Have you been thinking about getting an Edgar cut? I mean, isn’t it the trend now? This is one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles that is taking over the world recently. But how would you know if this is the best haircut for you or if it will suit your face? 

Well, lucky for you, I came bearing presents. We contacted some of the most popular hair stylists in the world. They shared some of their expert tips on how you can style the popular Edgar cut based on your face or style preference. 

But before we jump into the variations, let us first have a small discussion about the haircut and how it came to be in the first place. 

So, without any further delay, let us find you the best hairstyle you can pick for the Christmas season. 


What Is The Edgar Cut? 

As per Ezekiel Trevino, a barber from Signature Cutz in Brownsville, Edgar cut is a small fade on the corner of your sideburns. Trevino further added that most of his clients will ask to get a clipper guard length of two all the way around. Then, they would want a taper or maybe a fade in the back. 

A very similar description was given by Eybard Hernandez, a local Texas-based barber. He further mentioned that there are multiple styles, which include tapers, mullets, and mid-fades. 

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As per Hernandez, Edgar cut is one of the most popular hairstyles in the Valley recently. 

“Honestly, more than 75% of my clientele are ‘cuhs,’” Hernandez added. “They have that exotic haircut.”

Where Did The Edgar Cut Originate? 

Originally, this hairstyle got popular to meme stardom since the ‘Cuh 956’ song took over the Valley. The song performer had what was actually known as the tapered haircut. 

“And since he started saying ‘cuh’ over and over again, everyone started calling it the cuh haircut and since the guy’s name turned out to be Edgar, everyone started calling it the Edgar cut too,” Trevino mentioned. “It’s more like a Valley thing, like a 956 style.”

Types Of Edgar Cuts To Choose From 

Now that you know what the Edgar cut exactly is and how it originated, let us dive deep into the different variants of the Edgar cut and find the one that would suit you the best. 

Two-Toned High And Tight Along With Spikes 

If you are daring enough, you may add a bold color to play a little more with the haircut. You may use this dual-toned high and tight with the spikes. This way, you can get a clean middle fade on each of the sides. Also, you get to get a little taste of a fun and edgy haircut, which would act as the crown of your modern streetwear style. You need to keep in mind that getting this exact hairstyle will cost you a lot of money if you are ready to spend it. Hence, this is a hairstyle that is more achievable to some in comparison to others. 

Bleached Blonde Edgar Paired With Bangs 

The Edgar cut is one of the freshest takes on the classy crop. This is the basis of the short back and side pair with a blunt fringe. This bleach-blonde version leaves a couple of small lengths in the front to be able to add a little extra texture and leave a finish that is eye-catching. If you wish to get a natural finish, I would suggest drying a little sea salt spray and a touch of styling powder for that added texture. 

A Shaped Edgar With Fringes 

The shaped Edgar with fringes is one of the most perfect looks for those men who have straight hair. However, you must only ask for it if you are looking for that sleek and stylish haircut that has an addition to the textured fringe. This hairstyle will allow a shape that has a good definition, along with a modern twist. It will give away a very clean and well-structured look. The textured fringe, however, is versatile. This allows for a number of styling options. 

The haircut would work best for those men who want a refined and polished appearance without having to sacrifice style. Just use a matte clay or volumizing spray to be able to maintain it daily. 

A Classic Edgar With Bald And Faded Sides 

All you need to do is ask your hairstylist to give you the classic Edgar cut with bald and faded sides, along with textured bangs. It is one of the most timeless and edgy looks for men and boys alike. This haircut shows a low-cut or shaved section to the comparatively longer hair on top. The textured bangs will add dimension to the top and give the look some movement. This will give the overall look a stylish and modern edge. The Edgar cut is so versatile that it suits a wide variety of face shapes or hair types. 

Maintaining this hairstyle is not so difficult either. Just regular touch-ups and trims are all you need. The best product to use, in this case, depends on your hair density and texture. 

A Skin High Fade With Just A Blunt Hairline 

If you wish to thicken your hairline or get a fresh and new chop for summer, this is one of the best looks that you may get for yourself. The bald fade on both sides and the hair on the top section give enough contrast to be able to provide a nice silhouette. Styling it with matte clay can give you that added volume and texture. 

Takuache Cut With A Wavy Top

Crispy and clean, there exists no better combo than what you may see on this particular Takuache cut with wavy tops. This is a hairstyle that caters to the textured and dense hair types. You may also get a clean or tailored cut around the face. You just need to ask your barber for the short scissor cut on the top, along with a lineup and a fade somewhat around the temple, to get this look. 

The Textured And Fluffy Edgar Cut 

If you are looking for a men’s hairstyle that has more volume and shape, this, indeed, is your best friend. This a fluffy and textured Edgar cut, which only a master barber can execute. Most of the references that you may find on the internet are done on wavy hair. However, it can easily be done on all hair types if you want it that way. 

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Edgar cut is one of the most popular haircuts of all time. It has been taking over the generation by storm, and why not? It is stylish and looks classy. There is no doubt why the men of this generation have been obsessing over this haircut. 

However, this is a very risky haircut. You need to do it only if you are sure that it will suit your facial features. Talk with your hairstylist prior to getting the haircut. This way, you will understand what will exactly suit you and how your barber may be able to execute the look to match rightly with your facial features and style.

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