year, and we thought of starting a new trend - anything but San Diego or any place people have been getting married forever. So, instead, we did some digging and came across five of the most stunning outdoor wedding venues - stay tuned to find out! 1.  Haiku Mill (Maui, Hawaii): Image Source A destination wedding? Check! A destination wedding and ceremony in Hawaii? Double check! A destination wedding in Hawaii while avoiding sandy beaches? Triple check! This is where Haiku Mill, located in Maui, steps in to save the day. Stop your ‘outdoor wedding venues near me’ search asap and just check this place out - it’s breathtaking!  An ancient, historical sugar plantation embodying an old-world charm is exactly what you need for the approaching wedding season. From ornate features and handpicked treasures to a beautiful environment filled with gardenia blossoms and fragrant jasmines - even if you don’t get married here, hoping you will get to attend one here! The owner of Haiku Mill, Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr, is well-versed in the property’s story, her future plans, and her curated collections of installations. This venue is truly a captivating spot on an even more captivating island - one of our favorite spots to have a wedding!  2. Treehouse Point (Issaquah, Washington): Image Source While the search for indoor and outdoor wedding venues has almost reached a peak, it’s nearly impossible to find such a location for your wedding. But then we stumbled upon Treehouse Point, located at Issaquah in Washington. It’s such a unique wedding spot - a real-life treehouse for your wedding!  The best part? The location is absolutely perfect for intimate weddings, and it’s just half an hour from Seattle. Conveniently tucked away inside a stunning forest filled with natural beauty, the location is great - the owners also offer accommodations for overnight stays. If your wedding party extends, then you, your partner, and the wedding party can stay back.  So, if you have been seeking a wedding venue that’s not over the top but unique, then we don’t think you will find any place better than the Treehouse. Plus, it’s so pretty and aesthetic - you just need to visit, and you will be convinced!  3. St.John’s Bridge (Portland, Oregon): Image Source Yes, small weddings are trending, and so are small wedding venues. And there are so many pretty venues to choose from, but what if we tell you that we have something a little different from what’s trending right now? How about St.John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon? It’s a little out-of-the-box but isn’t that what works?  This location is one of our favorite outdoor wedding spots, so much so that we stopped thinking about those exotic outdoor wedding venues in San Diego! Think about it - getting married to the love of your life under one of the most well-known bridges in Portland. Isn’t it a really unique idea, not to mention a romantic idea?  We even spotted this couple camping it out in the area just to secure this elusive spot in Cathedral Park. Yes, it does sound taxing, but it’s absolutely worth all the effort to get married at such a beautiful spot!  4. Santa Lucia Preserve (Carmel, California): Image Source California wedding venues have always been the more sought-after, especially if you are up for the Great American Wedding! If you have been dreaming about getting married right in the middle of the gorgeous Redwoods with a reception inside an aesthetic barn? This is perfectly magical and we absolutely loved the location.  A magical ceremony with twinkling lights is perhaps all you need this wedding season. Isn’t there something really dreamy about such ceremonies - getting married in the middle of nature surrounded by your closest friends and family members?  A blend of lodging, private golf clubs, equestrian facilities, and estate homes, the Santa Lucia Preserve is perfect for hosting your outdoor wedding. The location is stunning, and it happens to be really popular for different wedding celebrations and ceremonies. 5. The Carlsbad Flower Fields (Carlsbad, California): Image Source While San Diego outdoor wedding venues continue to rule the charts for destination and outdoor weddings, Carlsbad is also another location that everyone must consider exploring. We will tell you why! Do you like vibrant Ranunculus flowers? Can you imagine getting married amidst a colorful field of flowers? You just have to get married in The Carlsbad Flower Fields sometime in the middle of Mid-April or even Mid-March. This is the perfect time for the flowers to bloom - plus, all that color around will ensure that your wedding photos turn out beautiful. If you are looking for a Pinterest-y vibe, then this spot is definitely ideal for you! The wedding ceremony area is located at a spot that overlooks the vibrant flower fields. There’s also an aesthetic barn for hosting your reception, and the space can hold up to two hundred guests! So, if you are a flower lover dreaming of an outdoor wedding with around 200 people, then this is the spot you need!  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):- Check out the most frequently asked questions related to outdoor wedding venues mentioned below.  Q1. What Month Is Best For Outdoor Wedding? Ans: The best month for having an outdoor wedding in the United States is during early Summer. The busiest outdoor wedding months in that context are as follows,⦿ May,⦿ June,⦿ September, and⦿ October.  Q2. What Is The Cheapest Way To Have A Big Wedding? Ans: The best way to have a cheap wedding is as follows,⦿ Shorten your guest list. ⦿ Host the ceremony outdoors or at your own home.⦿ Wisely time the wedding.⦿ Scout for vendors.⦿ DIY whenever and wherever possible.  Q3. What Month Are Weddings Cheaper? Ans: In the United States, weddings are cheaper to organize during the off-season than in terms of weddings. These months are as follows,⦿ November,⦿ July,⦿ February, and⦿ January.  Q4. What Are The 3 Largest Expenses With A Wedding? Ans: The three largest expenses that take place during a wedding are as follows,⦿ Reception venue,⦿ Engagement ring, and⦿ Food and liquor for the guests.  And It’s A Wrap: Time To Get Married! And that’s a wrap on outdoor wedding venues - yes, we have only come up with five of the most beautiful outdoor venues to get married in the United States. But trust us, we don’t want to confuse you with way too many options. Instead, we want to make things simpler for you - what’s the point of talking about venues you already know about? Tell us what you think about these spots. Do you know anyone who has been in any of these spots to attend a wedding or get married? Have you been to any of these spots? We will be waiting to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Read Also: Is It Okay To Not Have Friends? 8 Tips for Parenting Teenage Boy – Learn How to do it How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Talking To Another Guy?