Are Vision Boards For Everyone?

Are Vision Boards For Everyone?

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are…”

The power of manifestation can never be understated. What we think, we believe, and unconsciously, we desire the same in our lives. 

Each one of us wants something in life that is not easily achievable. And the fact that they couldn’t be achieved so easily makes them extremely special. 

Like most of you here, yes, I also do manifest things. And honestly, they turn out to be true. 

But are all manifestations effective? One of the strongest ways to bring positivity into our lives is by visualizing good.

A Sagepub study shows that more than 35% of people globally believe in the power of positive thinking and manifestation. 

What Is Manifestation?

What Is Manifestation_

I am no Shakespeare to spell out fancy words and neither are you a theatre spectator to hear those. 

Words need meanings, something that will be understandable. But what’s the meaning of manifestation?

To put it simply, manifestation is bringing your thoughts to life. Two years back, if someone had told me that I would be penning this down, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Yet, I manifested back then to move people through my power of writing. So, it worked!

Denise Fournier, a Miami psychotherapist, has said-

Manifestation is about creating a vision for the future, putting energy and intention into making that vision a reality, and then aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions accordingly so that your vision can come into fruition…”

For a major part of her day, Denise indulged in mindfulness and personal development. Hence, her idea of manifestation is different from others. 

What’s intriguing is how the term is rapidly piquing the interest of people from all walks of life. It’s not like they didn’t want a better life earlier. 

But it has a lot to do with awareness, the fact that our imagination is within us. The more positive we think, the better we reap!

Vision Boards: A Powerful “Visual” Tool For Manifestation

Vision Boards A Powerful Visual Tool For Manifestation

Remember when we were kids, how we always used to stick notes on tabletops or on refrigerators so that we don’t forget important stuff?

Vision boards are pretty much like that, except that they don’t remind us to do homework or so, hah!

In a fast-paced life, we often forget things that are important for our healthy minds. We bury the travel enthusiast within us, or we long forget the film director we once craved to become. 

Thankfully, there are vision boards that keep reminding us of our goals. All we need to do is create a tangible vision of our thoughts and dreams. 

Take the ideas together and put them down on a board. With the help of visualization, our mind gets triggered towards positive thinking. 

When did vision boards first came into existence? 

There are no precise data regarding the first use of vision boards. But in 2010, some friends thought of setting their goals in a creative fashion.

Ryan Daly and Kellan Lutz initiated the National Vision Board Day to inspire individuals to achieve their goals. 

Manifestation was a popular term in ancient Greece, but the concept is a bit different from what it is now. 

Back then, the concept was that only god helped you to achieve your life goals. Thankfully, the spirituality has now changed. 

Those who want to change, pray that from their inner self. In 1990, only 2% of people believed in the power of manifestation. But the percentage has grown to 73% today. 

Different Types Of Learners: Are Vision Boards For All Of Them?

Different Types Of Learners Are Vision Boards For All Of Them

When it comes to learning, processing, recalling, or remembering information, different people use different sense organs.

Some individuals are visual in nature and typically rely on their eyes for processing all kinds of data. 

Then, there are auditory learners who have a heightened sense of hearing, and they generally prefer audio over visuals. 

Last but not least, there are kinesthetic learners who perform physical activities in order to learn things. 

But I have always wondered whether a vision board would be helpful for all these filters. After all, it’s too much linked to seeing and manifesting. 

Well, don’t worry! This is exactly where I will be assisting you in understanding things better. But before we proceed into anything, let’s first draw lines between these filters.

Visual Manifestors

An anonymous study suggests that spatial or visual manifestors make upto 65% of the world’s total population. 

Their mind often strays when getting into verbal activities, and they observe more than talking or acting. 

Visual manifestors believe in the power of seeing, and they are generally great spellers. They aren’t too distractable, which is why vision boards work perfectly fine for them. 

The board helps them plan their aspirations and goals accordingly, which are usually coupled with an informative strategy. 

By crafting a tangible visualization of what they dream, visual learners can align their feelings and thoughts effectively with the outcomes. 

Kinesthetic Manifestors

Kinesthetic Manifestors

Kinesthetic learners are ones who favor physical activities over passively listening when they want to learn a particular thing. 

In case of manifestation, Kinesthetic individuals try making small changes around them. For them, actions speak louder than words or visuals. 

Kinesthetic manifestors do not prioritize reading or seeing while learning. Hence, a vision board might not be completely effective for them. 

The 5% Kinesthetics around the world, as researched by Avado, love to try new things. They might alter the vision board into an experience board made with images and quotes of places they have been to. 

Auditory Manifestors

Auditory Manifestors

30% of people around the world are auditory learners, which means they prefer listening to any other form of activity. 

They mostly listen to podcasts, songs, or documentaries when working. Sound, according to them, helps these manifestors concentrate. 

So, for someone who is auditory, a vision board might not work in the same manner. In that case, if you are an auditory person, try to listen to things that motivate you. 

Surround yourself with positive podcasts, something that can push you towards your goal. 

It is indeed a true fact that not all manifestors manifest in the same way, and that’s perfectly OKAY. All we need to discover is what motivates us the most!

Vision Boards And Manifestation: What’s The Relation?

Vision Boards And Manifestation_ What's The Relation_

None of us can ever achieve our goals simply by thinking about them. It takes a great deal of effort to plan, work, and achieve things. 

But again, what’s the role of a vision board?

Does manifestation have any scientific evidence that it works? 

Well, let me make things clearer for you! A vision board is basically made out of magazine clippings, images, and craft items. 

Unlike any other usual board, a vision collective must consist of things that force you to work harder towards your goals. 

Dr. Erin Eatough of “BetterUp” says,

Vision boards are concepts that thoughts precede behavior. Mindsets drive behaviors that drive outcomes.” 

So, vision boards are not magic. It’s the thought within us that comes out in the form of manifestation. 

  • One of the foremost reasons why vision boards are so effective is because they keep reminding you of your intentions. You now know what to focus on and skip out on trivial things. 
  • Constant revision and update of your vision board reaffirms your intention. You might have manifested to become a CEO, and guess what? You became one! Now what?
  • Updating your vision collective every now and then helps you to tick things off on your bucket list. 

These boards offer you a clear direction of life, which you should actually pay attention to. 

And this is exactly why creating a vision board is not as easy as it sounds. It takes endless brainstorming and coming up with things so important that they could make upto the list. 

The Psychology Behind Vision Boards

The Psychology Behind Vision Boards

Going back in time, vision boards are deeply rooted in various principles encompassing the law of attractive and creative visualization

These philosophies tend to suggest feelings and thoughts, the manifestation of which helps to bring dreams into reality. 

The practice has close relations with what Napolean Hill and Tony Robbins have mentioned in their works on visualization techniques. 

Creative Visualization: The technique very commonly used for manifesting the goals and desires of an individual. It creates vivid mental pictures of our desired outcomes. 

The method of creative visualization mainly depends on focusing on specific outcomes, which helps an individual to attract those same things in their lives. 

The Law of Attraction: There’s no way we could stop mentioning the law of attraction when talking about manifestations. 

This particular law asserts that if you think positively in your life, you are attractive positively or vice versa. Hence, manifesting affirmative things through vision boards scientifically affects the person’s achievements. 

Does Meditation Help In Manifestation?

Does Meditation Help In Manifestation_

There’s an overall different concept called manifestation meditation. Although the two have separate meanings, the goal is the same. 

Those who study manifestation have to go through the psychology behind meditation, too. Influential minds like Oprah and Gabrielle Bernstein have also chosen the meditation-manifestation path. 

Meditation is the key to finding the stillness present in our eyes. It calms down the storm that goes inside. 

After we reach a state of tranquility, there’s a clearer version of the goals we need to fulfill. And that’s exactly how a vision board is created. 

There’s a state of self-awareness while meditating, an authentic opportunity to discover our inner selves. 

Without powerful thinking, manifesting on a vision board is not possible. 

5 Do’s Of Creating A Vision Board That Actually Does The Job?

5 Do's Of Creating A Vision Board That Actually Does The Job_

Mintel, a market research firm, conducted a survey, which points out how 30 million Americans use techniques and thoughts associated with the law of attraction. 

More than 90% of them are youngsters who believe in the power of manifestation. 

But the real question is how to create a vision board that would actually work for them. 

Pinterest has more than 28,000 posts on DIYing vision boards. But we cannot make use of so many ideas for a single board, correct?

So, here’s a brief idea about creating a collective that actually works. And it might be effective for most people. 

Seek Some Clarity

Not all of us have to deal with 9 to 5 jobs, not everyone has household chores to do. A lot of us don’t even have to engage in physically strenuous activities every day. 

But does that mean we are free from worries? 

We cross paths with so many people in life. But not one of them has anything to worry about, nothing to dream about!

So, my initial tip for you is to seek some clarity in the midst of everyday chaos. 

Making a vision board isn’t a one-liner- we don’t just dream of a Mercedes, and it doesn’t just show up like that.

It has to be a vivid though-process, a great deal of brainstorming ideas. 

Wanting those glass bags Gucci has been promoting nowadays isn’t wrong. But adding them to your vision board makes no sense.

These tangible things are easily buyable. 

For desires to be added to a vision board, they have to be abstract, inanimate objects that can be achieved only through manifestation. 

For example, to seek the love of a partner or to bore a child. 

Unless you are clear about your personal goals in life and how to prioritize them, a vision board cannot help you!

Bring In Materials

Bring In Materials

Here comes the creative part. After all the scratching and scraping of ideas have been done, it’s time to jot them down. 

Do not hesitate to show your creative aura by bringing in the best materials. Some classic board ideas include wireboards, corkboards, and whiteboards. 

If you are starting slow, a magnetic board will work well for your fridge. 

You might want something more minimal, and that’s fine. Start off with cardboard. 

The next thing you’ll need is images and quotations on your board. For this, you can try scraping out some old catalogs or magazines. 

Pinterest has some really aesthetic images of destinations and stuff. Why don’t you get some of those printed online?

Then, of course, we have postcards and newspapers, too

Cut them out and start sticking on your vision board. 

It’s not important to stick to everything at once. Take your time and do things slowly. 

Look For Objects and Images That Define You

Look For Objects and Images That Define You

A person who is ambitious about becoming a CEO should have a vision board that defines the same. 

Attaching the picture of a mountain will distract him. Remember how I talked about seeking clarity? Here’s exactly where it comes to use!

Certain images or quotes have memories attached to them. I’m sure all of us remember La La Land’s Seb’s logo which Mia once designed for Sebastian.

Pictures or quotes that have memories attached to them make the best vision boards. They motivate an individual to keep running for them. 

Some manifestors also like adding fabric scraps to make the board aesthetically pleasing. 

If you want to stay close to nature, add some pine needles or leaves on the board for a consistent reminder. 

Put Everything Under One Roof

Your vision board is a collection of your ideas and beliefs. Make sure you don’t lose out on its purpose after the job is complete. 

After you are done collecting materials, put everything together. Decide a layout that would work well for triggering your senses.

This is something you are going to see daily, so be prepared for it!

Stick images one after another in a neat manner so that they speak out to you. Add quotes by someone whom you look upon as inspiration. 

Write something on your own and keep reminding yourself of that every day. 

This visionary collective should make you happy and comfortable, which is why you’ve been working so hard, right?

Place It On A Visible Platform

Place It On A Visible Platform

Finally, it’s time to show off your hard work. Select a great place that allows you to see the vision board clearly. 

It can either be on a wall, a tabletop, or even on an altar. 18% of people attach dream boards to their mirrors because it is something we see every day. 

This constant reminder is a passive alarm for waking your brain. The worst places to put your vision board are your kitchen, guest room, or balconies. 

Another important consideration is vision boards are subject to change. One might alter their dreams at some point in life. 

Hence, attach things not too tightly but in a way that you can take them out whenever required. 

Types Of Vision Boards Trending In 2024

2024 is the year when vision boards are the hot topic. More than 25% of people have started pinning down their to-do’s on vision boards now including YouTubers and famous celebs. 

This compilation of graphics, text, and colors attracts eyes in different ways. However, there are multiple types of vision boards to take inspiration from.

Here are some Pinteresty- ideas for you:

Collage Vision Boards

Collage Vision Boards

A collage indicates blending a lot of texts and images into a grid-based or freeform design. 

Both graphics and textures can be inserted to give it a scrapbooky appeal. 

For instance, if someone wants to pen down a novel, they would think of the perfect photo. 

In a collage vision board, images play the most significant role. 

College students and young minds mostly make use of such boards since they have so much to dream about. 

Text Dream Boards

Text Dream Boards

Some people are only into reading. They look for quotes or texts that motivate them. 

A Text vision board is ideal for those who like fewer graphics and more alphabets. The text on these boards tends to be in the form of phrases or words. 

Find a famous literary quote and add it to your dream board. 

If you have got a sentence on your mind that keeps flashing in front of your eyes, write that down. 

Situational Vision Boards

Situational Vision Boards

We all procrastinate, the human psychology loves to push things tomorrow instead of doing it today. 

Speaking of vision boards, they are a tool where you document dreams. But who knows how many dreams a person might have?

Situation dream boards change as per the situation in an individual’s life. 

Creating a situation board is no less than an exercise because you cannot stop brainstorming. 

Whenever a major dream or goal changes, it has to be added to a vision board to fulfill its purpose.

Categorical Vision Boards

Categorical Vision Boards

For those having a flair for creating something new, a categorical vision board will work fine. 

More than 200 people have used this board in 2024 because it helped theme to throw in a lot of design elements together. 

Categorical vision boards have layers where you categorize different goals on a priority basis. 

Every time you peek into the board, there’s no confusion, and your eyes reach simply the goal you are trying to focus on. 

Intention Vision Boards

Intention Vision Boards

Intention vision boars, something visionaries use too often, is another trending board in 2024. 

It consists of images and phrases that bring an optimistic feeling within an individual. 

The intention dream board can comprise any goal, whether it is about dreaming for more work productivity or manifesting about a partner. 

Use it as a priority list where you can pen down your intentions one after another. 

People Who Became Successful After They Started Manifesting With The Help Of V.B

People Who Became Successful After They Started Manifesting With The Help Of V.B

It is a common psychology for humans that we learn from examples. And vision boards are no longer restricted to a certain group of people.

You’ll be surprised to hear that a lot of influential people, including celebs, also use vision boards for manifestation. 

From Tom Holland to Demi Lovato, a lot of big names have been associated with manifestation using vision boards. 

Let’s check out who they are:

Ellen DeGeneres

Let’s admit that we loved The Ellen DeGeneres Show with all the fun kicking in. So, Ellen certainly needs no introduction. 

But do you think that it was easy for her to attract so much fame and wealth in one go? 

The talk show host had always been featured on the O magazine cover, which Oprah Winfrey owned. 

Ellen curated a cover mock-up where she featured herself. The former got into the ears of Oprah.

After hearing about the vision board Ellen manifested, Oprah contacted her and invited her to feature on the magazine cover. So yes, manifestation does work!

Lilly Singh

This Canadian Youtuber, as well as YouTube host, could think of nothing more than a few million subscribers. 

My first vision board had things like Twitter verification, hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers, or moving to LA,” says Lilly. 

Not all of us dream of the moon; some of us stay grounded. And that’s what Lilly started with when she began her journey of manifestation using vision boards.

Once an unknown comedian to an Instagram influencer who worked alongside The Rock, Lilly certainly believes that vision boards. 

Besides, she always dreamt of making it to the Forbes List, being on big talk shows and traveling the entire world. 

Oprah Winfrey

A power player and a TV superstar, Oprah is a big name in the world of vision boards and manifestation. 

She introduced the concept to Michelle Obama because the latter asked Oprah to envision Barack, her husband, in the White House. 

Oprah shared with New York City Radio in November 2008 how Michelle asked her and some other friends to manifest his husband’s victory. 

“I created a vision board; I had never had a vision board before. I came home, I got me a board, put Barack Obama’s picture on it, and I put a picture of my dress I want to wear to the inauguration,” she added. 

She strongly believes that manifestations in the form of vision boards come true, and you have to be “very peculiar” of the things you are choosing to manifest.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a talk show host, a comedian, and an Emmy Award winner. But just like others, his journey wasn’t a pile of roses. 

He says he isn’t into the “need business” anymore but there was a time when he had used vision boards for manifestation. 

Everything I’ve ever gotten in life, I’ve written. My vision board is crazy. You wouldn’t even believe it…”

Not only did Harvey create boards for himself but he also motivated others to make them too. 

Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr, a YouTube Star, has a dedicated beauty page with more than 4 million subscribers. 

Working alongside Katy Perry, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian, Patrick owns the famous makeup chain ONE/SIZE. 

In an Instagram post, Patrick shares how he manifested about working hard exactly 6 years ago, and the dream did come true, years later. 

We all have a JOURNEY. You may not know it now…but you will embark on a journey of experiences good and bad…” 

Patrick’s journey is a true testament to manifestation which must inspire individuals to think big about their lives. 

What Should You Manifest Using A Vision Board?

What Should You Manifest Using A Vision Board_

Initially, this is not what I was going to pen down because we are all different humans with different dreams and ambitions. 

But a lot of times, I was asked about this. People often ask what should they manifest about or how to decide which goals should be prioritized first?

If you are manifesting regarding the career factor, here are things you should put down on your vision board:

The slogan, name, or logo of the company you want to join in

We all have dream jobs and companies we always wanted to work for. Put that on your vision board and keep reminding yourself about it.

A person who keeps trying never fails. Consistent reminders will boost your motivation, and a time will come when this dream of yours will no longer have to be on the vision board. 

A new promotion

Manifest the job role you are desiring. Put it down on your vision board either in terms of images or text. 

Do not just daydream; work hard to achieve it, along with praying. Focusing on promotion is a very common form of manifestation most people do. 

Manifest About Having An Affirmative Relationship

Manifest About Having An Affirmative Relationship

Our relationships should be our safest havens because the world is cruel enough. Manifestations related to positive relationships are extremely common. 

And I am not just talking about romantic relationships, but any relationship in general. 

I’ve had friends who had a toxic family environment. They really didn’t bond well with their family members. 

If you are dealing with something like that, you can manifest on your vision board to have a harmonious relationship with them. 

Dream About Greater Confidence

Dream About Greater Confidence

Vision boards are equally effective for manifesting personal traits. 

Not everyone is equipped with all qualities and traits. People who lack self-confidence and are a bit anti-social can use their vision boards to become more confident. 

Quote people like Priyanka Chopra or Brad Pitt, who have changed the definition of confidence. 

Manifesting confidence is a wonderful opportunity as it opens new doors for people who cannot visualize themselves to be outspoken enough. 

Self-Care and Healing

How many times have we ignored our mental health to keep others happy?

According to Gitnux statistics, over 1.2 million stay in abusive relationships. These individuals choose to ignore the fact that such relationships are not normal. 

If you have been in one of those relationships, it’s time to use the power of vision boards for self-healing. 

Put down your thoughts and suggestions by friends or parents on the board. Keep reminding yourself of how loved and wanted you are. 

After all, what’s better than taking care of ourselves and manifesting great mental health?

End Words

Manifestation is real. Vision boards do work; maybe not for all, but they do! Me penning this down and inspiring you is also a form of manifestation. 

In several ways, manifestation offers positive outcomes, and they appear to come in miraculous ways.

So, never stop dreaming and manifesting. 

Take ideas from this article about what to include on your vision board. Trust me, you are going to create magic by fulfilling every single dream of yours. 

That’s how these boards work.

With that, it’s time that I wrap up my words. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this by commenting below.

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