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If you want to buy a refurbished phone, you have to sacrifice the wish of getting a new glossy phone. Do you have any problem with small dents and scratches on your accessories?  Then refurbished phones are not for you. If you buy a refurbished phone, you might not get a totally new phone, but yes, you can get a new warranty period with a properly functioning phone. A reseller warranty with perfect phoning functions can be your best choice when you are out of bugs.   But only a certified reseller can give you a well-refurbished phone.  So, if you ask if it is okay to buy a refurbished phone, a straight answer might not work for you. Instead, a proper discussion on various instances may help you get adequate knowledge on buying a refurbished phone. The global secondary (secondhand) smartphone market grew by 15 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. This particular data suggests the prominence of refurbished phones in our world. Mobile phones are getting affordable, but for the brand-fricks, phones are still expensive. Well, not everyone can afford a premium phone, and thus they try to go for refurbished phones from trusted resellers. Difference Between Used And Refurbished Phones In the world of technology, it is easy to make fools of yourself. For instance, many people do not know the difference between a used and a refurbished phone. They think both are the same and buy immediately. Another prominent reason for buying a used phone is that the price gets very low. But don't be under the illusion that you are getting a refurbished phone.  Used phones have many risks to consider. The phone might not be in good condition for insurance, both externally and internally. People sell their phones at a low price when they do not find the proper purpose for using them. And if you buy those phones, you are the fool who hasn't got the trick.  On the other hand, refurbished phones are sold to retailers. They consider full repair of the device before they sell it. So, it's a fix-and-flip process that gives the buyers a reasonable purpose to save money and enjoy the technology as it is.  Pros To Buying A Refurbished Phone While you are buying a refurbished phone, you need to acknowledge the particular pros and cons of it.  Every service or product has its own good and bad. But how would you know if going for refurbished phones are good or not?  Here comes the review part. Let's check out the particular pros of buying a refurbished phone.  It Is Okay To Save Money? It is absolutely okay for us if we can save money. The most compelling part of going for refurbished phones is that you can save at least 15-20% of the actual price of a smartphone. Let's say you crave to buy an iPhone. Now think of the actual price of that phone and then look at your pocket.  Is it feeling tight?  Well, that’s where you might want to lure money-saving approaches. Particularly after you have understood the difference between a secondhand and a refurbished phone, it's time to save money.   It Is Okay To Get A Warranty? While you are buying a secondhand phone, you are not getting any extended warranty. But when you go for a refurbished phone, you are getting a new model with an extended warranty.  The providers are able to give you an extended warranty because they have managed to repair the phone with new materials.  With every part, you are getting a warranty.  It Is Okay To Be Environmentally Friendly? Have you heard about carbon footprint? Materials we are using which are not green are all increasing carbon footprint. So, when you are buying a new phone, you are involved in increasing the carbon footprint in our world.  But going for refurbished phones can be a prominent solution to decrease carbon footprint.  How? If you buy a refurbished phone, it is not a newly made product but the older one with new modifications. So, significantly it is a chance to decrease the carbon footprint and contribute a little to save our environment.  Cons To Buying A Refurbished Phone There are not only advantages you get if you buy a refurbished phone. So, we have also scouted for the particular cons that you may face while using a refurbished phone.  Is It Okay Not To Get Software Updates? Not getting software updates regularly on your phone is not a good thing. Well, you are getting a new-like phone and can use all the facilities of your premium phone.  But can you get the latest software updates on your refurbished phone? Not really.  Why? Well, you have not got the latest cell on the market, but it can be from the first batch of manufacture. Moreover, the software may be changed by the provider to repair the phone.  So, do not expect to get the latest software updates if you buy a refurbished phone.  Is It Okay To Get Poor Battery Life? No one wants a phone with poor battery life. Especially when you are using an iphone, you want the battery health to be 100%.  Well, not every seller installs new batteries for refurbished phones if there is no major issue. So, you might get a one-year used battery in good condition.  But the more you use a battery, the battery health will decrease for sure.  Here comes the problem. After you use your refurbished phone for 4-6 months, you might face battery issues. Should I Buy A Refurbished Phone? Well, there is no major issue compared to the money you are saving while buying a refurbished phone. The only thing you need to consider is to go for an authorized seller. Apart from that, you have to look out for detailed specifications before you buy a refurbished phone.  Check for the battery life of the phone and know the particular condition.  Find out a reputable seller with a good review.  Look if the security update duration is enough to satisfy your thirst for the phone. 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