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Is It Okay To Leave Dogs Home Alone?

Can you leave dogs home alone?

The answer is yes, but this is not as simple as saying straight yes or no. Because if you leave dogs home alone for an hour, it might be okay, but when you leave home for a whole day, that might not get a positive answer. 

In fact, it is cruel to leave dogs home alone for a day. This can be a sign of struggle, or some might be unphased. Dogs are the preferable pet in the world. 

Well, this is not just what we think, but there are several genuine reasons to consider dogs as preferable pets. 

Well, we all know that dogs are used to human company and are probably the most loyal pets you will ever find on this planet. 

But why do you think that dogs are preferable most?

  • They are incredibly loyal. 
  • They offer unconditional love.
  • We get emotional support when we feel alone. 
  • If you are facing social isolation, dogs are with you. 
  • They always show signs of a positive attitude. 
  • They are the reason you become active.

However, several dogs have separation anxiety. Keep reading to understand if it is okay to leave dogs home alone. 

Consider Things Before You Leave Dogs Home Alone

Consider Things Before You Leave Dogs Home Alone

Leaving dogs home alone can create a difficult situation for your dog. Well, it’s not a pandemic anymore. So, we have to leave our homes and go to work. 

But can we keep our dogs with us always when outside?

No, practically, it’s not possible; in fact, dogs are best at home. For your dog and you, home is the best place to comfort. Well, as we know, dogs do not like separation from their guardians; it’s time to understand them better before you leave the dogs home alone. 

Control Their Bladder

Control Their Bladder

Controlling your furry friend’s bladder before you leave home is necessary. So, it is recommended that you do not leave home until they get used to a particular routine. 

The way you treat them or train them, they will become accustomed to it until it hurts them. So, dogs are easy to pet, and you should try & practice them to empty their bladder on time. 

However, if you want to go outside, you need to ensure the fact that their bladder is emptied last time. 

Understand Their Emotional Needs

Understand Their Emotional Needs

When your dog is with you, they are jolly; they are charming. But do you know what they feel or face when you are out of home?

So, it’s time to understand their emotional needs before stepping foot out of your home. 

Do they prefer to stay alone, or do they need constant engagement?

This is a crucial stage of understanding your dog’s needs and then applying your techniques accordingly. 

If you leave dogs home alone, they will feel alone if it is long. So, know them well to plan your outside work. 

Look At Their Changes In Behavior

Look At Their Changes In Behavior

When dogs stay alone, they might get changes in behavior

Well, dogs are lazy, but that does not mean they are prone to lethargy, depression, or show disinterest in your cuddle or love. 

Well, it might be medical issues but mostly emotional issues. You never know how much your dog loves you and, at most, needs you. So, it’s time to understand how much time they can spend alone.

Improve Their Alone Time

Improve Their Alone Time.

Well, you cannot quit your job or do other work outside. So, it’s better to understand the ways or steps you can take to improve their alone time while you leave dogs home alone.

  • If you have work every day, hire a professional dog walker.
  • Bring them to doggy daycare. 
  • Get another pet or dog. 
  • Crate training can be an option. 

Well, did you know that your dog might have an interest in TVs and radios?

But the world is strange, and your dog needs entertainment as well. As your dog is prone to companionship, you might bring another dog home to keep them in constant companionship.

Is It Okay To Leave Dogs Home Alone?

There are some common symptoms that your dog is feeling alone. 

  • Howling & Barking.
  • Trying to escape.
  • Destructive behavior.

To Leave dogs home alone is never a good option for them. But if you can follow the above-mentioned steps or understand the timing, it can be okay. 

  • For puppies, one hour per month. 
  • For adult dogs, you might consider six hours.
  • For senior dogs, you might go out for eight hours. 

Well, timing is not a solution to prioritize your outside work, and thus, it will be better if you hire a dog walker.

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