Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook & Can’t Post On Facebook? – Know The Reasons Behind It In 2021

Facebook is a place where we, our parents, and also our grandparents are users. This makes family reunions really awkward when your aunt asks you why haven’t you accepted her friend request. 

But the widespread reaction towards Facebook is FOMO. Suppose your friend posted something really, and you are not able to comment. Then without panicking and saying, “why can’t I comment on Facebook?” why not read this article? 

Reasons Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook

There can be a number of reasons why you are not able to comment on Facebook. There is nothing to panic about; keep on reading and know the answer. 

Poor Internet Connections

One of the most common reasons why it is possible that you are not able to comment on any posts is due to poor internet connectivity. If you are facing any type of connection issues, then you won’t be able to write any comments on any posts or pages. 

It’s not like when your internet connection is totally shut down, and then only this will happen. If you have a weak or fluctuating service, this can happen. Then this is the easiest solution to your question of why can’t I like or comment on a Facebook post.  

Problem With The Webpage

If not for connectivity, another reason for you not being able to comment is if you have problems with your webpage. There are certain things like browser cache issues, which are incompatible or even faulty can create a problem. 

On Facebook, there are a lot of restrictions and setting changes that have the ability to interfere with Facebook’s programming. 

Facebook Jail

If Facebook notices that your activity here on the platform is questionable, then they might suspend you and throw you inside Facebook jail. Here your account activities will be suspended for a certain amount of time. 

The time period is normally from 24 hours to about 21 days. After this period, again, your Facebook activities will resume back to normal. 

The Privacy Settings Are Tricky

Facebook puts a lot of effort into its privacy settings, which is why there are a lot of these privacy settings present for individual or group accounts. Due to these privacy settings, it is possible that you are not being able to text for some pages or groups. 

Timeline Review Settings

Here on Facebook, you are able to see specific settings and the restrictions on your Timeline. And it is possible that due to these restrictions, you are not able to comment or post anything on certain pages. 

Customizable Friend List

Facebook features enable you to personalize and customize your friend list from who can text you or even comment on your posts. You can add people as “family,” “friends,” or even “acquintence.”

With each of these levels, there are certain access points for you. Then people who are not from these lists cannot comment or view your posts. 

Unfriended/ Blocked Action

If you are blocked or even unfriended by someone on Facebook, then you won’t be able to comment on their posts or profile, then you might be asking, why can’t I post a comment on my friends Facebook? It is also evident that if you are blocked or unfriended, you won’t be able to see that profile.

Reasons Of Why I Can’t Post On Facebook?

Now that you know the reasons why you are not able to comment on Facebook, a problem with posting on Facebook. So what might be the problem with that? 

Download The Latest Version Of Adobe Flash

If you think you are not able to post any pictures and videos on your profile on Facebook, then then you might wanna download the latest version of Adobe Flash.

And it is possible that after downloading and installing the latest version, your problem with not being able to post anything might get solved. 

Manage Ad Blocking Software

It is highly possible that if you are using any ad blocking software, then you might wanna turn them off, as they might be interfering with your profile. 

Check Your Photo Formats

If you are asking yourself, why can’t I post a gif on Facebook comment? Then you should check the format of the images that you are using. It is possible that due to a certain image format, your post is failing. 

A few of the recommended image formats are PNG, GIF, BMP, and JPEG format files. And it is also advised that the image size should be less than 15 MB. 

Update Your Browser

It is very important that you should update your platform to the latest version of the browser. If your browser is not updated, then new features might not work for you. 

Check Facebook Support Inbox

If you are having any problems with Facebook activities, then you should take the help of Facebook Support Inbox. But if you are posting some abusive or illegal content, then your account might be blocked for a temporary period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Now that you know the reasons why you are not able to comment or post anything on Facebook if you have any more queries, here are what others have asked.

1. Why Is Facebook Limiting My Comments? 

Facebook limits certain user comments as they avoid spam and harassment, or they are preventing any sort of abuse here on the platform. Even if they detect you are spreading violent comments and conspiracy theories, they might limit your comments. 

2. How Do I Know If I Am In Facebook Jail?

You would know that you are thrown into Facebook Jail when you lose all ability to post pictures of videos in your Timeline and even comment. You will lose the ability to comment on any page or profile on the platform. 

How Long Does Fb Jail Last?

Once you are thrown into Facebook Jail, depending upon your offense, you are given a sentence. It can be anywhere from 24 hrs to 21 days. 

Wrapping Up!

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. The Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO, is very real when you are not able to comment or post pictures here on Facebook. 

So now that you know why you are not able to comment or why you are not able to post any pictures on Facebook. But if you try to solve these, you can easily avoid them.

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