Risks Associated With Expired Medications

– Consuming expired antibiotics might have serious repercussions – Other meds like Anticoagulants will have no effectiveness at all

Safety Considerations While Consuming An Out-Of-Date Med

– Check whether the expiry is short-term or long-term – Check what form it is: solid or liquid medicines – Skip consuming expired lifesaving meds

What To Do With Expired Drugs?

Federal guidelines suggest trashing medicines, but a few of them must be immediately flushed down the toilet.

Tips To Avoid The Confusion

– Stop purchasing medicine in bulk quantities – Don’t change meds every now and then – Keep cleaning your medicine container to detect the expired ones

How To Store Medicines Smartly?

Oral medicines must always be stored at a temperature between 68-77 degrees. Storing them in the bathroom or kitchen isn’t a good idea due to moisture.