What Are Vision Boards?

Mony Shah

What Do Vision Boards Help With?

In a fast-paced life, we often forget things that are important for our healthy minds. Thankfully, there are vision boards that keep reminding us of our goals.

History Of Vision Boards

Ryan Daly and Kellan Lutz initiated National Vision Board Day a long time ago to inspire individuals to achieve their goals.

Relation Between Vision Boards & Manifestation

Dr. Erin Eatough of “BetterUp” says, “Vision boards are concepts that thoughts precede behavior. Mindsets drive behaviors that drive outcomes.”

Are They Effective?

One of the foremost reasons why vision boards are so effective is because they keep reminding you of your intentions. You now know what to focus on and skip out on trivial things.

What’s The Psychology Behind Vision Boards?

Human philosophies tend to suggest feelings and thoughts, the manifestation of which helps to bring dreams into reality.