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What Type Of Case Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Fight

It is unfortunate that when you are compensating for an accident caused by someone else, you often do not know that hiring a lawyer can actually help you file a lawsuit.

So, what kind of attorney should you hire, and how can they help you? Read more to understand it all. 

Who Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer specializes in giving justice and compensation in terms of injuries and property damage due to the negligence of someone else. But how will you know that you should be filing a personal injury against someone?

Here are some of the common personal injury claim a personal injury lawyer fights, and if you find yourself in any such predicament, you should immediately call one.

1. Premise Liability

Premise liability is when you are on someone else’s property, and their act of negligence around the property caused you physical injury. A very good example would be to go to a hotel, and the staff was negligent with the duty which you have paid for.

– Any kind of under-construction building which might have caused you injury because you were not warned prior.

– Injury caused due to malfunction of equipment inside the suite.

– Severe injury or even death caused by the food served.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a hotel, but for any property where you have been injured, the property owner is responsible.

2. Medical Liability

This is a very common personal injury case that you might have heard many cases about. Any severe psychological distress or death caused by the negligence of the medical team or the lack of treatment provided in time can be deemed as a case of personal injury.

In this case, you could either file a case of personal injury against the medical institution or the doctor responsible. On winning the settlement, you will receive a set amount of compensation.

3. Product Liability

This is when you have bought a product under false influence or advertisement, where it claimed to do something and on using it gave you severe injuries or skin complications. This also comes under the case of personal injury since you were the victim of negligent marketing from the company’s end.

If you were rushed to the hospital and you have to go through a medical procedure to combat the injury, you have every right to ask for medical compensation. Other than that, emotional compensation due to the pain you have endured can also be settled with this lawsuit.

4. Car Accident Injury

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases. Whether it is rash driving, drunk drive, and rash driving that caused the accident, you can ask for compensation for the medical bill because of the injury.

You also have a right to ask for emotional and expense compensation if there has been a death because of this accident (truck accident cases have the highest death rate.) Some accidents move from personal injury to crime, especially in cases of hit and run or vehicular manslaughter, but an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer can handle these cases.

5. Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a personal injury case where someone with an injury caused by malice in the workplace can ask for compensation. Most of these cases come from highly dangerous workplaces like construction site workers and miners. Although some cases can be seen as unfortunate accidents, there are some which are caused by the negligence of others.

Monetary compensation due to emotional trauma caused in the workplace due to abuse or sexual assault can also come under personal injury.

Hire One Now!

Any kind of injury or even death caused to anyone due to negligence, or someone else comes under a personal injury lawsuit. If you find yourself in the hospital or paying for property damage that was caused by someone else, you have every right to get compensation for it.

A good personal injury lawyer will be compassionate and make time for you. Be communicative, fight logically and let you keep your emotions, and heal from the incident.


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