As the final season of Manifest was recently released in its entirety on Netflix on 2nd June, many are now flocking in to watch the previous seasons of the series. Therefore, in this post, I am going to explain in detail what went on at Manifest Season 2.

Read this post till the end to learn about what went on in this season, along with its cast and episode list.


Manifest Season 2 Release Date

Manifest Season 2 Release Date

The Manifest Season 2 release date was on 6th January 2020, starting with the airing of Manifest Season 2 episode 1. Its final episode aired on 6th April 2020.

Manifest Season 2 Episode List

Manifest Season 2 Episode List

Want to know how many episodes of Manifest Season 2 there are? Well, you are on the right page! Here is the episode list of Manifest Season 2, along with the name of their directors, writers, and airdates.

1Fasten Your SeatbeltsJoe ChapelleJef Rake & Joe Esfarjani06/01/2020
2GroundedClaudia YarmyLaura Putney & Margaret Easley13/01/2020
3False HorizonNathan HopeJeannine Renshaw & MW Cartozian Wilson20/01/2020
4Black BoxSherwin ShilatiSimran Baidwan & Bobak Esfarjani27/01/2020
5Coordinated FlightMarisol AlderMatthew Lau & Marta Gene Camps03/02/2020
6Return TripMo PerkinsLaura Putney & Margaret Easley10/02/2020
7Emergency ExitJean de SegonzacJeannine Renshaw & Ezra W Nachman17/02/2020
8Carry OnNicole RubioJeff Rake & Simran Baidwan02/03/2020
9Airplane BottlesRamaa MosleyMatthew Lau & MW Cartozian Wilson09/03/2020
10Course DeviationMichael SmithLaura Putney & Margaret Easley16/03/2020
11Unaccompanied MinorsAndy WolkJeannine Renshaw & Marta Gene Camps23/03/2020
12Call SignJoe ChapelleJeff Rake & Simran Baidwan30/03/2020
13Icing ConditionsRomeo TironeJeff Rake & Simran Baidwan06/04/2020

Manifest Season 2 Cast

Manifest Season 2 Cast

In Manifest Season 2, you will see many familiar faces return from Season 1, with some of them being made main characters. In addition, you will also see many new characters that will soon play a bigger role in the upcoming seasons.

Here is a list of all the actors in Manifest Season 2, along with the roles they play.

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Manifest Season 1 Main Characters

Here is a list of all the main characters in Manifest Season 1, along with a brief description of the role they play.

Melissa RoxburghMichaela StoneThe main protagonist of Manifest. She is the younger sister of Ben Stone and the ex-fiance of Jared Vaquez. She is an NYPD detective who goes missing with Flight 828.
Josh DallasBen StoneThe second protagonist of Manifest. He is the older brother of Michaela and the husband of Grace Stone. He is the father of Olive Stone and Cal Stone. He is a mathematician.
Athena KarkanisGrace StoneThe wife of Ben Stone. She is the mother of Olive and Cal Stone. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he started dating Danny.
JR RamirezJared VasquezHe is an NYPD Lieutenant and ex-boyfriend of Michaela. During Flight 828s5-year disappearance, he married Michaela’s best friend Lourdes.
Luna Blaise / Jenna KurmemajOlive StoneThe daughter of Ben and Grace Stone. She is the twin sister of Cal Stone. Jenna Kurmemaj plays the role of a younger Olive before the disappearance of Flight 828.
Jack MessinaCal StoneThe son of Ben and Grace Stone. He is the twin brother of Olive Stone. He is also a passenger on Flight 828.
Parveen KaurSaanvi BahlA medical researcher who is also a passenger on Flight 828.
Matt LongZeke LandonA mysterious person who dies due to hypothermia in a glacial cave but comes back to life as it melts.

Manifest Season 1 Recurring Characters

Here is a list of all Manifest Season 1 characters who appear on a recurring basis. All of these characters are not the main characters in this season and have three or more appearances throughout the season. Many of these characters also reappear as a part of the Manifest Season 3 cast.

Daryl EdwardsRobert VanceAn NYPD detective who investigates the mysterious 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.
Malachy ClearySteve StoneThe father of Ben and Michaela Stone.
Geraldine LeerKaren StoneBen and Michaela’s mother and Steve’s wife.
Elizabeth MarvelThe MajorA mysterious person who is experimenting on the passengers who went missing aboard Flight 828.
Maryann PlunkettPriscilla LandonThe mother of Zeke Landon.
Garrett WareringTJ MorissonA passenger aboard Flight 828.
Andrene Ward-HammondCaptain Kate BowersA member of the NYPD investigating the disappearance of Flight 828.
Ellen TamakiDrea MikamiMichaela’s partner in the NYPD.
Carl LundstedtBillyThe younger brother of Tamara and a member of the Xers.
Jared GrimesAdrianA passenger of Flight 828.
Leah GibsonTamaraThe elder sister of Billy and a member of Xers.
Maury GibsonSimon WhiteA professor who becomes the new boss of Ben Stone.
Olli HaaskiviIsaiahA member of Xers
Ed HerbstmanTroy DavisA lab technician who is helping Saanvi with her research.
Sydney MortonAlex BatesSaanvi’s lesbian girlfriend.
James McMenaminJace BaylorA member of Xers.
Devin HarjesPete BaylorA member of Xers.
DazMann StillKory JephersA member of Xers.
Erika ChaseMaxine TaylorA member of Xers.

Manifest Season 1 Guest Appearances

Here is a list of all the notable guest appearances made by many characters who appear in Manifest Season 1. All of these characters were also featured in the later seasons of the series. However, if you wish to know who dies in Manifest Season 1, I’m afraid you have to watch the series to know!

Sheldon BestThomasA passenger aboard Flight 828.
Daniel SunjataDannyGrace’s boyfriend during the 5-year disappearance of Flight 828.
Yasha JacksonSuzanne MartinEx-girlfriend of Ben Stone.
Rafi SilverFinn NowakA passenger aboard Flight 828
Danielle BurgessCourtneyEx-fiancee of Zeke Landon.
Susan PourfarErikaA friend of Grace Stone.
Michael MedeirosGordon LandonFather of Zeke Landon.
MuggaBethany CollinsShe is the flight attendant on Flight 828.
Adriane LenoxBeverlyMother of Evie, who is a friend of Michaela.
Kapil BawaSameerSaanvi’s father.

Manifest Season 2 Explained: What Went On? [SPOILERS]

Manifest Season 2 Explained_ What Went On_ [SPOILERS]

One of the nuggets of development that you will see in Manifest Season 2 is the character arc of Zeke. Along with it, the entire concept of the Death Date gets explained in detail.

We find out that the Death Date is the date a resurrected person will die again. This date will happen after some time – which is equivalent to the time spent between the death of a person and their resurrection. It’s also stated that the person will also die in the same way they previously died.

As Zeke’s Death Date approaches, he starts getting frostbitten – the same way he died while he was trapped in the glacier. However, while trying to save a kidnapped Cal Stone, he was somehow able to save Cal – and himself.

This led to the revelation that if you follow the Calling, you will apparently find new ways to defeat your Death Date.

Another important event that happened in Manifest Season was Saanvi killing the Major. While the Major was churning out to be one of the main antagonists of the show, she was killed off by Saanvi. However, while Saanvi did poison the Major, she didn’t intend to. This is bound to have major consequences on her character and the story in Manifest Season 3 and Manifest Season 4.


Now that you know about what went on in Manifest Season 2, are you stoked to watch the remaining seasons now? If you ask me. I am definitely excited to watch this series till the end! As I watch them, I will write a post about it soon!

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