Consider The Culture Of The Wedding

In most South-Asian cultures, wearing black at weddings is considered a bad omen. So, before donning one such outfit, make sure you know about the culture well.

What’s The Location?

If the wedding theme is beachy, you would definitely not want to show up in a black, ornate gown. Considering the location is the second most important thing to do.

Time Of The Day

Although seasons and time of the day are not too important to think about, planning ahead is the key to success. If it's a scorching day, skipping out black would be ideal!

Do Not Dress Melancholy!

Dressing in black is harmless unless you start looking depressed at the party. Add textures like ruffles or tulle to your outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Black Is The New In

Undoubtedly, black is the trendiest color ever. Unless the color is not considered culturally inappropriate, you shouldn’t refrain from wearing it or flexing your charisma.