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Is It Ok To Try Out The 75 Soft Challenge?

Have you been willing to try the 75 hard challenge? Well, the 75 soft challenge may be a better option in that case. Why? Well, you really would not want to commit to new habits that do not have terrible restrictions and an extreme change in your lifestyle pattern.

Well, if you have not already heard about the 75 Hard Challenge, let me introduce it to you. It is a callous daily routine that was created to “build mental strength and discipline” by the entrepreneur Andy Frisella.

While many people have adapted to this process of maintaining their mental and physical health, others have serious questions about its potential dangers and the extent of these extreme rules, which may force the participants to make unhealthy decisions.

This is where the 75 Soft Challenge comes into play. In this article, we shall discuss all about the 75 Soft Challenge and see why it is a better alternative than its other half.

What Is The 75 Soft Challenge?

What Is The 75 Soft Challenge

The 75 Soft Challenge is a gentler and kinder version of the 75 Hard Challenge of TikTok. It is a tough 75-day everyday routine that was first brought out by Andy Frisella to help “build mental strength and discipline.”

The 75 Hard Challenge mainly aims at the ones who wish to establish healthier habits by handing them a list of lifestyle changes of an extreme level that may be a slippery slope for restrictive, unhealthy behavior.

Therefore, the 75 Soft Challenge came into existence. Just like its hard counterpart, the 75 Soft Challenge follows a couple of guidelines and rules that you must follow for 75 days for the challenge to complete. The rules are designed in a way that would motivate you to build some of the healthiest habits without having to follow extreme restrictions or changes in your lifestyle.

Rules For The 75 Soft Challenge

The rules for the 75 Soft Challenge are a lot more simplified so that anyone could follow them without having to go through terrible restrictions.

The rules are as follows:

  • Maintain proper eating habits and drink only occasionally.
  • Train for just 45 minutes everyday. Have one day dedicated to active recovery.
  • Drink three liters of water everyday.
  • Read ten pages of a book everyday.

Let us now break down these steps to simplify them further:

Train For 45 Minutes Everyday

Train For 45 Minutes Everyday

When we talk about the 75 Series challenges, most of the attention falls on the workout portion. It’s because it is the only rule that produces results that are the easiest to see.

For most people, working out everyday for 45 minutes is a lot more than what they are already doing. One of the most impressive things about the workouts of the 75 Soft Challenge is that there are no guidelines about them. You may do it whenever and wherever you wish to.

You may focus on cardio, legs, or resistance training – the choice is yours. However, you need to make sure that your body is actively moving for 45 minutes straight.

Eat Properly And Drink Only Occasionally

Eat Properly And Drink Only Occasionally

This is the counterpart of the 75 Hard Challenge, which does not impose any restrictions on your diet. The best part about this diet is that you may set your own goals as to what “proper eating” means to you.

For some people, it may mean counting the calories or the macros to dial in on the specific nutritional goals; for others, it may add more vegetables or fruits or maybe more protein in each meal. The crucial thing here is that you are setting boundaries for what you define as eating healthy and sticking to them for 75 days.

Drink Three Liters Of Water Everyday

Drink Three Liters Of Water Everyday

Drinking water may sound like the easiest task that you need to finish in your 75 Soft Challenge checklist. However, this is the one task that you are most likely to fail if you are not being mindful about it. Three liters of water eventually comes down to 12 cups a day.

Read Ten Pages Of Any Book Everyday

Read Ten Pages Of Any Book Everyday

The most appreciated part about the 75 Soft Challenge is that it does not only focus on your physical health. It focuses on your mental health, too, which is one of the most important things that this challenge has targeted.

Making time everyday to learn something new and interesting is the best thing that you can do for your mind. Reading may help lower blood pressure, stress, and heart rate and help prevent cognitive decline as you get older.

While the 75 Hard Challenge instructs you to read books with only help, the 75 Soft Challenge would allow you to read any book of your choice. This is the best news for people who spend most of their time reading fictional stories. There is no shame if you sit everyday with a good piece of fiction.

Why Is The 75 Soft Challenge Preferable Than The 75 Hard Challenge?

To put it in simple terms, the 75 Soft Challenge is a lot more practical than the 75 Hard Challenge. As per the rules of the 75 Hard Challenge, the participant would have to work twice a day for 45 minutes each. Also, any one of these exercises has to be outside.

To begin with, this is a huge commitment to make. And most of the days, we do not really have the time. Exercising should never be the top priority of the day. Also, with the change in seasons, it is pretty impractical to exercise outside, particularly when the days are shorter. Therefore, this is complicated for people with full-time jobs to maintain.

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer the 75 Soft Challenge over the 75 Hard Challenge:

  • It only aims for consistency, not perfection.
  • It allows for a lot of personal room for yourself in your schedule.
  • This challenge is perfect to give you the right push towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple challenges that come up everyday, and people follow them blindly. There are no negotiations done when it comes to the health and the benefits that one gets from such practices.

However, the 75 Soft Challenge is an easier and more achievable version of the impractical 75 Hard Challenge. The 75 Hard Challenge is impossible to follow and keep up with. It is mainly for 75 days due to the impractical rules. The 75 Soft, on the other hand, is healthier and easier to keep up with and get proper results.

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