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Top 10 Mythological God Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos were loved during the old times just as they are loved in the modern era. Many people love to wear tattoos of different kinds. Some wear tattoos of the names of their favorite persons, and some love to get those people’s pictures tattooed on them.  However, let’s find out some god tattoo and their meaning.

Some people love to paint their bodies with different natural and fantastical elements. You will find many variations in classic, new school, realism, and abstract tattoos. Greek god tattoos among them have a very specific fanbase.

Many people love to tattoo the portraits and sculptures of Greek gods on their skin. However, if you want to tattoo gods on your skins, you can look at the recommendations on this list.

Here are some god tattoos ideas you can use to get your skin tattooed –

1. Lord Shiva

lord shiva

If you want to get your skin tattooed, then why don’t you tattoo Lord Shiva? A tattoo of lord shiva can look very cool on your skin. Lord Shiva is the Hindu god of creation and destruction. In addition, he is one of the most ancient gods in Hindu mythology. The long hair of Lord Shiva and the snake around him make up for the best look possible. Shiva stands for reformation, creation, and sacrifice.

 2. Athena

athena mythological god tattoos

You can tattoo the Greek god of wisdom Athena on your skin. Athena is the daughter of Greece god Zeus and also the goddess of war. However, the sculpture of Athena has a beautiful-looking helmet on her head. If you want to tattoo a goddess on your skin, it can very well be Athena. She also represents righteousness.

3. Medusa


Medusa is one of the gorgons. Gorgons are monster figures in Greek mythology. If you want god tattoos on your skin, then Medusa is a viable option. In addition, Medusa is said to be a winged female creature with hair like snakes. Even though she had snakes on her head, she was considered one of the most beautiful females in the mythology. Medusa can turn men into stones.

4. Hermes

  • side hermes tattoos
  • leg hermes tattoos

Hermes is the god of speed. When getting a good tattoo, you can not settle for anything less than the god of speed. There are abundant greek gods that you can take a tattoo of. A son of Zeus, Hermes is a god of many things. He is also the god of trade, wealth, fertility, luck, wealth, sleep, language, and travel. A tattoo of Hermes can look awesome on your skin.

5. Ares

ares mythological god tattoos

When you need badass god tattoos, then Ares is a good choice. A tattoo of the sculpture of Ares can be one of the best tattoos you give to yourself. He is the brutal god of battle and warfare. The brutal greek warfare inked on your skin may look intense.

6. Kali

  • kali mythological god tattoos-1
  • kali mythological god tattoos-2

“She Who Is Black” or “She Who Is Death.” Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, time, and doomsday. The black goddess of Hindu mythology can be your choice of tattoo. However, you can choose to make a tattoo on Kali if you are looking for god tattoos related to Hindu mythology.

7. Atlas


Not god tattoos, but the tattoo of a Greek titan, Atlas is the tattoo of a titan who was punished by Zeus. Atlas joined the rebellion against the gods, and he was Zeus punished him by forcing him to bear the weight of heaven on his shoulder. However, Atlas symbolizes one who bears a heavy burden. If you can relate to Atlas, having a tattoo of him is a good option.

8. Aphrodite


When you want to tattoo a beautiful god on your skin, aphrodite is the one. Aphrodite is the goddess of sexual love. She is also the goddess of fertility. Aphrodite is among the most beautiful goddesses in Greek mythology. She is often compared to the goddess Venus in Roman mythology.

9. Cupid

cupid mythological god tattoos

Cupid is among the most popular god tattoos you can opt for. If you are looking for a cute and small god tattoos, then Cupid is one for you. There are many versions of the winged messenger of love and romance. Cupid tattoos are best for women who want small tattoos.

10. Artemis


A tattoo of Artemis shooting her arrow can look incredible on your skin. Artemis is one of the best god tattoos you can have. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of wild animals, vegetation, chastity, and childbirth. She also symbolizes the hunt. She is the daughter of Leto and Zeus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You already have ten different ideas about different types of tattoos. Now, if you have some queries about the tattoo, then you can go through these questions and answers –

1. What Tattoo Signifies Power?

Ans: If you want a tattoo that signifies power, then you can go for the tattoo of an eagle. You can also tattoo a lion or a tiger if you want your tattoo to symbolize power.

2. What Tattoo Symbolizes Victory?

Ans: A Laurel wreath is the symbol of victory and achievement. The branches from the laurel plant interlock to make the symbol of victory. If you want a tattoo to symbolize victory, you can wear a tattoo of the laurel wreath.

3. What Symbolizes Overcoming Struggle?

Ans: Many among us are fighters and survivors. They love to symbolize the struggle they overcame. The bear symbolizes this strength, this spirit to overcome the struggle. It is the symbol of tenacity that causes someone to overcome struggle. If you want a tattoo with such symbolic meaning, then having the tattoo of a bear can be a good choice.

4. What Is A Good Tattoo For Strength?

Ans: You can have a tattoo of an Eagle, a tiger, or a bear if you are looking for a tattoo idea that symbolizes strength. Apart from strength, these tattoos can have a range of meanings. A tattoo of an eagle also looks great on your skin.

Get Inked

Once you have chosen a tattoo of your choice, you should get it inked as soon as possible. If you are determined, there is no point in delay. In this article, I have talked about different god tattoos with different symbols and meanings of each. 

If you are looking for recommendations, you can go through the ones I suggested. Also, you can comment below for any queries you might have related to these tattoos.

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