Is It OK To Pop A Zit?

Popping out pimples is tempting, undoubtedly. But that does not justify asking- is it OK to pop a zit? We’ve got enough problems for our skin- dirt, dust, and pollution, you name it.  Trust me, nobody likes to attend events with this uninvited guest. But there’s not much we can do. Once you are a teenager, hormonal changes in your body will cause acne and pimples.  Popping a zit isn’t the right thing to do; there are several side effects associated. So, let’s get started with today’s article, where we will be discovering what causes pimples and how to tackle them gently without actually popping.  What’s A Zit? First things first, a zit or a pimple refers to small bumps that emerge on the skin’s surface. Acne, when it continues to grow bigger, takes the shape of pimples and is mostly seen on the face, shoulders, and even chest.  There’s a range of severity in pimples, from cysts to blackheads- all types of zits are found in youngsters. Although their formation starts taking place during adolescence, pimples can impact people of any age.  Causes Of Pimples One of the fewest causes why zits occur is when dead skin and sebum clog pores. This results in inflammation and infection, and some individuals are affected more than others. Zits and The Sebaceous Glands  Sebum is an oily or wax-like substance secreted from the sebaceous glands of our skin. The sebum is responsible for lubricating our hair as well as skin. Sebaceous glands lie deep into the pores of the skin and all across the body.  Only the soles of our feet and palms are devoid of these glands. The largest number of these are found on the scalp and face, which is why our skin produces the highest amount of oil. As the sebaceous glands keep producing sebum within the pores, there’s a constant growth of new skin cells. Meanwhile, the skin’s outer layers keep shedding. But sometimes they are not shed.  Consequently, they remain trapped in the pores and stick together along with sticky sebum. This ultimately blocks the pores and causes a pimple to pop out on the skin.  Infection Caused Due To Bacteria The spot where dead skin cells and sebum accumulate causes pore blockage. It promotes the growth of bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes which is a slow-thriving bacterium. However, it is the root cause of acne on the skin.  Propionibacterium acnes remain on the skin and do not cause harm. But as soon as they get an opportunity, they immediately reproduce and start creating problems for our skin.  The slowly growing organism keeps feeding the sebum and creates substances that result in the immune response. And that’s how skin spots and inflammation are caused.  Pimples that are caused due to bacterial infection are generally not contagious, but not taking good care might cause problems.  Different Types Of Zits On The Skin What would be your first answer if your younger one asks you- is it OK to pop a zit? Obviously, you’d first want to know what kind of a pimple it is. Here are a few different types of them you might see around:  Blackheads Blackheads have the conception that they occur due to dirt accumulation. Strangely, some others also believe that scrubbing can help remove it. But that’s not the case.  These zits are visible on the skin very clearly and are commonly referred to as open comedo. Usually, they have a dark brown or black color, based on their skin color.  Whiteheads Whiteheads or closed comedones are generally caused due to clogged pores deep within the skin. These cause the sebum to keep developing and, ultimately, raising a white bump. Squeezing a whitehead can result in pus and bacteria getting deeper into the skin’s surface, which is even more harmful to the skin. Whiteheads are usually smaller in size than other zits.  Papules, Nodules and Pustules Papules or small, rounded bumps around the skin cause mild pain and are usually pink in color.  Nodules loOK more or less the same as papules, although they are bigger in size. Additionally, nodules are painful because they are rooted deep within the skin.  Lastly, pustules are zits full of pus and they are found on the skin’s surface. Usually, the pus remains on the top with a red base.  So, Is It OK To Pop A Zit? What Happens When You Do It? Anything occurring on the skin is nature’s way of communicating things. Getting into nature’s process will have a consequence on the skin. This is exactly why we don’t recommend popping out a zit. Some of the end results include: Skin Barrier When someone tries to pop up a zit or squeeze it too hard, a barrier is created within the skin. This results in permanently scarring your face. Worse, if the zit contains infected pus, you might lead the bacteria infecting hair follicles and other pores. This eventually causes a bigger outbreak of acne.  Delays Healing The human body is made to heal rapidly after cuts or scratches. But when you interrupt the process by picking out zits and acne, the healing speed slows down. Ultimately, you get blemished on the skin, which is too difficult to wipe.  More Skin Irritation  It happens so many times that the popping attempt goes wrong. Instead of taking out pus and other contaminants, we unknowingly push the content deeper inside the skin layer. Not only does it clog pores, but also triggers inflammation and irritates the skin.  Skin Discoloration and Hyperpigmentation Last but not least, keep picking out zits and acne that result in skin discoloration as that particular area gets filled with dead skin cells. It sabotages blood circulation, thus causing hyperpigmentation in various parts of the face.  How To Deal With Pimples Without Harming The Skin? Bursting a pimple is not the only way to get rid of it, thankfully. There are other alternatives that are gentler on the skin and cause no side effects. Here are a few of them: Dealing with Blackheads If you consult a dermatologist regarding blackheads, they are likely to prescribe you benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These are over-the-counter topical drugs that can loosen the skin before someone pops it. Antibiotics, chemical exfoliators, and even retinoids can help with first-line treatments. If your blackhead still persists, your dermatologist is likely going to prescribe you microdermabrasion or chemical peel therapy.  Getting Rid of Whiteheads Just like blackheads, popping out whiteheads is also not encouraged. But a few dermatologists have their own way of fixing a whitehead. They use isopropyl alcohol, not more than 70%, for sterilizing a needle. Then, the needle is gently inserted into the skin where the pores are clogged. As the needle is injected outwards, the pus starts accumulating in the needle.  If you are getting an acne or pimple treatment, it is important that you wash your face and hands properly. Not doing so will increase the chances of infection.  Saying Goodbye To Pustules As I mentioned already, pustules lie deep within the skin which are very complicated to bring out. So, what to do in case you have got a pustule? Dermatologists recommend using a warm compress that will not inflame your skin and help in opening the pores. In some cases, they might also suggest OTC treatments. It is best if you don’t try the pustule treatment at home because experts can deal with complex issues easily. DIYing might create more skin irritation.  When To Consult A Dermatologist? Acne or pimple, once or twice, doesn’t harm the skin. After all, we go through so many changes in a single day. But it gets problematic when these skin bumps start visiting you every now and then.  You know it’s time to see a dermatologist when you have pimples that scar your skin and cannot be treated with OTCs.  Check whether the pimple makes you too uncomfortable to walk out in the crowd. In that case, you can try the makeup alternative.  If your pimple keeps changing colors, it might be a warning signal. The pus is usually white, but those dealing with skin infection may see yellowish pus which is mixed with blood.  Consult a dermatologist if you accidentally popped out a pimple and the blood isn’t stopping. This, again can be an alarming sign.  The Bottom Line So, what do you think about squeezing acne? Is it OK to pop a zit? Should you do it very often? Everything that has been provided above is just a teaser of what your skin can go through if not taken good care of.  It is better to leave nature’s process to itself. Let things heal at their own pace. But obviously, there are a few considerations that I have listed down when you try picking out a zit.  Having said that, this guide approaches its end. Let me know your experiences of popping out acne and pimples in the comment box below. Thank you for reading! Continue Reading: Is It Ok To Condition Your Hair Everyday?  Reasons To Choose Luvme Hair Curtain Bangs Wigs Straight Talk – Understanding The Causes Of Crooked Teeth

From Day To Night: Styling Tips For Transitioning Dresses

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to transform an outfit from a day at the office to an evening out is more valuable than ever. Whether you're juggling work, social events, or simply want to make the most of your wardrobe, mastering the transition of your attire is a skill worth acquiring. Keep reading for essential tips on styling dresses for an easy switch from professional to playful. Mastering The Art Of Dress Layering The key to achieving a smooth transition with your attire lies in layering. Adding or removing layers can dramatically alter the tone of womens dresses, making them appropriate for various occasions. During the day, a tailored blazer or chic cardigan can maintain a professional air; simply remove these layers for a more relaxed, evening-ready ensemble. Opt for lightweight, unobtrusive layers that you can easily stash in your daytime carryall. A fine-knit wrap or sheer kimono, for example, offers versatility without bulk. These items can also add a pop of color or pattern, enlivening a simple sheath dress. Scarves too serve as a multifunctional accessory that adds distinction during business hours and a touch of flair after dark. When it comes to fabric textures, mixing is in. Pairing matte and shine can produce an especially dynamic effect. For the daytime, a matte jacket over a silk or satin dress provides a professional contrast; come evening, shedding the jacket lets the dress's luxurious fabric take center stage, lending an air of sophistication. Choosing The Right Accessories To Elevate Your Dress Accessories are paramount in the shift from daytime professional to evening chic. During the day, minimal jewelry keeps a look understated yet elegant; think simple studs or a delicate pendant. Transitioning to evening, statement pieces like chunky necklaces or bold cuffs can elevate your outfit, creating a focal point and showcasing your personality. Handbags also play a crucial role in this stylistic shift. A structured tote or satchel is ideal for daytime essentials and work-related items. For the evening, switching to a sleek clutch or a sophisticated crossbody bag can signify you're ready for after-hours engagements without the burden of a larger bag. With the right accessories, even the most basic dress can achieve stellar new heights. Consider the power of a scarf—knotted neatly by day, it can be unfurled and draped elegantly over your shoulders by night. Transforming Your Dress By Switching Footwear Footwear is the foundation of any outfit and is essential when transitioning your look. Comfortable yet stylish flats or block heels may carry the workday, but swapping them for a pair of stilettos or strappy sandals elevates your attire to evening status. This simple change affects posture and adds an element of glamour to even the most straightforward dress. Consider also the color and texture of your footwear. Neutral shades and matte leather work well for daytime and can easily be switched to metallic, patent, or embellished shoes for a touch of night-time sparkle. Velvet or suede can also add a luxurious element that aligns perfectly with evening wear. The comfortable versatility of ankle boots shouldn’t be underestimated. Paired with a midi dress they present an on-trend daytime vibe, while swapping them for over-the-knee boots can create a dramatic evening look. Always ensure your footwear enhances the style of your dress rather than competing with it. The Magic of Makeup and Hair to Complement Your Evening Style A great transitional dress deserves a beauty routine to match. A fresh, light makeup look is entirely appropriate for the daytime, focusing on neutral tones and a flawless base. Before heading out for the evening, intensifying your makeup with a bold lip color or a smoky eye can instantly ready you for any event. When it comes to hair, simplicity is key for the day. A sleek bun or a low ponytail is not only practical but also exudes a professional vibe. Letting your hair down or quickly adding some curls can change the entire feel of your look, complementing your dress and bringing a touch of elegance. A compact beauty kit stored at your workplace or in your bag can be a lifesaver. A few essential items—dry shampoo for a quick hair refresh, highlighter for added glow, and a favored perfume—allow for speedy adjustments that align with your evening style. This quick change-up is about enhancing, not overhauling, your day look. Altogether, selecting dresses with time-shifting potential and knowing how to accessorize them appropriately means you're never caught off guard, regardless of where the day—or night—takes you. Strategic styling choices enable you to traverse different social landscapes with grace and ease, ensuring you are always dressed to impress, from dawn until dusk. Additional Tips For Transitioning Dresses There are some additional tips you can follow for your transitional dresses that can assist you in reaching your goals. You must be well aware of the reality while meeting your styling goals with complete ease. Some of the core factors that you must know here are as follows:-  1. Play With Accessories  You should play with accessories and swap the casual accessories with some dresser options. It will make you look pretty all day long. Furthermore, keep on working with the options that you have with you in your hand.  Ditch the Tote bags and switch them over for sleek bags. You must be well aware of the changes that suit your style the best. Try to keep things with proper parity while you want to reach your goals with absolute ease. Add earrings, bold necklaces, and rings that can keep your style more trendy.  2. Try Some Shoe Magic  Styling tips for transitioning dresses can help you keep your shoe magic in the proper place. This can boost the scope of your appearance to look younger and jovial all the time. Shoes can alternatively change the vibe of your dress.  It can make you look attractive all the time. You must be well aware of the scenarios that can make your appearance look attractive all the time. Keep the process in perfect shape while you want to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid of to experiment for all the bolder colors or using sparky footwear.  3. Start Layering From Up & Down  During the day, layer your dress with a cardigan. This can keep your appearance brighter all day long. You should go through the scenarios that can keep your appearance in perfect shape. When the evening arrives, shed the full dress and reveal the entire layer to elevate the look. Try to keep the process in perfect order while you want to get the things done in perfect shape.  4. Consider Your Hairstyle & Makeup  You should wear your hairstyle and make-up when you want to get things done in perfect order. Additionally, you must get things done in perfect order while reaching your aims with complete ease. This is one of the best Styling tips for transitioning dresses.  Keep your hairstyle smoky and glamorous. This can help you to stay active and diligent all the time round. You should not make things too complex from your end. Bolder lip color, smoky eyes, and more intricate hairstyle can make your appearance more trendy.  5. Consider The Dress Magic  There are certain dresses that are inherently more magical. You can try any of these dresses to fulfill your dream. Ensure that you follow the best process from your end when you want to attain your goals.  Look for dresses that are comprised of silver magic. It can make the process work in perfect order. These can make things look lucid for you while you want to reach your goals with absolute ease.  Final Take Away  Hence, these techniques that you can employ. If you want to keep the styling tips for your transitioning dresses in the correct order. You should understand the scenarios that can assist you in making you look gorgeous all the time. Continue Reading: Is It Ok To Use Hair Spray Everyday? Is It Ok To Use Eyebrow Gel Everyday? Is It Ok To Use A Glitter Hair Spray To Style Your Hair? 

Is It Ok To Put Vaseline On Your Face

Is it ok to put Vaseline on your face? Okay, so before we get into its depths, let me share my opinion with you. Vaseline has always been a lifesaver for me. I have ridiculously dry skin, which gets even drier during winter. So, you can imagine the horror I had to go through every time the temperatures dropped. Vaseline was the only protection that worked. I remember putting a thick layer of it on my face, and only that could prevent my skin from flaking. In the summers, however, it is not really a preferable option. If you have oily or sensitive skin, it is something you should refrain from using. Vaseline particularly clogs pore and causes acne. Other than that, if you have skin like me and winters are just as scary for you, Vaseline is your pal. However, this is not all that I have to say about Vaseline. There is a lot more that you need to know. It is best to read till the end and see for yourself if Vaseline is safe to use for the face. Is It Ok To Use Vaseline On Your Face? Just to make things clear, Vaseline is a popular moisturizing product that is indeed safe for people to put on their faces. People may apply Vaseline to sort out their short-term skin concerns like irritation and dryness. Vaseline is also an excellent option when it comes to a long-term moisturizer. Vaseline is an occlusive ingredient. That implies that, for most of the part, it does not really add any extra moisture to the face. While it is a moisturizing product, it does not necessarily moisturize your face. What it exactly does is seal the existing moisture present in your skin. It also protects injured or irritated skin by creating a barrier or seal when you apply it. With this barrier, petroleum jelly very effectively reduces the amount of moisture that you lose from your skin. As per studies, petroleum jelly does this way better than any other products like olive oil, lanolin oil, or mineral oils. Vaseline prevents the skin from losing any moisture. So, it is safe to say that Vaseline is way better at moisturizing the face than any other moisturizing product. It does not add extra moisture to the skin. It just locks the existing one – something that no other product does. How To Use Vaseline On Your Face? It is best if you apply Vaseline on a bit of damp skin. As such, the best time when you can apply Vaseline is after the shower or when you are washing your face. People usually apply Vaseline using their fingertips. So, before you use the product, it is necessary to make sure that your fingers are free of any dirt. Make sure you are not applying a very thick layer. A thin layer is just enough and does the job. Over-application may just clog your pores and cause acne. Benefits Of Using Vaseline On Your Face Well, the benefits are many. Since I was a child, my mother used to come running after me with a tub of Vaseline every time winter came. So, the habit of using Vaseline kind of grew as I grew up. But, as an adult, I have realized that Vaseline has some more benefits than just locking in the moisture in your face. Let us go through some of those benefits: Removes Makeup Okay, first, you do not need to buy those overly expensive makeup removers. They come in different types – some clean, waterproof makeup; others don’t. The more specific they get, the more expensive they are. But what if I tell you that Vaseline does it all and at a very, very low price? As Vaseline is petroleum-based, it dissolves every makeup in it, whether waterproof or not. And unlike other makeup removers, it is safe to use around the eyes. So, you can be at peace knowing that Vaseline can indeed take off your stubborn eye makeup, too. And you do not have to lose your lashes trying to remove your waterproof mascara. Locks In Moisture My skin loses moisture every second. No matter what I do or how much I moisturize my skin, it just does not stay the same. Especially at night, my skin used to suffer the most. This is where Vaseline comes to the rescue. While most products just moisturize the skin, Vaseline locks it. So, you can be assured that in no way will your skin lose its moisture while you sleep. Heals Minor Scrapes and Cuts Vaseline forms a protective layer on the part of your skin where you apply it. This protective layer helps heal and keeps the bacteria away, thus protecting a healing wound. Protects Chapped Lips This is no news that we suffer from chapped lips every time. Regardless of the month or the season, it is something that bothers us every now and then. Take my advice and stop spending your money on expensive lip care products. While you can, if you want, a tube of Vaseline is enough to make your lips plump and juicy all year long. It is also free of any perfumes or flavors. So, you do not even have to worry about getting an allergic reaction, and it is safe for use by babies, too. Grooming And Styling Eyebrows Those eyebrow cakes are expensive. You know, the ones where you spray some water for it to work? Let me tell you this – Vaseline is way better than any other eyebrow gel. Just a thin layer of it will make sure that your eyebrow hairs are just in place throughout the day. Is It Ok To Use Vaseline On The Face With Chronic Skin Conditions While Vaseline is safe for normal skin, is it good when you have chronic skin conditions? Let’s find out. Rosacea This is a very common inflammatory skin condition. The symptoms and triggers of Rosacea vary widely from one person to the other. But, as per experts, occlusives like Vaseline are safe for use. Some even claim that it is beneficial for people suffering from Rosacea. The “occlusive” property in Vaseline protects the inflamed and red skin and may even help in healing. Psoriasis A Psoriasis outbreak generally happens when you have dry skin. Applying Vaseline to the area where you notice Psoriasis symptoms is a good measure. However, it might not be very practical to use every day. You may just seal the moisture in your face with Vaseline without irritating the skin. Aging When researchers dived deep into the microbial action of petroleum jelly, they saw that this substance increases peptide regulation on the exterior of your skin. If you take care of your skin, you will know what peptides can do to you. They are basically your best friends once you reach the age of 25. Peptides are excellent in firming the skin. Vaseline itself will not treat your wrinkles or shrink pores. However, locking the moisture on your skin is a necessary preventative measure that slows the aging process. Not For Sun Damages Vaseline is not suitable when it comes to treating sunburns or sun damage on your face. It is, after all, an oil-based product. This means it will seal in the heat and further aggravate the symptoms. Even though the brand clearly states that you can use it to treat minor burns, it is best to use it to heal scars and many hours after the injury. Aloe, more of a natural memory, is better if you are looking to treat burns. Not For Acne As per the American Academy of Dermatologists, Vaseline will trigger outbreaks if you have acne-prone skin. This is something I have mentioned before as well. Petroleum jelly eventually clogs the pores, resulting in more acne breakouts than you can imagine. Others are other lighter options that can help you treat acne-prone skin better. Is Vaseline Good for Dry Skin? Well, as I mentioned before, Vaseline is an excellent product for dry skin. The way it locks moisture is truly impressive. Now, if you still do not believe me, let me drop this small piece of advice that Quora has to say – “Yes! Petroleum Jelly (Petrolatum) is the only ingredient in Vaseline and is highly effective in preventing water loss from the skin. However, it doesn’t add any moisture itself. If your skin is very dry, you can apply it regularly and wipe off any excess. Just be sure to keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water so your body can restore moisture to the skin. You can also apply a lightweight moisturizer before applying Vaseline to receive the benefits of both. There are also many Petroleum Jelly-based products that mix in ingredients that moisturize and soften the skin in other ways. Aquaphor is a great example of this, and Vaseline makes a number of these as well (Vaseline Intensive Care and Clinical Care) If you don’t see an improvement after trying Vaseline and these other moisturizing products, you should talk to a dermatologist who can help diagnose any problems and find a solution.” So, here it is clearly given that Vaseline is the best thing you can put on your skin to treat dry skin. It helped me, too. If it does not work for you, it is better to see a doctor and get special help, as dry skin might be a symptom of underlying skin issues. Can You Use Vaseline on Sensitive Skin? The brand itself claims that Vaseline is non-comedogenic. So, you probably do not have to worry about it triggering your skin. While they do claim that there is no harm, it is still a bit risky when it comes to people with sensitive skin. So, it is better to do a patch test before you apply it on your whole face. Drawbacks Of Using Vaseline on Your Face Well, the drawbacks are very few. Vaseline is that one product that is safe for every purpose. But it is better to know of these drawbacks to make sure it does not harm your skin. Very Rare Allergic Reactions While this is a very, very rare occurrence, Vaseline may trigger allergic reactions in some people. If you are sensitive to any petroleum products, it is better that you do not use Vaseline just to be on the safe side. It Is Not Really a Moisturizer on Its Own Let me break the bubble again. Vaseline is not a moisturizing product. Despite people claiming that it is, it only locks the natural moisture of your skin. So, if you tend to lose a lot of moisture, Vaseline just prevents it from happening. Thus, a lot of people think that Vaseline moisturizes your skin. Seals Everything Else Vaseline just does not seal the moisture in your face. It literally seals everything out there. So, if you have dirt and oil in your face, it is probably going to lock it, too. So, make sure you apply it on fresh and clean skin. The Top Layer of the Skin Absorbs It Pretty Slowly It might seem like it is very moisturizing, but Vaseline does not really do anything for your face. It only locks the moisture. One unsettling part about it is that it takes a lot of time to absorb. So, you might just have to walk around like a bottle of oil. Thick On the Skin If you are planning to use Vaseline underneath your makeup – just do not. It is very thick on the skin, so your makeup is going to look horrible with the Vaseline underneath. Just use a simple light moisturizer and primer to make the base. The Bottom Line I hope by now you know, “Is it ok to use Vaseline on your face?” It is a very safe moisture barrier that may help with multiple minor skin concerns. It is a great makeup remover and can also be used on the eyes. And the best part is that it removes waterproof makeup without any hassle. If you have very sensitive skin, however, it is better to do a patch test before finally using it on your face. Click For More Interesting Articles: Is It Ok To Try Out The 75 Soft Challenge? Is It Ok If My Period Blood Smell Bad? Is It Ok To Drink Salt Water Everyday?

Is It Ok To Condition Your Hair Everyday?

Haircare is just as important as skincare. Therefore, one should be just as cautious about taking care of their just how they take care of their skin. When it comes to hair care, a lot of people come up with a lot of questions. What to do, what not to do, how to do, and so on. But one of the most common questions that I come across most often is “is it ok to condition your hair everyday?” Hair conditioning is an integral part of your hair care routine. But should you be doing it every day? Does it actually help in making the hair healthy or are you just blindly damaging your hair? Well, the questions are many, but the answers are here. In this article we shall discuss is it ok to condition your hair everyday and all the other conditioning practices to make sure you hair has a healthy growth. What Is A Conditioner? Conditioner is the equivalent of a moisturizer. Only it is for your hair. That does not mean you can put moisturizer on your hair. That is absolutely not something we suggest. Do not do it unless you are planning to go bald anytime soon. The composition of a conditioner is a lot different from that of a moisturizer. It is composed of cationic surfactants. They help make your hair smooth. The conditioner also has oils, emollients, and in some cases, silicones in it. Silicones coat the hair to help lock out all the humidity, reducing hair fizziness and making the hair shiny. A conditioner has three main uses. They are: Replenishing a portion of the moisture that shampoo strips away from the hair. Moisturizing the hair correctly after all such chemical treatments like straightening or hair coloring. Help recovering the hair form heat damage. This includes all the damage the hair incurs from straighteners, curling irons, and even hair dryers. Is It Ok To Condition Your Hair Everyday? If you have the habit of washing your hair every day, you should also be conditioning your hair alike. Shampoo and conditioner just go hand in hand. If you are using one, there is no way that you can miss out on the other one. Using shampoo without using conditioner can turn out extremely harmful to the health of your hair. With that being said, if you are planning on conditioning your hair every day without even using shampoo, there will not be any substantial benefit to it as you would have to expose your hair to water to rinse it off. Water saturation may stretch out and damage your hair fibers. Therefore, it is better to avoid any unnecessary contact with water whenever you can. “Conditioning your hair every day may not be necessary and could lead to product buildup, which can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. It’s generally recommended to condition your hair 2-3 times a week, or as needed based on your hair type and the condition of your hair. Over-conditioning can also strip your hair of its natural oils, so it’s important to find a balance that works for you. If you have specific concerns about your hair, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional hairstylist for personalized advice.”  How Often Should You Be Conditioning Your Hair?     Hair conditioning depends from one person to the other. While there are certain rules about applying hair conditioner every day, the entire thing depends on the type of hair conditioner you are using. If you thought conditioner is only of one type, you are certainly wrong. There are a number of conditioner types. Therefore, each of them has a different technique of application. Rinse-Out Conditioner This is the most typical type of conditioner that you have on your bathroom shelf. This is the first thing that comes to your mind the moment I mention the word conditioner. You just need to apply it right after washing off the shampoo, keep it for a minute, and rinse it off. It is only a two-step method that can give you beautiful hair in no time. As per the American Academy of Dermatology, you should use a rinse-off conditioner after every wash. Doing this three to four times a week is a healthy habit for the hair. However, if your hair is fine or too oily, you must think twice about the frequency of using a conditioner. Using it too much may weigh down your hair and make it look tacky. You definitely do not want your hair to look tacky just a day after washing it. If you have curly, coarse, or dry hair, or if you have treated your hair with colors, it is better to condition your hair every time you wash it. This will make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and does not get too frizzy. Being a curly girl myself, I can assure you that conditioning every other day can actually help make your hair even more soft, and you can get rid of the frizz if you start using the right type of conditioner. Leave-In Conditioner Just as its name is, this type of conditioner is supposed to be left in your hair till you wash it again the next time. A conditioner of this type is mainly there to help moisturize mild to moderately drier hair and repair hair damage. As a typical rule, it is only feasible to apply leave-in conditioner once a week. If you have curly hair (just like me), or if it is damaged or dry, twice or thrice a week will just be enough for you. Deep Conditioner You need to leave a deep conditioner in your hair for around thirty minutes or more. These are heavier than rinse-out conditioners. It helps repair heavily damaged hair and hydrates hair that is extremely dry. It is generally normal to apply it every month or two. Cleansing Conditioner A cleansing conditioner is very similar to a rinse-out conditioner, only it cleans and conditions your hair at the same time. If you are using a cleansing conditioner, there is no need for you to use a shampoo beforehand. Typically, they are lighter than the other conditioner types, so they will not weigh your hair down. This makes them a very good option for individuals having oily or fine hair. Cleansing conditioners are treated a lot like shampoo. Therefore, you may apply it just as frequently as you apply your regular shampoo. This can be daily, every other day, or just the hair wash routine you follow on a regular basis. If you have curly, dry, or coarse hair, you may wait for longer periods between hair washes. However, hair of these types needs more regular conditioning. Therefore, cleansing conditioners may not be the best option if you have any of those hair types. Spray Conditioner A spray conditioner is generally referred to as a detangling spray. It has a very similar concept to that of a leave-in conditioner. But is lighter and has a liquid format. Also, you may apply this on dry or wet hair. This is actually even better if you are someone who suffers from knotty, dry locks of hair. Spray conditioners make it very easy to brush through the hair while making sure that there is the least amount of hair breakage.  Dry Conditioner This is yet another spray design, but a product of this kind applies to the hair like a very fine mist. It has a concept that is identical to a dry shampoo. It rehydrates, refreshes, and smooths hair frizz. A dry conditioner makes your hair just as silky and soft that a typical rinse out conditioner will give right after styling. Is It Ok To Not Condition Your Hair? Not it is not. Can you imagine going out one day without putting moisturizer on your body? Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely do look like Medusa’s long lost cousin. Just like that, it is a big no for me to step out of the house without conditioning my hair properly. Conditioner is the kind of protection that your hair needs. Your hair needs nutrition and care after the damage it incurs from the heat and chemicals you use on it. Yes, conditioners can never undo the damage and turn your hair back to what it was before, it can definitely give some level of protection and make it feel a lot better.  If you have dry or curly hair, conditioner is a must. There is no way that you should step out of the bathroom without conditioning your hair. Curly hair needs a little more care than straight or normal hair. So, you need to give it that extra care in the form of a good hydrating conditioner.  How Do You Apply Conditioner Correctly To The Hair?  Applying conditioner the right way is not as easy as you may think it to be. You cannot just apply it how you feel like it and expect it to show results. The way you apply it vastly affects how it works. It will also make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your hair.  It is normal for people to be tempted to apply conditioner all over their hair. If you have oily or fine hair, avoid doing this. Your hair will appear tacky and weighed down.  Instead, make sure you are applying to the edges and the ends of your hair only. The ends of the hair are the ones that go through most of the damage. You may have noticed how the hair ends appear more and more dry over time.  If you have very dry or curly hair, you may apply it all over the head, but make sure to avoid the scalp. Some individuals with curly hair even find it beneficial to co-wash their hair or use a conditioner rather than a shampoo.  It is a gentler way to clean the hair, though it may result in residue buildup in some cases. In that case, a clarifying treatment or an apple cider vinegar wash every few weeks may help.  Are You Over-Conditioning Your Hair?  While conditioner is one of the many good things you may apply to your hair, too much good stuff is bad stuff. In the heat of the moment, there is a high chance that you are probably over-conditioning the hair. A few prominent signs of over-conditioning your hair may include:  Lack of volume and buoyancy  Greasiness  More complicating in heat styling the hair  Too much glossiness and shine  If you ever come across any of these signs, just cut back on the use of conditioner. You may either reduce the number of times you use conditioner in a week or just simply reduce the amount of conditioner you use in one wash. Continue doing it till you achieve the correct amount of smoothness, buoyancy, and shine.  Or Are You Under-Conditioning Your Hair?  Yes, just as you can over-condition your hair, there is a chance that you are under-conditioning it as well. Here are a few signs that your hair is highly under-conditioned:  Excessive tangles  Brittle or dry strands that easily break  Dullness  Frizz  If you are witnessing any of these signs with your hair, it is high time that you up your conditioning game and give your hair just what it wants. You may also go for a deep conditioner once a month to maintain the level of moisture in your hair.  The Bottom Line  Is it ok to condition your hair everyday? Well, it depends from one person to the other. Just as I mentioned before, hair conditioning is very important for the health of your hair. But then again, every hair is different and has different needs.  While some hair types need regular conditioning, some are just fine with twice or thrice a week. People with oily or fine hair should stick to applying conditioner only a couple of times a week; the ones with frizzy, dry, or curly hair must take hair conditioning more seriously.  Continue Reading: Is It Ok To Use Eyebrow Gel Everyday? Is It Ok To Use A Glitter Hair Spray To Style Your Hair?  Straight Talk – Understanding The Causes Of Crooked Teeth


In the glitzy world of fame, the pursuit of perfection has never been more pronounced. With the dazzle of camera flashes comes the pressure to look flawless, a phenomenon pushing more celebrities than ever toward the allure of cosmetic surgery. It’s not just about vanity; it’s a reflection of societal beauty standards, where each nip and tuck symbolizes a step towards personal transformation. The Allure of Perfection: Why Celebrities Opt for Cosmetic Surgery In Hollywood’s high-stakes game, the quest for perfection is relentless. “Celebrities often face immense pressure to maintain a youthful appearance. This, combined with the advancements in cosmetic surgery, makes it a preferred choice for many," says renowned plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin from Care in Turkey. Amidst the glare of the spotlight, celebrities navigate a world where their image is scrutinized, often leading them to seek enhancements like lip fillers or rhinoplasty. Open discussions by stars about their procedures shed light on this trend, revealing a deeper psychological need to fit a certain mold. Popular Cosmetic Procedures Among Celebrities From the red carpet to the silver screen, the demand for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, lip fillers, and facelifts is soaring. Technological advancements have made these surgeries more accessible and less invasive, with expert plastic surgeons at the helm. "The field of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving, with new techniques offering better results and reduced recovery times," notes Prof. Karaaltin. Related: Pros And Cons Of Doing Eyebrow Lifts Transformation Stories: Before and After In this gallery of transformations, we see the striking changes in celebrities who’ve embraced cosmetic surgery. From subtle refinements to dramatic makeovers, these transformations often impact their careers and public image. Fans and media alike react to these changes, sometimes with awe, other times with criticism, highlighting the ever-changing beauty standards in our society. 1. Katy Perry Known for her unique style and music, Katy Perry has been open about her use of filler treatments to address under-eye circles. She's also mentioned using laser treatments as part of her beauty regimen. Perry stresses that other than these specific treatments, her appearance is natural. She values the natural aspects of her beauty, distinguishing between the minor cosmetic enhancements she's chosen and more invasive procedures. 2. Anna Faris Actress Anna Faris, recognized for her roles in comedy films, has reportedly received lip filler injections and breast implants. While Faris hasn't extensively discussed her cosmetic surgery experiences in public, it is rumored that she may have undergone additional procedures. Her approach to cosmetic enhancements appears to be subtle, focusing on specific areas rather than extensive changes. 3. Kendall Jenner As a prominent model and member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendall Jenner has faced speculation regarding potential cosmetic surgeries, particularly concerning her nose, often suggested to be rhinoplasty. Despite these rumors, Jenner has consistently denied undergoing surgical procedures, maintaining that her appearance is completely natural. She attributes changes in her looks to maturation and professional makeup rather than to cosmetic surgery. The Ripple Effect: How Celebrity Transformations Influence Public Perception Celebrity cosmetic surgeries often set the tone for beauty trends, heavily influenced by social media. This has led to a normalization of surgery, raising ethical concerns about the impact on body image and self-esteem. The role of celebrities as trendsetters in beauty standards cannot be understated, but it comes with potential risks. Balancing Act: The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic surgery is a double-edged sword. While it can boost confidence and correct imperfections, it also comes with health risks and potential psychological impacts. The stories of celebrities who regret their surgeries serve as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of weighing the benefits against the drawbacks.  How Cosmetic Surgery Can Impact Health?  Sometimes, celebrities have to face the side effects of cosmetic surgeries as well in their lifetime. You need to know the facts well before you opt for this option from your counterpart. Cosmetic surgery, which includes various procedures aimed at enhancing or altering a person's appearance, can have both physical and psychological impacts on health.  It's important to note that while cosmetic surgery can bring about positive changes in self-esteem and body image for some individuals, it also carries potential risks and considerations. You must consider consulting with a surgeon before doing the surgery.   Some of the key factors that you should know here are as follows:-  1. Improved Physical Appearance  Cosmetic surgery can help individuals achieve the desired aesthetic changes, such as reshaping the nose, reducing excess skin, or enhancing body contours. This can lead to increased self-confidence and satisfaction with one's appearance. You should take care of this fact as well while attaining your requirements with complete clarity.  2. Functional Improvements  In some cases, cosmetic surgery procedures can address functional issues. For example, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) might improve breathing, and breast reduction surgery may alleviate physical discomfort caused by excessively large breasts. 3. Weightloss & Lifestyle Changes  Procedures like liposuction or abdominoplasty can assist in body contouring after significant weight loss. This can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and increased physical activity. 4. Enhanced Self Esteem  Positive changes in physical appearance can boost self-esteem and confidence, leading to improved mental well-being. Individuals may feel more comfortable in social situations and experience greater life satisfaction. 5. Infections & Complications  Cosmetic surgery may alleviate psychological distress associated with specific physical features. For example, individuals with significant dissatisfaction with their appearance may find relief and improved mental health after undergoing certain procedures. 6. Scarring & Recovering   Like any surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery carries risks, including infection, bleeding, and complications related to anesthesia. These risks can impact physical health and require careful consideration. 7. Psychological Risk  Depending on the procedure, scarring may occur, and the recovery process can impact daily activities. It's essential to follow post-operative care instructions to minimize complications and optimize healing.   8. Ageing & Maintainance    Cosmetic procedures do not halt the natural aging process. Patients may need additional treatments or maintenance procedures to sustain the desired results, impacting both financial and physical aspects. 9. Health Monitoring  Regular health check-ups and monitoring are essential, as certain procedures may have long-term implications. For instance, breast implants may require periodic evaluation for potential complications. You need to know these factors as well while meeting your requirements with complete ease and clarity. Once you follow the right approach, things can become easier for you in all possible ways. Ensure that you follow the perfect solution that can make things easier for you in attaining your requirements with complete ease.  Additionally, open communication with healthcare providers and addressing psychological aspects of body image are important elements in ensuring a positive impact on overall health.You must consider the factors in advance that can help you in reaching your requirements with complete ease.  The Future of Cosmetic Surgery in the Limelight The future of cosmetic surgery in the celebrity world seems geared towards less invasive techniques, with a growing emphasis on non-surgical procedures. "We are seeing a shift towards treatments that offer temporary results, allowing for more flexibility and fewer long-term commitments," a leading expert predicts. Conclusion The journey through the world of celebrity cosmetic surgery is a complex interplay of personal desires, societal pressures, and technological advancements. As we reflect on this trend, it's crucial to remember the importance of self-acceptance and the beauty of diversity. In a world obsessed with perfection, the truest form of beauty might just be embracing one's unique self. Read Also: Is It Ok To Wear Disco Outfits In 2023? Is It Ok To Be Black? Here Are The 11 Sexiest Black Women Of 2023! The Digital Pop Culture Experience: Safeguarding Our Online Entertainment In An Age Of Cyber Threats

Eyebrow Gel

Can you use an eyebrow gel everyday? Absolutely!!! If you call it obsession, I call it my eyebrows! This is the level of possessive that I am for my eyebrows. There is nothing more that I like to do than define my eyebrows. Every morning, even if I am not doing my makeup, I will have to make sure that I am doing my brows. Moreover, why not? They are the most defining features of your face. You will be surprised to know how much your brows affect the shape of your face and the way you look. Therefore, I spend a good amount of time on my eyebrows. And you should, too! However, a lot of people kind of find it difficult to do their brows properly with an eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pomade. I know this struggle. It took me months to realize that I was walking around looking like Shinchan. But it is okay. We all learn from our mistakes, after all. This is where an eyebrow gel becomes your pal. Trust me on this. If you are not that good at drawing or defining your eyebrows, an eyebrow gel is exactly what you need. Why? Well, you need to stay with me till the end to find out. So, without any further delay, let us get started!!! What Is An Eyebrow Gel? In the simplest of words, an eyebrow gel is a mascara for your brows. I mean, you have surely seen how amazing your lashes look after that single coat of mascara. Like it takes your brows to a completely different level. Now imagine the same for your brows. A product that not only defines your lashes but also keeps them in shape for the rest of the day. I mean, isn’t that a dream come true? Oh, they are waterproof too!! Now, you can finally run through the streets of New York while it pours down and not worry about your brows melting all over your face. An eyebrow gel helps in tinting and shaping your brows all simultaneously And in a way, you want it. It also helps you tidy your eyebrow hairs and keep them accurately in place, a lot like a hairspray, only you can use a hairspray everyday. While an eyebrow gel was originally curated for people to tame their bushy brows, it has now become a favorite among the people who love doing their brows. How Can You Use Eyebrow Gel Like A Pro? Well, this step is a little tough. I mean, doing anything with your brows for the first time is a little difficult. There is no shame in accepting that you are going to mess things up. You will end up looking like Shinchan, but that is okay. No one can ever do it on the first go. It takes time to master the art. It is important that you are using tools that are easy for you to use. Do not jump into using the fancy products at first time. Start with something simple. The first time is not for mastering. It is for learning. Therefore, there is no need for you to spend thousands on a product that you are trying out for the first time. A Step-By-Step Guide Here is a step-by-step guide that you may consider while using an eyebrow gel as a beginner: The first step should always be your skincare routine. Do your regular CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) at the beginning. For grooming your eyebrows, you may use a pair of tweezers to take off any hair that may be protruding from your skin. Then, comb your brows with the brush comb in an upward direction. Make the outer edge of the brows more distinct by outlining it with a thin brush and a tinted brow gel. Then, apply the eyebrow gel to the whole of the brow arch in a sloping motion. Then, take a spoolie and brush the gel in your brows from the bottom up. This will make your brows look a lot more natural. If you apply a tinted eyebrow gel with an angled thin brush, it will help you fill in your brows. You may use a dab of your regular concealer to define your eyebrows even more. Just take a small about on a flat or angular brush and drag it along the curve of your brows. Blend it softly to make sure you do not ruin the brows. Then, go on to complete the rest of your makeup routine. Maribeth Mardon, Maybelline New York’s global eyebrow expert, mentioned that the ultimate way to apply eyebrow gel is to “first de-saturate the brush with additional product, and then brush it in the opposite direction of hair growth to deposit the pigment on your brows. To finish, brush your brows in the same direction that your hair grows to restore their natural smoothness. Voila! You’re done.” Types Of Eyebrow Gels You can get numerous eyebrow looks just by using one of the multiple eyebrow gels that are available on the market. There exists a wide variety of colors that you may choose from. It all depends on the natural color of your brows. It is highly possible that you can get an eyebrow gel in black, brown, or even a clear gel, which would give a more natural color to your eyebrows. However, if you have dark eyebrows like mine, it is better to go for a dark shade of brown. It is better to avoid a jet-black eyebrow gel, and it makes you look like they are pasted. Eyebrow gels generally come in a packaged tube and look exactly like a bottle of mascara. This gives you the freedom to apply the gel simply and touch up your brows when you are in a hurry. This works the best for those people who have a quick makeup routine and cannot spend a lot of time standing in front of the mirror. It is a brilliant method to tidy up the brows, including those stubborn hairs that just keep sticking out. You may also get an eyebrow gel in the packaging of a tube. However, their texture is a lot similar to an eyebrow pomade. They come with an eyebrow brush and help with smoothing of the brows. The Best Eyebrow Gels You Can Get Your Hands On Here is the list of the best eyebrow gels you can get in the market. These gels work like they are magic in a bottle. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Glossier Boy Brow Wunder2 Long-Lasting Eyebrow Gel for Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Mac Brow Set Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara Eyeko Brow Gel Marc Jacobs Brow Tamer Grooming Gel Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker The Bottom Line Eyebrows gel is the ultimate step in the process of styling your eyebrows as per your desirable shape. You may apply them on top of your brows after shading them beforehand with a pencil. As per Maribeth Mardon, “using eyebrow gel is similar to using hairspray for hair. Having defined eyebrows completely changes the appearance of my face. Brow gel provides definition to your brows and makes them appear fuller and lusher for the day.” Read More: Is It Ok If Your Parents Disappoint You? Is It Okay To Train Yourself To Become Ambidextrous? Is It OK To Implement Storyteller Tactics? Brands That Did It Well!

Causes Of Crooked Teeth

Embarking on the journey to a straighter smile begins with understanding the factors contributing to crooked teeth. It's not just a matter of aesthetics; the roots of misaligned teeth often run deeper. So, let's have a candid conversation about what leads to crooked teeth and how this knowledge can guide you on your path to a beautifully aligned grin. Genetics: The Family Blueprint  One of the primary culprits behind crooked teeth is genetics. If your parents or grandparents had misaligned teeth, there's a higher likelihood that you may inherit similar dental traits. The size of your jaw, the shape of your mouth, and the positioning of your teeth are all influenced by your genetic makeup. Insufficient Space: Crowding And Misalignment  Sometimes, it's a matter of real estate. When there's not enough space in your jaw for all your teeth to align properly, crowding occurs. This lack of space can force teeth to twist, overlap, or shift out of place, leading to a misaligned smile. Orthodontic intervention is often necessary to create the needed space. Early Habits: Thumb-Sucking And Beyond  Childhood habits can play a significant role in the development of crooked teeth. Prolonged thumb-sucking, pacifier use, or even extended bottle-feeding can impact the alignment of teeth as they emerge. It's a reminder that early intervention in breaking these habits can contribute to a straighter smile later on. Missing Teeth: The Domino Effect  The absence of one or more teeth can set off a domino effect, impacting the alignment of neighboring teeth. Surrounding teeth may gradually shift into the space, causing misalignment over time. Addressing missing teeth promptly can help mitigate the risk of further alignment issues. For example, you could consider teeth straightening at home with the help of clear aligners from ALIGNERCO. Jaw Irregularities: Size Matters  The size and shape of your jaw can influence the alignment of your teeth. An undersized or oversized jaw can contribute to misalignment. Orthodontic solutions often involve addressing these jaw irregularities to create a harmonious balance and a straighter smile. Read Also: Is It Ok To Use A Glitter Hair Spray To Style Your Hair? Impacted Teeth: Hidden Challenges  Teeth that don't fully emerge or get stuck beneath the gum line are termed impacted teeth. This common issue can lead to misalignment as the impacted tooth exerts pressure on neighboring teeth, causing them to shift. Early detection and intervention are key to preventing significant misalignment. Injury And Trauma: The Unforeseen Factors  Accidents happen, and trauma to the face or jaw can result in misaligned teeth. Even if you had a perfectly aligned smile before an injury, the aftermath may necessitate orthodontic treatment to restore proper alignment and function. Prevention And Intervention: The Orthodontic Approach  Understanding the causes of crooked teeth is the first step, but the good news is that effective solutions exist. Orthodontic treatments, ranging from traditional braces to modern clear aligners, can address a variety of alignment issues. Early intervention in childhood, regular dental check-ups, and orthodontic consultations can contribute to preventive care and timely correction. Ultimately, achieving a straighter smile is not just about aesthetics; it's about oral health and overall well-being. By understanding the causes of crooked teeth, you empower yourself to make informed decisions about your dental care. Whether you're exploring options for yourself or guiding a child through their orthodontic journey, the straight talk about the causes of misalignment opens the door to a future filled with confident smiles. Read Also: Winter Radiance: Unlock Luminous Skin All Season Reasons To Choose Luvme Hair Curtain Bangs Wigs Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Glitter Hair Spray

A glitter hair spray is one of those things that you can never have enough of. They are fun, stylish, and the best things you can get to add an edge to your look.  I mean, who likes dull hair? If you are dressing like a bomb, there is no reason why you should leave your hair looking all pale and straightforward. Style it up. Make it look like it costs a million dollars. Only that way, you can make an impression and make heads turn.  However, a glitter hair spray is only like a birthday cake. While they are fun and exciting, they are good only once or twice a year. But, a big thanks to the return of the style of early 90s and aughts styles. Also, you cannot just miss out on the influence that Euphoria had created. The result of which is the regular use of glitter hair spray.  If you can put glitter on your eyes and cheeks, what is wrong with doing the same with your hair? With only a couple of spritzes, you may add an instant sparkle and maybe just a little touch of color to your hair. Whether it is for a concert or a party, or if you just want to add a little glitter to your everyday style, a glitter hair spray is the best thing.  What Is The Best Glitter Hairspray That You May Use For Your Hair?  Choosing the right kind of glitter hair spray is a tough job. Because these products have many chemicals in them, it is important that you choose something that would cause the least damage to your hair.  Using cheap and uncertified products on your hair may cause severe hair damage and hair fall.  We talked with some of the best professionals in the hair industry and picked up the best glitter hair sprays that you may use on your hair to give it a touch that would make heads turn.  Best Overall: Eva Nyc Kween Glitter Spray Pros It gives a very subtle shimmer and is pretty safe for dyed and colored hair.  It provides ample nourishment to the hair. Cons It may appear a little too subtle for a lot of people.  This is a non-sticky and lightweight spray from Eva NYC, which gives a subtle and cool silver shimmer. Therefore, it is a great choice if you wish to use it every day. “This delivers actual twinkles of glitter that are the perfect amount of sparkles,” says hairstylist Juliana Ohlmeyer. “The smell is light and flirty, and I love the way this looks on a swingy, dark bob or spritzed into a messy wavy ponytail.” Best Budget: Tresemmé Colored Hair Spray Pros  It is pretty travel-friendly. You may easily remove it from the hair.  It has a long-lasting effect.  Cons  The golden shade of this hairspray may make blonde hair appear like orange.  This hairspray from TRESemme is available in shades of gold and silver. It is not only easy to use but also easy to wash out. Just a couple of sprays are enough to make your hair sparkle all night long. And when you remove it, not even a drop of glitter stays back in the hair. However, if you are someone who has blonde hair, make sure that you are avoiding the golden shade of the spray as it may make the hair look orange.  Best For Shade Range: Jerome Russell Hair And Body Glitter Spray Pros  It is pretty easy to use.  You can easily remove it from the hair.  There are multiple shades available.  Cons  It stains pretty quickly.  It has a strong chemical scent.  If you’re on the hunt for a good glitter hair spray that will also be under your budget, this pick from Jerome Russel is just what you need. It is made with the finest of the glitter and is available in shades like gold, silver, and even multicolor. It also comes in a dozen of solid colors which will give you a fuss-free shine from your head to toe. Because you get into multiple colors, it may easily stain your clothes and your surroundings when you are using it.  Best For Splurge: Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Pros  It has hydrating capabilities.  It gives a subtle sheen.  It is rich in antioxidants.  Cons  It is not true that glitter. This is a hydrating spray from the brand Kevin Murphy that is infused with oils. It is all about giving a natural-looking shiny finish rather than artificial or showy glitter. Therefore, it is one of the best ones for everyday use. “It just makes the hair glisten and glow without having actual visible glitter,” Ohlmeyer adds. “It is gentle enough to use daily and gives a glossy reflection from the micro-glitter particles and hydration from the baobab oil.” Best Buildable Coverage: Igk House Party Cosmic Glitter Hair & Body Stick Pros  It has chunky glitter in it. The application is pretty easy. It gives buildable coverage. Cons  It may get pretty difficult to remove it from the hair. In most cases, using glitter in any such capacity means there is barely any control as to where it is going or how densely it is going. But, with this glitter hair stick, you get full control over how much you need to apply and where you need to apply it. Available in shimmering violet and iridescent shades, this stick may seamlessly go from your hair to your body with medium to full coverage. However, removing it is a tough job. Therefore, make sure you are applying a small quantity if you wish to remove it right on the next day. Best For Natural-Looking Shine: Verb Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition Pros  It gives a subtle sheen. Is conditioning to the hair. It has a fresh scent. It helps get rid of hair tangles. Cons  The nozzle of the spray clogs pretty easily. This is a glitter-enhanced dry oil, which is from a limited edition series. It is mainly designed to refresh and condition the hair while adding a shine, which is to die for. It has a formula of moringa oil, which helps to defrizz and get rid of any tangles, and glycerin, which helps hydrate all of those shiny strands. Spray it on dry hair to add a little sparkle.  The Final Thought  Glitter hair spray is the “it girl” of our generation. People have been going gaga over it. Everybody loves it, everybody. While some are really extravagant, the rest are subtle, and you may use them regularly.  From stylists to singers to performers, everyone is in awe of glitter hair sprays. However, you must still make sure that you are taking good care of your hair as it may still be damaging to the hair follicles. As long as you are doing that, you are all safe to shine bright like a diamond. Read Also: Winter Radiance: Unlock Luminous Skin All Season Reasons To Choose Luvme Hair Curtain Bangs Wigs Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hair Spray

Who does not love styling their hair every day? Trying out the latest styles is what we dream about, isn’t it?  The hair industry is ever-evolving. New styles come up every day, and there is no doubt that we go gaga over them. But maintaining those styles at the same time is tough. With the heat and sweat, it is tough to maintain the same style every day.  This is where a hair spray comes to the rescue. Hair spray is the absolute favorite of anyone who loves to style their hair every day.  However, hair spray is only chemical. So, is it wise to use a hair spray daily on your hair? Do you really think that there are no consequences? Well, there certainly are many consequences of using hair spray every day.  In this article, we shall discuss everything that you need to know about your favorite hair sprays so that you make the wisest decisions next time to spay one on your hair.  So, without any further delay, let us get going! What Is Hair Spray?  This is that one hair product that does not need any introduction. Literally, everyone who is obsessed with styling their hair has used a hair spray at least once in their life. Hair spray is made with propellants, polymers, and fragrances that stiffen up the hair once you spray it on.  Since its invention in the 1940s, hair sprays have become one of the most popular products in the styling industry.  People all over the world use it to add those final touches to their all-time favorite hairstyles. Its general purpose is to set your hair in place and keep it lasting the whole day.  Hair spray has so much popularity that it is almost impossible to imagine your life without it. Can you really imagine going out with a brand new hairstyle without applying a hair spray?  Literally never!  Hair spray is a product that I swear by, and so do most women in the United States. But are these sprays really worth it? Or are we just walking on a path that would take us to hair damage and hair loss?  Is Hair Spray Really Bad For Your Hair?  Well, necessarily, hair spray is pretty good for your hair. However, there are concerns about damages if you are not using it correctly. There are certain factors about correctly using your hair spray that would decide if using a hairspray could be detrimental to your hair.  While you may think, why is it so complicated, right? I mean, it is just a spray. There is no science behind it, right? But that is not the case. It is not your regular deodorant. There is a lot more that goes behind the concept of a hair spray.  Just as you do heavy research before buying a shampoo or any such hair product and go through its ingredient list and check if it is right for your hair, I would suggest you do the same while you purchase your hair spray. However, it is not possible to check the list every time. Therefore, you need to take other precautions that may help you prevent the damage that hair spray may cause to your hair. Let me take you through the steps that you may take to avoid damaging your hair while using a hair spray regularly.  Washing And Conditioning  If you want, you can make your favorite hair spray a part of your everyday hair routine. Yes, you can. However, if you leave it on your hair strands for long, it can cause damage.  So, the best thing you can do is to wash it off once it has served its purpose. Yes, wash and condition your hair once you are done with your day.  A hair spray can easily dry your hair out if you leave it for too long. It is better if you can use a deep conditioner. It will help you restore the moisture that you lost throughout the day. Also, make sure that the conditioner you are using is made for your hair type. This way, your hair will get the exact care that it needs.  Also, if you are leaving your hairspray on your hair overnight, it may cause severe tangles, and that may further lead to hair breakage. Heat Styling And Brushing Hair spray is mainly used to set your hair once you have styled it. Therefore, it is better if you are not using it before heat-styling your hair. The heat would impact how the hair spray chemicals affect the hair. That is the kind of damage that is not worth it. Rather, it is best if you can spray it once you have styled the hair.  Also, try not to brush your hair once you have the hair spray on. The fact that hair sprays stiffen your hair is the reason why you may end up pulling at your roots, which results in hair fall.  Harsh Chemicals  One of the biggest setbacks of any hair spray is the harsh chemicals that go into it. Brands make claims that hair sprays are actually made of organic products. But, it would not take you any science to understand that organic products would not give you the kind of hold you are seeking.  What Is The Correct Way To Apply Hair Spray?  Just like every other product, shake the can well before you use it. Spray it at least eight inches away from your hair. Also, do not spray a lot of it in your hair. Overdoing it may be damaging. While I understand that you want to set your hair in place, you don’t want it to look like a brick wall.  Spray it on dry hair. Spraying hair spray on wet hair would be of no use. Rather, it will make your hair crunchy. There are polymers in the hair spray which do not work well on wet hair.  You may also use the hair spray to settle those small flyaways. Just spray a little amount on those flyaways. Then, just set it with your hand, and you are done.  Keep the nozzle of the can clean. If there is clogging, the spray will fall all over the place. You definitely do not want it.  If you face the problem of an irritated scalp, do not spray too much of it on your scalp. Try to go for a patch test whenever you are using a new hair spray. In that case, it will assure you that there are no negative effects of it.  Wrapping Up  While there is nothing wrong with using hair spray on an everyday basis, with the growing obsession with the latest hairstyles, it is very normal that anyone would want to use a hair spray to make the look last as long as they can. But you need to take care of your hair as much as you can if you are using this product daily. There are damages which are absolutely not worth it. You don’t want to go through the trouble of hair loss or hair damage by using hair spray every day.  So, make sure you are taking good care of your hair and spending just equal effort for the aftercare as you do for the hairstyle. These little steps will make sure that you have the best of the hair - styled or not styled. 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Foundation For Oily Skin

For years and years, we oily skin girlies have been suffering with our skin. From oil to pimples, we get it all. It is extremely hard to find the perfect skin products for our skin type so that we cannot cause a bad breakout.  While there are now many skincare products for people with oily skin, what we lack is a foundation that would suit us the best. As someone with a severe combination of skin, I understand the pressure you would have to go through to be able to control the oil in your face.  People may sometimes get confused between dewy skin and oily skin. While the infamous dewy skin results from good levels of hydration in the skin, oil is something totally different.  So, if you want to know which is the best foundation for oily skin, it is undoubtedly the  powder foundation. While these foundations are a hit among beauty gurus, they are not always the first preference among people who have oily skin. So, what do you do in such a scenario?  Stay with me till the end of this article, and we shall find out which is the best foundation for oily skin and how you may find it.  Why Should You Use Foundation For Oily Skin? Well, just like everyone else, the foundation does pretty much the tough job for us. It gives a noise coverage to the skin, evens out the skin tone, and makes our face look healthy throughout the day.  However, here are some of the benefits you may get from using a foundation:  Foundation compliments the color of your skin and adds radiance to your skin.  It covers any dark spots blemishes, and makes the acne less visible.  It controls the excess oil in your skin and makes the larger pores look smaller.  Foundations often have SPF in them; therefore, they give you sun protection.  It gives hydration and moisturization to your face.  It would hide any aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.  A foundation is indeed the foundation for the rest of your makeup.  It would give you your dream clear and flawless skin instantly.  What Is The Best Type Of Foundation For Oily Skin? While I mentioned how powder foundation is the best option when it comes to oily skin, there are some exceptions. Powder foundations are the ultimate opticians when it comes to oily skin as the talc-base foundation may easily absorb any oil that is present in the face.  I do agree that there is nothing better than powder that could help you control the oil in your skin, but not everyone likes to use it. There are people who, despite having oily skin, wouldn't prefer using a powder foundation. For instance, a powder foundation has the tendency to change its color once it comes in contact with the skin. This is a problem for many as no one really prefers their foundation to oxidize as the day goes on. Because of this reason, powder foundations need constant touch-up, which is hectic.  However, there are other options that you may try out. Yes, while the powder foundation is the most preferable type of foundation for oily skin, a serum foundation and a liquid foundation are not bad alternatives either.  A liquid foundation, in fact, is one of the easiest choices when it comes to beginners. You may easily apply it with a sponge, a brush, or simply your fingers. Despite having oily skin, these foundations come with hydrating ingredients that maintain the glow and radiance of your face for the whole day.  And lastly, we have the serum foundation. This is a relatively newer type of foundation, but there are quite a few players. People with combination and oily skin absolutely adore a serum foundation. These foundations are light, thin, and completely weightless on the skin. So, if you wish to get your hands on a cream-based foundation for oily skin, this one is your best friend.  Best Foundations For Oily Skin There are hundreds of thousands of foundations that are available for people with oily skin. Therefore, it is quite impossible to pick just one. So, I have categorized the best of the foundations for oily skin based on different brands so you may pick the best one as per your needs.  Best Overall Foundation The M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is THE best powder foundation in the world to date. This is a waterproof foundation that best suits oily skin and lasts all day long. This is the only powder foundation that I have used, and it has not disappointed me one bit. It does not get cakey, nor will it need you to reapply throughout the day. And the best part is that it does not oxidize at all. You can get it at your local Sephora or any other M.A.C Cosmetics store.  Best Powder Foundation It is the Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Foundation. While it may be a little pricey, I would say it is worth every penny. If you are someone who likes experimenting with your foundation, I would say give mineral foundations a try. This foundation is talc-free. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide formulations stop it from clogging your pores. Just dab the powder on your face, and you are good to go.  Best Matte Foundation Can anything ever top the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation?  Oh, it has SPF in it!!  Trust me on this, I have used multiple foundations, and nothing has ever impressed me like this one. I have a severe combination of skin and a very oily T-zone. So, there is nothing more that I would appreciate than a foundation that would control the oil on my nose, and this one is PERFECT!  Not only does it cover the enlarged pores, but it also controls the oil on your face for the whole day. The fact that it has SPF in it, you can also avoid wearing sunscreen if you are using this foundation.  What Is The Best Way To Apply Foundation? Well, this is an answer that you need to give to yourself. But, there is one tip that I would like to give if we are talking about applying foundation the best way. Not only does it apply to the girls with oily skin but also to the ones with dry skin. The secret to a perfectly done foundation base is - Skincare!  Yes, you heard me right. It is the skincare that decides how beautifully the foundation will set on your skin. Believe it or not, but a nicely done skincare would not even require you to apply the primer before your foundation.  So, along with worrying about your foundation, you must equally worry about how to treat your skin the right way to get a flawless finish.  The Bottom Line Makeup is nothing but art. Your face is like a canvas, and you just keep on painting till you reach perfection. The foundation is the base for any makeup look. Therefore, messing it up would mean messing up the whole look. While the foundation for oily skin is a complex choice, there is a step where you can not go wrong.  So, it is better for you to learn more about your skin type and skin texture. Only that way you will be able to pick out the best match for your skin and get your base to look radiant. Read Also: Discovering A Twin Momma Skincare Routine How The Sun Affects Your Skin: By Dermatologists Winter Radiance: Unlock Luminous Skin All Season

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are adorable. They frame your face shape almost perfectly and add charm and confidence to your appearance. However, doing them with your actual hair can be a bit bold due to the sacrifices you’ll have to make to get your hair back to normal. To avoid these challenges, we introduce curtain bang wigs. In this guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about curtain Luvme Hair curtain bang wig. You’ll understand why they’re a top-notch hairstyle and other crucial things about it. Luvme Hair is a top-notch wig store known for its high-quality human hair wigs. It has them in different qualities, quantities, and at fair market prices. The brand also has other hair extensions and accessories. Table Of Contents What are Curtain Bang Wigs? What are Some Reasons to Choose Luvme Hair Curtain Bang Wigs? Who Can Wear Luvme Hair Curtain Bang Wigs? How to Style Your Curtain Bang Wigs Does Curtian Bang Wigs Have Disadvantages? What are Some Maintenance Tips For Curtain Bang Wigs? Conclusion What are Curtain Bang Wigs? Everyone knows what bangs are, the hairstyle where part of your hair is sectioned at the front such that it drops over your forehead and covers it. There are many variants of bangs, and curtain bangs are one of them. In a curtain bang, the hair on the bangs is cut shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. This effect makes it appear like a curtain, exposing the middle of your forehead. A curtain bang wig can be any wig type, whether lace or no lace wigs. You can get it in lace frontals, closures, headbands, minimalist lace, and many others. However, you should opt for a lace curtain bang wig for a natural look. Curtain bangs be long or short. The long one is perfect if you want a noticeable hairstyle that draws attention to your face. Go for the short style if you want a bossy vibe that makes your facial features more prominent. What are Some Reasons to Choose Luvme Hair Curtain Bang Wigs? 1. It’s Available in Different Wigs Types The fact that Luvme Hair has its human Hair wig with bangs across different types puts you in control of your purchase. You can go for the short or no-lace unit if you’re on a budget or want a simple hairstyle. Explore the undetectable HD lace wigs if you want nothing short of the best. 2. It’s Low Maintenace You’ll spend more maintaining your human hair wigs than synthetic ones. However, it doesn’t compare to the amount you'll spend on maintenance if you do it on your natural hair. With a wig, you don’t need to worry about trimming now and then. All you have to do is keep your styling tools handy to ensure you take care of the bangs well. 3. It Frames Your Face Perfectly Have you ever wanted a style that makes those cheekbones prominent? Then a curtain bang is all you need. It also helps you hide your forehead and soften up your jawline. Overall, it adorns your entire face. 4. Perfect for Any Occasion Whether you want to visit a friend, go to the office, or attend an event, you can wear curtain bang wigs almost anywhere. You can even get them in units, which makes you get them ready in minutes. Who Can Wear Luvme Hair Curtain Bang Wigs? We’ve mentioned earlier that anyone can wear curtain bang wigs. You don’t need to do any other additional styling to get things perfect. Ensure you get the right texture color, length, and density. Although anyone can wear curtain bang wigs, you can still get a subpar-looking one if you don’t select it properly. Therefore, you should invest your time in choosing the correct wig. How to Style Your Curtain Bang Wigs Styling your curtain bang wigs is simple. You should style it like your human hair because it’s a human hair wig. However, you don’t have to do everything you would to your hair, like trimming the stands, because the hair doesn’t grow back. Use a big red box to comb it regularly to retain a lovely look. You can also use a texturizing spray on it to enhance the texture. The texture of your wig is changeable, and you can play around with it if you know how to do it. A curling iron is the best way to change the texture, but you should only do it if you know how to. If styling the wig looks too complex, take it to a stylist to do it for you! Does Curtain Bang Wigs Have Disadvantages? Realistically, human hair curtain bang wigs don’t have any side effects if you select the right style and type. It can be uncomfortable to wear them for a long time, but that challenge has been reduced with the introduction of high-quality lace that enhances breathability. More hair penetrates the lace, and it makes the wig more comfortable. Also, there are put-on-and-go wigs now, which you can easily remove when you’re uncomfortable. You might need to purchase new units if you damage the lace might be a disadvantage. However, it’s the same for all wig types. However, you may have more to do if you buy synthetic curtain bang wigs. The main disadvantage is that you can’t style them like human hair. You’re stuck with the curtain bangs for the rest of the wig’s life. What are Some Maintenance Tips For Curtain Bang Wigs? Here are some maintenance tips for your curtain bang wigs. Keep the bangs moisturized using high-quality products to make them more beautiful and charming. Wash and condition the wig regularly using high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Air it after the wash, and avoid using a blow dryer. Take the unit to a professional if you can’t style it yourself You can use heat styling on the wig, but always ensure that you do it at the right temperature. Also, avoid using heat styling on the wig every time. Don’t sleep, shower, or exercise with your wig. Store the wig on a mannequin head after you wash and dry it or in a wig box. Conclusion Curtain bang wigs are lovely to own. They provide a surefire way to enhance your look and look your best, even in an emergency. Curtain bang wig is perfect for every occasion, and anyone can wear them. You should take your time to select a wig you will be proud of! At Luvme Hair, there are many of those. Visit the brand’s website today to choose from the available units. Read Also: Ulike VS. Rose Skin Lumi: A Comprehensive Comparison Of IPL Hair Removers Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal Treatments  Is It Ok To Get An Edgar Cut This Christmas?

Being a twin momma is a joyous yet demanding journey that requires balancing the needs of your little ones with self-care. Amidst the sleepless nights and constant busyness, it's crucial for twin mommas to prioritize their well-being, including a skincare routine that fits seamlessly into their busy lives. What Is The Best Twin Momma Skincare Routine? Navigating the demands of raising two little ones simultaneously requires a well-thought-out routine that addresses both the needs of your babies and your own self-care. Choosing the best twin momma routine involves a delicate balance between nurturing your twins and ensuring you prioritize your own physical and mental well-being. What are the key elements of a successful routine? Gentle Cleansing A twin momma often faces time constraints, making a quick and gentle morning cleansing routine essential. Opt for a hydrating cleanser that cleanses without stripping the natural oils. There exist several products in the market that take care of mothers and create a calm and beautiful experience. Starting the day could be a hard task for a twin momma, so the morning needs an effective and quick routine. Hydration Balancing the tasks of feeding, diaper changes, and playtime often leaves twin moms feeling parched and in need of hydration. Incorporate hydrating products like a lightweight, non-sticky moisturizer to keep the skin soft and refreshed. Aromatherapy To fight against stress, try to integrate aromatherapy into your routine with skincare products containing calming scents like lavender or chamomile. What’s better than relaxing your skin and giving it all the time it requires? And don’t worry because this trick is cost-effective in nature, too.  Multitasking Beauty Choose skincare products that serve multiple purposes. Take, for example, a tinted moisturizer with SPF for sun protection and a touch of coverage, streamlining your routine. This will not only have lesser impacts on your skin but also save you a few dollars.  Energizing The Eyes Lack of sleep can manifest in tired eyes. Combat dark circles and puffiness with an eye cream rich in hydrating ingredients, providing a refreshed appearance even on sleep-deprived days. Weekly Treatments A hydrating face mask or a soothing sheet mask can be an efficient way to pamper your skin. Do not ignore these reliving weekly treatments because they can take you back to where you started.  Self-Care Rituals Create a self-care routine that involves skincare but goes beyond it. Whether it's a calming bath, meditation, or a few moments of quiet reflection, incorporating these rituals enhances your overall welfare. Body Care It is important to take care of the rest of the body as well. Incorporate gentle cleansers and moisturizers to care for your skin and restore its elasticity as well as firmness. Incorporate some ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, calendula, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, collagen, and jojoba oil. Most of them can help moisturize, reduce stretch marks and scarring, avoid irritation, keep skin hydrated, support elasticity, and balance moisture levels. Embrace Your Nature Celebrate the natural glow that comes with the joy of being a momma. Choose skincare products that enhance your own radiance, allowing your beauty to shine effortlessly. Rather than being too concerned about your beauty and looks, focus on your natural beauty. Because trust me, confidence is the key to winning hearts, not beauty always.  Quality Importance Focus on quality rather than quantity in your skincare routine. Invest in products that address your specific concerns, providing effective and efficient results. One of the best options is the Korean morning skincare routine: it uses ingredients and active components extracted from nature in the formulation of its products. How Can Korean Beauty Products Help? Countless women are drawn to Korean cosmetics or K-Beauty, captivated by its alluring packaging, effective natural creams, and commitment to using natural ingredients. As time progressed, this trend evolved into a beauty industry phenomenon. Consequently, we now rely on black masks, compact creams, moisturizers, and other Korean treatments riding the wave of its growing reputation. Presently, the industry has burgeoned, becoming a major player in the beauty market. It continues to expand by introducing new products with appealing formulations and presentations with many benefits. Exceptional price-to-quality ratio Use of natural ingredients, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly and skin-friendly products Tailored focus on skin needs Utilization of organic and plant-based substances for sustainable beauty. Continuous innovation Steps For A Twin Momma Skincare Routine Time becomes a precious commodity for twin mommas, making efficiency a key factor in any beauty routine. Opting for multi-tasking products and a basic routine. Cleansing: begin with a gentle cleanser to remove impurities and prepare the skin for the following steps. Look for a cleanser that aligns with your skin type for optimal results. Hydration: you can skip the serum but not the hydrating cream. This depends on your skin type, decide between a light cream for oily skin or a thicker one for dry skin Eye cream: moisture this area to prevent the appearance of fine lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles, promote collagen, improve elasticity and tone, and achieve a rested look. Sun protection: no skincare routine is complete without sun protection, especially for busy twin mommas who may find themselves outdoors frequently. Opt for a broad-spectrum SPF to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Moments of self-care: finding moments of self-care is essential for twin mommas. Even if it's just a few minutes, indulge in activities that bring joy and relaxation. Whether it's sipping a cup of tea, practicing mindfulness, or enjoying a quick beauty mask, these moments contribute to overall well-being. Parting Thoughts As a twin momma, embrace the simplicity, cherish the moments, and let your skincare routine be a relaxing ritual in the midst of the beautiful chaos of twin motherhood. Embracing a beauty care routine tailored to the busy lifestyle of mothers can be a transformative act of self-love. With this, we bring this comprehensive guide to an end. Tell us about your skin regime in the comment box. Until we are back with yet another interesting article, keep following us.  Read Also: 5 Major Ways Healthcare Workers Can Improve Their Patient Care Sunny Beach Bulgaria – 5 Reasons To Visit It In 2021