What is Tylenol?

Also known as Acetaminophen popularly, this fever-reducing medicine helps to curb fever symptoms and treat pain.

Who Consumes Tylenol and Why?

– A patient with high blood pressure may be prescribed Tylenol. – Unprecedented pain during pregnancy might necessitate its consumption.

Precautions For Tylenol Ingestion

– Inform your pharmacist or doctor about potential allergies – Don’t consume more than 4 grams of Tylenol in 24 hours – Tylenol Extra Strength must not be consumed more than 3000 mg in one day

Side Effects Of Taking Tylenol In Pregnancy

– It causes developmental challenges in the baby – It alters the reproductive tracts of male children

What Are Some Alternatives For Tylenol During Pregnancy?

People allergic to Acetaminophen might consider other alternatives such as: – Aspirin – Naproxen and Ibuprofen – Topical Drugs