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6 Urgent Steps You Need To Take When Your Facebook Account Hacked

Facebook is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms. Individual people and high-end business companies, and small-sized organizations also market their products on Facebook nowadays. Not So even matter how alluring it sounds, the chances to witness a Facebook account hack are the highest among all the social media channels.  There are many hackers out there who are always laying traps to Facebook account hack. So, you must be cautious and protect your account from all these intrusions. Unfortunately, Facebook hacking has become so common that we can’t help but bring a few essential suggestions for you to deal with this process. So, let’s take a look at them. What Are The Steps To Deal With Facebook Account Hack? Has it ever happened to you when you tried to log into your account but couldn’t? You must be asking yourself why did Facebook log me out, right? Well, that’s probably because your account is hacked. So, let’s check out the steps to deal with this Facebook account hack now; Step 1: Confirm That Your Account Is Hacked Well, just because you can’t log in to your account doesn’t mean there’s a Facebook account hacker on the loose. It may be that you forgot to log out, and someone opened your account by mistake. It may also be that someone was fidgeting with your phone, and your Facebook account got logged out by mistake.  Just check if you can still log in to your account or not; if you can, that means there’s no Facebook account hack. Now, go to the security and login option in settings. Next, find the devices you have logged in from, and see if any of them seem unfamiliar to you. If it looks suspicious to you, then click on the log out of all devices button. Next, change your Facebook password, and put a screen lock on your phone. Also Read: Facebook Social ToolKit - Chrome Extention: In-Depth Review Step 2: Report It To Facebook Authority Are you logged out of your Facebook and asking yourself, ‘have I been hacked?’ Then, it’s time you report the Facebook hacker to the authorities. But, how to report someone on Facebook? Just visit the www.facebook.com/hacked URL, and let people know that you can’t access your account.  As soon as you report it, you will have to enter your phone number or email address to find your account. If you are sure it was a Facebook account hack, you can also click on the few possible options to finalize the hacking. Whichever option you choose, Facebook will suggest security measures based on that, and you will simply follow those steps.  Step 3: Put Some Strong Passwords When you report the Facebook account hack to the authorities, they will nudge you to change your password. Even if the hack wasn’t significant, you should put some strong passwords this time. Go to the security and login option from the settings, and you will find the change password button in the middle.  Put a strong password. Forget the birthdays, and phone numbers, but be innovative with the password. Keep a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. If you think you won’t remember the password, write it somewhere. But, don’t write it on your phone because people can hack that also. Also Read: How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger? Step 4: Cross-Check The Permissions Sometimes when you stay logged into your Facebook from both your laptop and your phone, there are high chances of Facebook hacking. Even when you callously allow every app to access your Facebook account, that also creates opportunities for Facebook hackers. So, be very careful. From the settings option, go to the apps and website button.  Check the apps, and remove them. Once you remove them, find out if there was any post posted by those apps without your consent. Delete them if you want. Those apps may have some data about you, but don’t worry; they won’t be able to collect any more information about you. Also Read: What Are Social Media Marketing World And Its Impact Step 5: Strengthen Your Log-In Access If you want to strengthen your login access, make sure you go for the two-factor authentication process. When someone will log in to your account, you will get a code on your phone. But, this step will only be feasible if the Facebook hacker does not have your cell phone. Are you asking, ‘can someone hack my phone?’ Well, of course, they can. Also Read: Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? But if your phone is with you, then the two-factor authentication process will be indeed secure. If you want, you can also run a  security check. It will keep you logged out from all the devices. So, whenever someone tries to log into your account from other phones, or desktops, Facebook will notify you. Step 6: Evaluate Your Privacy Settings Yes, it is another practical step to get rid of the Facebook hacking issue. Most of the time, people forget to look at their privacy settings once they set up their accounts the first time. Now, you may have created your Facebook account five years back, but the Facebook hackers have also become advanced in this span, right? You can find the privacy settings option straight in the settings button. First, go to the privacy shortcut option. Now, check the basic settings that you need to reassemble and make your profile private instead of public. Then, double-check the settings once again, So even make sure to log out and then login again. Also Read: How to Start a Food Truck Business What To Do If Your Phone Has Been Hacked? Are you wondering, ‘my phone was hacked and how do I fix it?’ Well, don’t worry because we have got some practical solutions for you for this purpose. But, let us tell you that if someone hacks your phone, there are high chances that they will try to hack Facebook first. It is where all your personal information is kept, and that’s why you must follow a few steps here; If you see unfamiliar apps popping in your phone or people sending you bizarre messages from unknown numbers, your phone is most likely hacked. If it happens, delete those apps instantly, format your phone, and put a security lock on your screen. If your phone suddenly keeps getting hot, a hacker may be using it to download malicious files. You can switch off the phone immediately and take it to a professional to find out if it was a battery problem or not. If your phone apps keep on crashing, or your phone’s overall performance is getting poorer, it means you are a victim of a hack. The best way will be to find out the hacker and deal with this issue. But, how to find out who hacked your cell phone, suitable? There are a few ways: You can type the *#62# code to determine if someone has forwarded your messages or calls to other numbers. You can type the *#21# code to find out the messages and calls the hacker has forwarded from your phone. Finally, you can also type the *#*#197328640#*#* code, and you will get to see the UMTS RR information, UMTS cell environment, MM information, serving PLMN, etc. You can find out if your phone has an unknown connection or is not in this process and save it from further phone, or Facebook account hack. Conclusion We have given you some practical suggestions here to deal with the Facebook hacking issue. If you are confident that your Facebook or phone is hacked, you must follow these steps. But, to avoid further such hacks, it’s better to put a unique combination of passwords on your phone and your Facebook. 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