5 Facts About Tizanidine That'll Shock You!

Mony Shah 27.05.2024

What Is Tizanidine?

Tizandine refers to a muscle relaxant that helps certain muscles in our body to relax. Not only does it relieve cramping and spasms, but it also helps with muscle tightness.

What Are The Other Uses Of Tizanidine?

Apart from reducing spasticity, it also helps patients dealing with chronic back and neck pain as well as chronic migraines.

How Much What Is Tizanidine? Should I Take In 24 Hours?

The initial dose begins with 2 mg, but in severe cases, you might be recommended 4 mg of Tinzadine, which is the maximum dose in a span of 24 hours.

Things To Remember While Ingesting It!

– Ensure not to exceed more than three doses. – Prolonged use of the medicine can reduce liver and kidney functions.

Common Side-Effects Of What Is Tizanidine? Overdose

– Drowsiness Energy loss – Dry mouth – Dizziness – Reduced blood pressure – Hallucinations and rare psychosis – Blurred vision – Chest pain – Troubled breathing – Lightheadedness