It Spreads Pus and Bacteria

One of the foremost reasons why popping a zit is a big no is because they spread a lot of bacteria and pus from infected pores.

It Increases The Possibility of Acne-Scarring

Another reason is that popping a pimple increases the chance of causing hyperpigmentation and acne scarring on our face.

Delay’s The Natural Skin Healing Process

Playing with nature never bore good results. Similarly, popping a zit exacerbates the process of inflammation, and your skin takes a lot of time to heal.

Causes Skin Infection

There have been instances when a tiny zit has led to massive skin infections after popping up. Make sure to stay away from all those bacteria and germs!

Your Pimple Will Visit You For Long

Last but not least, the popping thing will extend your pimple’s lifetime. Every now and then, you get to see a new, unwelcoming guest on the face!