What To Do If You Keep Getting Calls From Unknown Numbers

Calls from unknown numbers are a risk and nuisance. Refrain from picking them up anytime. In a world where technology-based crimes are rising, avoid taking anything for granted. Anytime you receive a call from an unknown caller, your first instinct should be caution. If the unknown calls are persistent, it should raise an alarm. That is because it could be someone trying to get personal information from you or sharing your number without your consent.

11 Actions To Take If You Keep Getting Calls From Unknown Numbers

Receiving a single call from an unknown caller after an extended period can be understandable. If the calls are persistent or you are actively getting rung from multiple unknown numbers, you should take action. But even a single call from an unknown person should warrant a reaction, especially if it seems suspicious. There is no harm in keeping yourself safe. Check out these eleven tips on what to do if you keep getting calls from unknown numbers.

Do Not Answer

When a call is from an unknown caller, and you never expected it to happen, do not answer and just let it slide to voicemail. Scammers rely on you picking up the call, which confirms that it is in service, and will add the number to their dial list. Again, these fraudsters will want to engage you in a conversation intended to familiarize your engagement or ask for personal information. Refusing to pick up denies scammers a chance to con you.

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Check Out Their Identity

Check Out Their Identity

Refusing to pick up a call is smart, but you could go further to establish the caller’s identity. Sometimes, it could be a friend or family member using a new line. To be sure, you can use reverse phone lookup sites to know the person’s identity. By just keying in the number on Nuwber and hitting the search button, you get to see the owner within seconds. If it is someone you know, you can dial back. If you do not know them and never expected them to ring you, ignore the call.

Register On The ‘Do Not Call’ Registry

Nowadays, marketers are using robocalls to market their products or conduct surveys. In many countries, however, a legal framework bars telemarketers from ringing people who have opted out of their marketing campaigns. If you keep receiving multiple unknown calls from robocallers, opting out through the ‘Do Not Call’ registry could significantly reduce the numbers.

Block The Numbers

Sometimes, you may constantly get rung by an unknown person despite being disinterested. If this has happened to you, you can still block the number. As a rule, most phone handsets are compatible with applications that enable blocking a contact. That means the owner can no longer access you by messaging or ringing.

Silence The Unknown Callers

Silence The Unknown Callers

Smartphones are the most common gadgets for people today. If you have too many unknown people ringing you, you can go to the built-in features on your handset and silence their numbers. Anyone you silence will be directly sent to voicemail should they ring you.

Be Uncooperative

Sometimes, you may have mistakenly picked up when rang from an unknown caller. If that is the case, you do not have to be rude, but you can politely decline to give personal information. You can also take a long before responding, throwing the caller off balance. For most individuals ringing you, being uncooperative brushes them off, and they will likely not dial you again.

Report The Number

One of the last resort actions you could take to curb an unknown caller is reporting them. If you feel harassed or scammed, many service providers offer a hotline through which you can report the offenders. After the number is reported, service providers put it out of service, which means you will no longer receive messages or get rung from an unknown person.

Let Them Know You Know It Is A Scam

Many scammers who engage in voice phishing believe they are intelligent enough to manipulate you. Playing along only keeps them hopeful that you are a potential catch and will keep calling you. The best approach is outing them and clarifying that you know they are fraudsters. The shame of being discovered will likely keep the scammers from ringing you for quite some time.

Avoid Sharing Your Number With Everyone

Making your phone number public or sharing it with everyone opens the door for multiple calls from unknown numbers. Discipline yourself to only give your contacts to people you trust and discourage them from sharing it. The fewer people with information on how you can be reached, the fewer calls you will likely receive from unidentified callers. Besides the numerous irritating calls from unknown people, if your contacts fall into the wrong hands it can be damaging.

Separate Your Personal And Workplace Contacts

Separate Your Personal And Workplace Contacts

At this time and age, having distinct phone numbers for your personal and work lives is advisable. Depending on the nature of your work, you may receive numerous unknown calls from customers and workmates. Separating your personal and work contact information will help keep unknown numbers from your private life. While at it, also have separate handsets for the two lines to avoid making the mistake of returning a call to a customer with an unknown contact using your line.

Be Forthright

Some people will keep ringing with different numbers for as long as they think you are ignoring their call through a previous number. If this is the case, be upfront with your caller that they should stop ringing you. Threaten to report them to authorities if they persist. You can even get a restraining order if they keep ringing with new numbers despite you telling them frankly to stop.

A Final Thought

Calls from unknown ringers kill your vibe, especially when they are persistent and result in unwanted conversations. But rather than give up and let the nuisance caller keep ringing you, you can use the tips above to protect yourself from scams and harassment. To effectively apply these methods, you must be firm on your decision and avoid feeling guilty for cutting off a caller.

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