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Is It Okay To Romanticize Your Life?

To romanticize your life is to fall in love with yourself all over again. Do not doubt the process because you feel too good; it is not a drug; it’s happiness which is a long time coming!

If you look closely, there are more things to be thankful for than to complain about! It is cliche to say, “look at the glass half full.” But that is the essence of romanticism.

Now, many might confuse it with eternal optimism. A person who romanticizes their life is not always looking to forcefully turn every negative situation. But romanticizing your life gives you the perfect mood to fuel the strength to deal with tough situations.

Romanticizing your life is known as the healthiest coping mechanism for facing one’s difficult reality. However, the best part of this practice is learning to be self-sufficient. 

What Does It Mean To Romanticize Your Life?

What Does It Mean To Romanticize Your Life

If this is your first time hearing this term, let us explain the trend behind romanticizing your life, and most importantly, is it okay to do so?

Romanticizing involves appreciating mundane day-to-day activities that you didn’t pay much attention to before. A great example would be waking up an hour early and enjoying a warm beverage by the window.

In general, there is nothing special in such an activity. However, if you look closely, there are tiny pleasures you do not get to share for the rest of your day. When your busy schedule creeps in, you will not have time to sit and enjoy the peace, silence, and bits of nature.

Walking after a long day is also a way to romanticize your life. You can rest your mind or reflect on certain situations calmly. Psychologists have even said that taking a walk gives an endorphin release which is good for your mental health.

Many might think, ‘how taking a walk helps us appreciate the little things?’ In simple terms, romanticizing is thinking of yourself as the main character of a story. As your favorite character always seems to take long walks accompanied by their inner monologues and melancholic music, similarly, this is your shot. 

How To Romanticize Your Life

If this is still a foreign concept for you, here are some ways to romanticize your life.

1. Slow Living In The Morning

Slow Living In The Morning

The rush in the morning is the main culprit for your draining energy. By the time you reach your workplace, you are so drained that the morning mood is ruined. If you want to start with the practice of romanticism, begin with a slow morning.

You do not have to be up at 5:00 am and start your day. But you can always try to be an hour before your current time. Just an hour and you will have enough time to shower, get ready, have a nice breakfast, and maybe catch up on some reading. A perfect beginning to set the mood for the rest of the day.

2. Room Decoration Can Do Wonders

Room Decoration Can Do Wonders

Decorating your room to your mood and aesthetic is another trend in romanticizing your life. It is often said that certain colors and lights can induce your mood in a certain way.

If you are confused about where to romanticize your life, invest in some warm lamps and fairy lights. Reading a book in warm light, all cozied up in your bed, and warm candlelight near the bedside table is all the romanticism you need.

This is also a great distraction when you are back home in a foul mood. This is the beauty of romanticism; you can always escape into a “perfect” world when you are not feeling that great. 

3. Go On A Date With Yourself

Go On A Date With Yourself

Now there is a stigma with someone sitting in a restaurant all along. However, a key activity when you romanticize your life or practice self-care is definitely going on solo dates.

If sitting in a restaurant alone gives you more anxiety than peace, do whatever you would love to do on a date. Here are some of the perfect self-date ideas best for your weekend plan.

  • A picnic with yourself, with a book and a glass of wine.
  • Trying new recipes at home with vintage music on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Go for the movies, and have the entire coke and popcorn to yourself.
  • Prepare a home movie marathon session with fluffy cushions, a warm quilt, and mood lighting.
  • Have a good gaming session, and order your favorite Chinese food.

4. Find Your Negative Triggers

Find Your Negative Triggers

Negative triggers are worse when you are trying to make yourself feel better, and romanticize your life. Whenever you find something gratuitous and positive, your mind will keep shifting toward the negative triggers. However, you cannot find a solution without knowing the problem first.

Going to a therapist regularly or journaling, in fact, anything which will allow you to deep dive into your emotional hole, reflect, and find out what’s good for you and what you should avoid. These will help you embellish your stress-free alone times with more positivity.

5. Take Time Out For Self Care

ake Time Out For Self Care

No matter how busy your life is, you must never sacrifice your self-care time. Many might say having a warm bath with bath salts and candles once a week is enough self-care. However, the therapist advises us to do something we love almost daily to stay grounded with our inner selves.

If you romanticize your life through self-care, it allows you to not get carried away too much in the hustle culture and normalize burnout. After a long hard working day, we need to indulge in something fulfilling our inner needs, and it could be something as small as reading our favorite novel.

Stop making your life an endless routine where you keep reaching deadends upon every enjoyment effort. Be your own “main character” in this story called life, and no one likes the protagonist to be engulfed with negativity. 

Is It Healthy To Romanticize Your Life

We know why you have clicked on this article. Either you have been thinking of using this method or doing it for quite some time, or there is an impending feeling that maybe you are burying the negative thoughts.

Just like anything else, romanticizing also has its limits. For example, you cannot stop dealing with or confronting difficult situations, and using romanticism to hide away from them is unhealthy.

Use romanticism to deal with these difficulties and come out of this other side stronger. For example, if you are feeling low or unproductive, romanticizing would be to build a routine and start enjoying your work. Appreciate your small achievements, and give yourself time to relax as well.

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