Manifest Season 3_ How Does This Story Set Up

Manifest Season 3: How Does This Story Set Up The Finale?

Manifest has become a hit show on Netflix after its final season – Season 4 Parts 1 and 2 aired recently. However, many watchers were unaware of what went on in the previous seasons of Manifest.

If you wish to know about the story leading up to the final season, you must know what went on in Manifest Season 3. Therefore, read this post to find out!

Manifest Season 3 Release Date

The first episode of Manifest Season 3 was aired on NBC on 1st April 2021. The last episode of Manifest Season 3 aired on NBC on 10th June 2021.

Manifest Season 3 Episodes

Manifest Season 3 Episodes

Manifest Season 3 has 13 episodes, the same as Manifest Season 2. Here are the names of each episode, along with the names of their directors, writers, and airdates.

1TailfinJeff Rake & Bobak EsfarjaniRomeo Tirone01/04/2021
2DeadheadLaura Putney & Margaret EasleyRomeo Tirone08/04/2021
3WingmanSimran Baidwan & Ezra W. NachmanMichael Smith15/04/2021
4TailspinMarta Gene Camps & MW Cartozian WilsonMichael Smith22/04/2021
5Water LandingMatthew LauMarisol Adler29/04/2022
6Graveyard SpiralLaura Putney & Margaret EasleySherwin Shilati29/04/2021
7Precious CargoBobak Esfarjani & Ezra W. NachmanRomeo Tirone06/05/2021
8Destination UnknownEric Haywood & Marta Gene KampsClaudia Yarmy06/05/202
9BogeySimran Baidwan & MW Cartozian WilsonLaura Belsey13/05/2021
10Compass CalibrationLaura Putney & Margaret EasleyRamaa Mosley20/05/2021
11Duty-FreeBobak Esfarjani & Darika FuhrmannRuba Nadda03/06/2021
12Mayday (Part 1)Simran Baidwan & Marta Gené CampsDean White10/06/2021
13Mayday (Part 2)Jeff Rake & Matthew LauRomeo Tirone10/06/2021

Manifest Season 3 Cast

Manifest Season 3 Cast

The main cast members of Manifest Season 3 were:

Melissa RoxburghMichaela StoneThe main protagonist of Manifest. She is the younger sister of Ben Stone and the ex-fiance of Jared Vaquez. She is an NYPD detective who goes missing with Flight 828.
Josh DallasBen StoneThe second protagonist of Manifest. He is the older brother of Michaela and the husband of Grace Stone. He is the father of Olive Stone and Cal Stone. He is a mathematician.
Athena KarkanisGrace StoneThe wife of Ben Stone. She is the mother of Olive and Cal Stone. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he started dating Danny.
JR RamirezJared VasquezHe is an NYPD Lieutenant and ex-boyfriend of Michaela. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he married Michaela’s best friend Lourdes.
Luna Blaise / Jenna KurmemajOlive StoneThe daughter of Ben and Grace Stone. She is the twin sister of Cal Stone. Jenna Kurmemaj plays the role of a younger Olive before the disappearance of Flight 828.
Jack MessinaCal StoneThe son of Ben and Grace Stone. He is the twin brother of Olive Stone. He is also a passenger on Flight 828.
Parveen KaurSaanvi BahlA medical researcher who is also a passenger on Flight 828.
Matt LongZeke LandonA mysterious person who dies due to hypothermia in a glacial cave but comes back to life as it melts. After beating his death date, he gains empathic powers.
Holly TaylorAngelina MeyerA deranged teenager and a passenger aboard Flight 828.

Manifest Season 3 Recapt: What We Have Seen So Far [SPOILERS]

Manifest Season 3 Recapt

The entire story of Manifest Season 3 centered around the members of the Stone family – Ben, Michaela, Olive, and Cal. Their character arcs start from how they were left off in Manifest Season 1 and Manifest Season 4.

Therefore, the best way to sum up the story of this season and how it will impact Manifest Season 4 is to summarize the character arc of all four members of the Stone family.

Ben Stone

Ben embarks on a mission to locate his kid Cal after he touches the Flight 828 plane’s tailfin and unexpectedly vanishes, enlisting the aid of fellow passenger Saanvi in the process.

Ben is upset when the tailfin doesn’t bring back his son even though they are successful in returning it to the ocean (where it disappears once more). A second calling – a vision or voice that reveals something to them – happens as Saanvi tries to comfort Ben, and they both wind themselves on Flight 828, where they are reunited with Cal.

A downcast Cal informs them that something bad will happen, but he can’t reveal more details. “This is the way it has to be,” Cals tells Ben in one of the final scenes.

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Michaela Stone

Ben is searching for Cal when his sister Michaela receives a scary call from Bethany, Eagan, and Adrian that depicts the Flight 828 plane filling with blood and implies that someone is about to pass away. Zeke, her husband, uses his newly acquired empathic ability to feel Adrian’s feelings to assist her in understanding the calling.

She later finds out that Eagan and Adrian are stirring up a bunch of commuters by stating that the Stone family is collaborating with the NSA. They consequently enter Vance’s house and end up keeping his son hostage.

Despite Michaela and Jared’s success in saving Vance’s son, she soon realizes that the killing hasn’t stopped when she receives a second call that reveals Adrian has blood on his hands.

Despite the fact that Adrian hasn’t actually killed someone, it’s implied that he unwittingly steered someone else toward doing so.

Olive Stone

Olive puts on Ben’s ankle monitor to assist her father on his mission to return the tailfin and bring Cal home. This kept her confined to the house with her mother, Grace, and new sister Eden, throughout the conclusion.

Olive is upstairs in her room listening to music when an 828 traveler named Angelina enters secretly to steal Eden, whom she believes to be her “guardian angel.” Grace is stabbed during a conflict with Angelina, but when Olive tries to come to her aid, she discovers that Grace has been locked in her room by Angelina and is thus helpless.

Cal Stone

When Cal starts to experience skin burns as a result of Project Eureka testing on the tailfin, it is revealed in the final episode that he has a secret link to it. According to him and his family, the only way to halt the scorching on Cal’s skin is to discontinue testing on the tailfin, which is something that none of the researchers are prepared to undertake.

Cal determines that Dr. Gupta and the other researchers must “see to believe,” so he touches the tailfin and vanishes into thin air because everyone is unwilling to listen to reason.

Cal appears to Ben, Saanvi, and Michaela on Flight 828 and warns them cryptically of impending doom, which turns out to be the passing of his mother, Grace.

In one of the last sequences, Cal arrives home at last, only to discover his mother lying lifeless on the floor. He has, however, suddenly aged five years and is no longer the age he was when Flight 828 initially took off.

As Grace dies in his arms, he tells her, “It’s okay. I know what we need to do now.”

Conclusion: How Will The Final Season Of Manifest End?

Conclusion_ How Will The Final Season Of Manifest End

Manifest Season 3 sets up the way the story is heading with the introduction of Angelica Meyer and her consequential actions that will have a big impact on the final season. With a new antagonist on the rise, what does the final season have in store for the Stone family? Watch Manifest Season 4 on Netflix to find out!

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