Is It Ok To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper?

Is It Ok To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper?

There is nothing that makes me happy more than giving presents to someone. The happiness and the joy in their face when they receive the present is beyond beautiful. However, what I usually suffer from is gift bags. The more I want to be creative with gift bags, the more I disappoint myself. That is when I got the idea to make a bag out of wrapping paper.

Yes, you heard that right. You can, in fact, make a bag out of wrapping paper. It is pretty creative and also helps you save a lot of money, given how expensive gift bags are.

Ever since I have learnt doing this, it was the only thing that I kept on doing.

If you want to learn it too, you are here at the right place. In this article, we shall discuss all of the ways in which you can make gifting even more beautiful and creative.

Why Are DIY Gift Bags A Better Option?

Why Are DIY Gift Bags A Better Option

While I started doing it because I had no other option, you may do it because it is way too convenient. You may just do it because it is the best way of doing things. Let us have a look at the reasons why making a bag out of wrapping paper is the best option you can ever have.

Ease of use: Wrapping a present is pretty tricky. It is even more if you have an item that has an odd shape. A gif bag would offer a hassle free solution. There is no need for you to wrap the gift either. Just put the gift inside, put some colorful tissues, and you are done. That is all you need to do.

Reusable: Wrapping papers are for a completely different purpose. So, it is no surprise that wrapping paper gift bags are the best reusable option. If you do not have a gift bag at home, you may just use some leftover wrapping paper to make it.

Personal touch: A handmade gift bag has the personal touch that no other store-bought gift bag offers. Therefore, it is a good option if you wish to show your love and adoration for the person you are gifting.

A gift bag is just not the perfect way to wrap your gifts; it also shows how creative you are and how you care for the environment.

And do you know the best part of it? Every time you get to make one, you would create a very unique art piece. This will not only make you happy as a gift giver but also make the other person happy when they receive the gift.

What Will You Need To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper?

What Will You Need To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

Here is the list of things you would need if you want to make a gift bag with wrapping paper.

  • Leftover wrapping paper. It would be better if it was made out of paper. Plastic wrapping papers are not so durable. Hence, they are not much of a feasible option.
  • Scissors
  • A small piece of scrap cardstock
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • A ruler and a pen
  • Hole punch
  • Cord or a ribbon

These are some of the simplest of the materials that you would need if you wish to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper. You do have the option to customize it as per your liking. But it is better if you first learn to make the simplest of the gift bags and then move towards something bigger.

Steps To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

Steps To Make A Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

Now that you know of the supplies that you will be needing, let us jump into the process and see how easy it is to make a gift bag with wrapping paper.

Step I: Measure And Cut

Measurements are the most important things to keep in mind if you are making a gift bag by yourself. The size of the paper would decide how big the gift bag would be. For any medium sized gift bag, a 40 cm by 50 cm piece of paper would work just fine. However, you have all the freedom to change the measurements as per your wish. Once you mark down all the measurements, carefully cut the wrapping paper.

Step II: Folding

If you are using a paper based wrapping paper, the folds will matter a lot. You need to make clean folds in order for the gift bag to look presentable. Lengthwise, fold the paper in half. Then, bring the shorter ends together. They would form the base width of the bag. This would also give you the center point.

Step III: Unfolding

Then, you would have to unfold the paper. Then, fold the shorter sides to the center crease. The edges need to cross over at the center crease so that you may be able to tape or glue them to form a tube.

Pull a blunt scissor or knife along the crease to make the edges sharper.

Steep IV: Create The Base

To make the base of the bag, fold up the bottom edge 5 cm. Then, unfold it. You will notice two corner flaps forming by the creases.

Step V

Open the corner flaps and press them inwardly. This would create a diamond shape at the bottom edge of the paper. Fold the bottom and the top points of the diamond towards the very center. Secure them with glue or tape.

Step VI

To make the side of the gift bag, fold and make a crease around 5cm along each of the sides.

Step VII

At the very same time, make a fold from the top and crease it around 5cm. Then, unfold it.


Open the paper bag and fold the paper over by the top crease towards the inside of the bag. This would give you a pretty neat edge.

Step IX

With the help of your fingers, pinch those creases along the sides to open the open bag. This would make them fold the other way.

Step X

Decide on the dimensions of the base of the bag and trim a small piece of cardstock accordingly. Insert this at the very bottom of the bag. This would make the base more stable.

Step XI

Use the punch hole to make two holes on both the sides of the bag. The holes must align with one another. Pass the ribbons through the holes and make pretty handles of the bag.

The Bottom Line

This is all that you need to know to make a bag out of wrapping paper. It is one of the best ways to give a gift to anyone.

It is hassle free, simple, and is also a lot less expensive. Once you start making it, there is no going back. And once you become an expert, you would be surprised to see how creative you have always been.

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