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What is Marianas Web? The Most Mysterious & Dark Place on the Internet

It’s a good thing that the majority of internet users have seen the brighter side of the Internet. It helps us with our daily needs and socializing. However, there is a remote and mysterious corner of the Internet where all the shady and notorious things happen. 

Knowing about these activities might send chills down your spine. Yes, Marianas Web is one of the darkest places in the deep dark layers of the Internet. But, what is Marianas Web? how dark is it? Is it something out of fiction? Read this article to find out more about this dark part of the Internet. 

What is Marianas Web?

What is Marianas Web?

The name Marianas Deep Web is used to identify this deepest darkest part of the Internet. The deepest sea in the world is named Mariana’s Trench (7 miles /11.3 Km deep). Mariana’s Trench is the inspiration for this part of the Web. All the dark and illegal activities happening in the world of the Internet are said to be connected to Mariana’s Web.

If you have heard about the spooky and horrifying truths of the dark Web, you should know that this place goes way deeper and darker. According to different sources and lintels, Mariana’s web has information about some of the most powerful global agencies. Some even claim that this dark part of the Internet also contains the dark secrets of many government agencies. 

The Internet holds the dark Web as a depraved marketplace where people trade on everything starting from drugs, children, and pirated movies to many other valuable and illegal items. 

Most exchanges occurring on this platform are questionable. As per further exclusive intel, there is powerful AI in this dark Web that can control( or already controls) the whole Internet.  

It’s said to house an incredibly powerful AI that controls the entire Internet. You need special browsers to access the Dark Web. But Marianas Web is a different story. You can only access this dark part of the Internet using quantum computers. The existence of this part of the Internet is still not confirmed. But, the trauma on the Internet may also not be out of presumptions. There is a truth behind why everyone is talking about Mariana’s Web. 

Where Is Marianas Web Located? 

Where Is Marianas Web Located? 

If you think that Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and emails are all there is to the Internet, then you have another thing coming. The part of the Internet we can access is only 4% of what there is. We as users can access only 4% which is called the Surface Web. 

The Internet consists of different layers. The layer we can access on the surface level is the Surface web. After that, there are – Bergie, Deep, and Charter Web. The next layer after this layer is Mariana’s Web. It does not end here. There are three more additional layers of the dark Web. Namely – Level 6, Virus Soup/The Fog, and Primarch System. 

Who Created Marianas Web? 

Who Created Marianas Web?

No one knows who is behind the creation of Mariana’s web. Also, there is no confirmation of its existence. No one still knows if it actually exists or not. According to popular opinion, this part of the Internet is the mere imagination of someone. Then, someone picked up the idea and made it viral on the Internet. Since the topic involves the dark Web, many people like to believe that it is real. 

The topic brings fiction and facts closer in a mysterious way, making a lot of curious about its existence and how it works. Although many logical explanations suggest that it is a myth, much research is necessary to prove either opinion right. 

Why Is Marianas Web Hard To Access? 

Why Is Marianas Web Hard To Access?

It is hard to neither confirm nor deny whether this dark Web ( rather darker) exists. But, there are some logical explanations regarding why it is hard or impossible to access. Two key factors make Marianas Web an impenetrable platform. Here are the two factors –

Factor 1: anyone that tries to access Mariana’s Web should know Polymeric Falcighol Derivation. It is a lengthy algorithm needed for accessing this network.

Factor 2: calculating this algorithm is impossible without the use of a quantum computer at its peak functionality. 

However, when the idea of Mariana’s web came into existence, quantum computing was a fetus in the womb of Goddess Technology ( at the early stage of development). Since a handful of powerful governments have access to quantum computers, only they are able to access Mariana’s web. 

Crazy Rumors About Marianas Web

These rumors are unbelievable. However, they are curiously worth reading. Here are some rumors you should look out for –

Superpowered AI Monitors Marianas Web

Superpowered AI Monitors Marianas Web

A popular rumor suggests that there is a powerful AI that can control the Internet and controls Marianas web. Some even believe that Mariana’s Web is the AI itself. This sounds unbelievable and the truth behind it is also covered in mist. 

It Holds Dark Secrets Of History

It Holds Dark Secrets Of History

There are rumors that this AI/ dark Web also has a copy of the Vatican Secret Archives. It holds the deepest and darkest secrets of human history. The AI is powerful enough to contain this dark information and control the Internet at will. 

The Internet Covers Up For The Dark Web & Black Market 

The Internet Covers Up For The Dark Web & Black Market

According to popular theory and some cyber security experts, Marianas Web was created with the intention of distracting the world from the dark market. This is a distraction to stop the global authorities from taking down the black market – that is what some people love to believe. 

It Comprises of Closed-Shell Systems

It Comprises of Closed-Shell Systems

This Web offers an incredible level of privacy, security, and control on the Internet. Its social network is semi-public according to design, and the users can only access it through an invitation from the inside. The attacks and instructions on Mariana’s Web are close to impossible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find these popularly asked questions interesting –

1. How Many Levels Of Internet Are There?

The Internet has three levels. here are these three levels –
1. “Surface Web” 
2. “Deep Web”
3. “Dark Web”

2. What’s Deeper Than The Dark Web?

When google cannot find anything you are looking for in the search engine, then it can be in the deep Web. Only 0.1% of the Internet is hidden in the dark Web.

3. Who Started The Dark Web?

According to data, the dark Web started in 2000. Ian Clarke, a student from the University of Edinburgh, did a thesis named Freenet. This thesis is behind the creation of the dark Web. 

Final Words

Marianas Web is still a mystery and many of us still dont have the proper answer whether it is true or mere imagination. In this article, I have provided all the available information that a reader might find informative. Please let us know if this piece of the article was helpful. 

If you have any similar queries, we would love to hear from you and answer them. You can use the comment section for queries.

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