5 Facts To Know About Working Out When Sick?

Written by Mony Shah May 28, 2024

Mild Cold

When experiencing mild cold, you can indulge in workouts, but make sure they aren’t too tedious and drain your energy very easily.

Stuffy Nose

If you are dealing with a stuffy nose, it’s best to skip your exercise routine completely, as it can increase breathing problems and congestion in the heart.


Earaches are not typically common, but they bring sharp, burning pain to the ears. In such cases, make sure you don’t indulge in weightlifting!


Exercising when you have a fever not only increases the risks of dehydration but also increases your body temperature, thus making you sicker!

Productive Coughing

It’s important that you fix your productive cough before exercising because strenuous workouts and jogging might worsen the symptoms.