Tattoo While On Period

Is It Ok To Get A Tattoo While On Period?

Getting a tattoo while on period is something a lot of people have been skeptical about and for good reasons. If you know about the excruciating pain that you go through every time you get a bikini wax during your period. You would have some idea how painful it is going to be to get a tattoo while on period.

Therefore, if you are planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon, try to consider your menstrual cycle before finally getting inked. Getting a tattoo is already pretty painful. There is no need for you to intensify that pain even more.

In this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about getting a tattoo while on period. So, stick with me till the end so you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Is It Ok To Get A Tattoo While On Period?

On a very basic level, being on your period will not affect your tattoo, and nor will your tattoo affect your menstrual cycle. As a result, you surely know how inconvenient it gets while you are on your period and how that prevents you from enjoying your life.

So, if it was already a huge struggle to get an appointment with the best tattoo artist in the town. Please do not cancel it just because your periods decided to show up.

However, if there is a slight chance that you might avoid getting your appointment during this fateful time, try to do that.

There are two main reasons why I am suggesting this. One is the potential of heightened sensitivity during your menstrual cycle, and the other is that the pain medications that you take for your period cramps may act otherwise with the entire process.

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Pain Tolerance For A Tattoo While On Period

Pain Tolerance For A Tattoo While On Period

As per Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, while on your periods, there is a substantial shift in your hormone levels, and there is more swelling throughout your whole body. This is because of an increase in the sensation limit and may result in causing more pain if you get something already painful, like a tattoo.

If you are already having cramps and getting uncomfortable, trust me, a tattoo is the last thing you would want to get.

Also, you need to think about which part of your body you are getting the tattoo on. If you plan to go for a sensitive area, you definitely don’t want to entertain the uninvited pain due to inflammation. That could make things even worse.

If you already have a tattoo, consider how painful it was before, and accordingly plan if you want to get your next one while your body is already torturing you.

How Do Medications Affect A Tattoo While On Period?

How Do Medications Affect A Tattoo While On Period

While there is no direct effect of your periods on your tattoo, medications or supplements you take for the cramps or discomfort might affect it. Pain medications that are very common for menstrual cramps, like Naproxen and Ibuprofen, are blood thinners and may end up clotting your blood. This may even lead to more bleeding.

Generally, you need to be aware of any such blood-thinning medication that you are currently on. You may as well consult a doctor before you get the tattoo appointment. They may guide you accurately on this issue and can tell you how far in advance you need to stop taking certain medications if you want to get a tattoo while on periods.

If you are on any herbal medications like ginger, ginkgo biloba, and garlic, just know that they may also reduce blood clotting. Therefore, you need to avoid them as well when getting a tattoo while on period. Alcohol, as well, can thin blood. So, try to avoid a big glass of wine to calm your nerves.

Why Does It Feel Different To Get A Tattoo While On Period? Let’s See What The Tattoo Girlies Have To Say!!!

Why Does It Feel Different To Get A Tattoo While On Period

Well, there is no one who can confirm the news than some of the enthusiastic tattoo lovers who have gotten a tattoo while on period. Do you want to know the results?

…. drum roll please…. the results say 63% of women that it hurts like hell to get a tattoo while on period. Only 4% confirmed that it doesn’t hurt anything more than it already did. The fun part is that 33% said they did not notice anything at all.

Let’s See What They Have To Say About It….

Sex hormones – i.e., estrogen and progesterone – are implicated in moderating pain,”

says tattoo collector and midwife Sam.

“Estrogen is lowest during a period when pain is perceived as highest.”

“Although the effect of hormones is complex and not well understood,”

Sam further continues.

“Research is limited but it does show differences in pain related brain activation during the cycle. In theory a tattoo might hurt most during a period and least during ovulation. But any real difference is probably minimal and it just hurts all the time.”

There is certain medical research related to this as well. Very little, but it does.

“Women’s health overall is poorly researched and funded,”

Sam explains.

If you are going for a tattoo, make sure you are not on an empty stomach. Have heavy foods that would keep your stomach full for a long time.

“And you could take some paracetamol or co-codamol, which is available over the counter, half an hour before the start of your tattoo. Ibuprofen is also good to minimize swelling after your appointment,”

Sam says.

The girls further explain how important it is to get a good sleep on the previous night. Drink lots of water, and wear something extremely comfortable if you are going to get a tattoo while on period. Finally, make sure you have something that can distract you through the whole process. Pop in your headphones or watch Netflix. This will take your mind away from the tattoo and make it hurt a lot less.

Frequently Asked Questions!! [FAQs]:

Q1. Is It OK To Get Tattoo While On Period?  

Ans: While there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo while on period, there are certain precautions that you need to take, or else your mind ends up ruining your health.

Q2. When Should You Not Get A Tattoo?

Ans: If you have a severe medical problem like allergies, cancer, or heart disease, or if you are pregnant, it is better to avoid tattoos.

Q3. What Should You Avoid When Tattooing?

Ans: Try to avoid alcohol or any medication that may result in blood thinning before you get a tattoo.

The Bottom Line

While there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo while on period. It is just not preferable due to the complications the female body goes through during menstruation.

If you are still going to get it, I am your biggest cheerleader. This is the kind of confidence that I lack in my life. But hats off to you for having it. Just make sure you have taken the correct precautions and consult with your doctor. Make sure you get the thumbs up, and you are all set to go!!

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