Differences Between Mastercard And Visa (Storebrand Kredittkort)

You can choose various payment networks available on the market regarding credit and debit cards. The main idea is to get one that will operate globally, offering you peace of mind and a chance to use it wherever you are. The most popular options are Mastercard and Visa, including Discovery and American Express.

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Still, Mastercard and Visa are the most significant credit card networks you can find on the market. At the same time, both brands will offer you different tiers of credit cards depending on their partnerships with travel companies, banks, and other organizations.

Besides, these two options feature unique rewards compared with other network providers and issuers. It means they are not direct issuers where you can get relevant cards for your specific needs. Instead, they have proper relationships with numerous banks across the globe, meaning you will get co-branded options with travel providers and retailers, hotels, and airlines.

Things to Know About Mastercard and Visa

Suppose you want a new credit or debit card for your specific requirements. In that case, you may wonder whether getting Mastercard or Visa is better for you. At the same time, you should know that neither option is ultimately better because they feature similar benefits and rewards.

For the most part, you should check out for specific rewards and benefits offered by the provider you are considering. Generally, neither Mastercard nor Visa will issue specific credit cards by themselves. Instead, they offer providers or issuers vast payment networks in almost every country.

You should know that credit cards with Mastercard or Visa logos can be used for travel, cash-back, reward, secured, unsecured, balance transfer, etc. The moment you choose between these two options, the main idea is to remember their worldwide acceptance and functionality, which are almost identical.

Therefore, you should choose a credit card based on its benefits, features, and rewards, which will help you narrow your search. We recommend you enter here to learn more about different financial options.


1. Accepted Across the Globe

Suppose you analyze these two brands to choose the best one for your needs. In that case, you should remember that both feature excellent acceptance across the globe, meaning they come with almost identical perspectives and footprints.

Based on Visa, for instance, cards issued through their payment network function in approximately two hundred countries across the globe. The same thing works for Mastercard, but their number is 210 countries. Remember that destinations tend to overlap, meaning you will not get a substantial difference between these two options regarding coverage.

Visa continually shares the latest statistics about usage, meaning we can differentiate between more than four billion Visa credit cards available on the market nowadays.

2. Protection Against Fraud

You should know that both options feature impressive aspects that will help you ensure zero liability in case of fraud. It means you will get zero percent of financial liability if a thief uses your card number or credit card to purchase without consent.

Remember that the benefit is highly generous, meaning you will get a much better solution than federal protection, which is a standard option for most situations. According to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, federal regulations cap consumer liability at fifty dollars, but that happens only after reporting that someone used or stole your card.

In the case of Visa and Mastercard, you can rest assured that they will return everything you owe if someone else uses it due to fraudulent actions.

3. Advantages and Rewards

Both Visa and Mastercard offer you peace of mind with many rewards, benefits, and consumer protections. For instance, they come with payment network benefits for various options, including travel accident insurance, cellphone insurance, interruption insurance, and trip cancelation.

Therefore, it is vital to remember that each credit card comes with a specific selection of rewards you can use. Therefore, you can pick up the one with the benefit you want to get since each credit card will feature a specialized offer you should consider.

The main idea is to compare various credit cards from different networks and their special offers before making up your mind. That way, you can rest assured and enjoy it all the way.


Since Mastercard and Visa feature almost identical global acceptance records, choosing one over the other does not make sense due to acceptance options. Of course, you should remember a few things that will help you determine the difference between Mastercard and Visa: rewards and features you will get throughout the process.

Both networks extend three various tiers of credit cards, meaning you will get relevant credit profiles. For instance, Mastercard comes from world, standard, and world elite. On the other hand, Visa cards can be traditional, signature, or infinite, depending on numerous factors.

The main idea is to understand what you would get with each option since each card comes with certain benefits and rewards you can choose from. Therefore, you should stay with us because we will present you with a few things you can expect from each option.


  • Standard – When you get a standard Mastercard, you will get zero liability protection, global service available in over two hundred countries, and ID theft protection.
  • World – Regarding standard benefits, you will get additional features, including Mastercard Gold, priceless experience, ShopRunner membership, hotel stay guarantee, resort and hotel portfolio, airport concierge, and many more.
  • World Elite – Apart from the one mentioned above, with the World Elite option, you will also get cellphone protection, discounts and promotions, Fandango credits, and other options you can check online.


  • Standard – Similarly to Mastercard standard, you will get emergency card replacement, the ability to report lost or stolen cards, an ID navigator, zero liability, roadside dispatch, and many more.
  • Visa Signature – You will get a wide array of travel benefits, including luggage, delay reimbursement, and cancelation insurance. At the same time, you can expect extended warranties, which are perfect when buying a specific appliance.
  • Infinite – You will get the same benefits as signature, while you can obtain car rental privileges, airline traveling options, and various experiences, including insurance benefits and coverages. Additionally, infinite comes with emergency dental and medical protection wherever you are, making it highly appealing among users.

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World Elite Mastercard

Similarly, as mentioned above, the world elite Mastercard option comes with specific requirements, meaning you must be eligible before making up your mind. Therefore, you will get specific benefits that will offer you peace of mind. The most common options you will get include:

  • Hotel Stay Guarantee – For instance, if you book a three-star or higher hotel using this option and notice a specific issue with a hotel, you can contact a lifestyle manager who will handle the entire process while ensuring you can stay without any additional hassle. For instance, if management cannot handle the process, you will get a chance to get a comparable stay nearby up to a thousand dollars extra.
  • Lowest Hotel Price Guarantee – Suppose you book a prepaid and qualified hotel using a Mastercard. In that case, you should think about each step along the way. For instance, if you notice that you could stay for a lower amount, Mastercard will offer you a refund. You should submit a claim within seventy-two hours before the check-in date, which will help you get the differences between the amount you paid and the lowest hotel price.
  • Luxury Hotel – The moment you get a World Elite Mastercard, you will get access to a wide array of rewards, upgrades, and discounts at more than four thousand luxurious five-star resorts and hotels. We discuss late checkout, complimentary breakfast, rate discounts, room upgrades, and more.
  • World Elite Concierge – The moment you decide to use Elite Mastercard, you will be granted 24/7 access to a personal assistant who can help you reserve tables, arrange last-minute bookings, and reach the items you wish to purchase as soon as possible.
  • Access and Discounts at – If you are a Mastercard holder, you can take advantage of, a booking site that offers travel arrangements below the regular price. We are talking about numerous aspects, including Louvre tours and batting practices. At the same time, you can enjoy numerous digital experiences, including stretching lessons and cooking classes.
  • Golf – Apart from having a concierge, you will get a specific golf assistant who can help you book at numerous courses across the US, Ireland, and Scotland, among other places. The program also features access to discounts, exclusive tickets, and events at numerous championships, such as the Open and many more.
  • Cell Phone Protection – You should know that some options will offer you cell phone protection that will go up to a thousand dollars, while the maximum amount per claim is six hundred dollars. You can make two claims yearly in case someone steals or damages your phone.
  • Fraud Protection – You should remember that World Elite Mastercard features zero liability protection, ID theft protection, and discounts on various cybersecurity applications.

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