Once upon a time, a bride asked her maids, can you wear black to a wedding? Some gasped, some bat an eye, and some brought up the old weapon of the convention. Then all of them burst into a sing-song_

“There goes the bride, all dressed in white….”

The unconventional wishes of the wild bride got buried under, ‘what ought to be.’ 

This was a story I once heard from a wedding event executive, followed by her lamenting protest of how it is wrong, how we are still deciding upon wedding dresses based on age-old omens.

Now, there is one thing if the wedding is highly religious in a church, where both the partners are orthodox Catholics. However, regarding a non-religious wedding in the heart of an exotic beach, the question of can you wear black to a wedding shouldn’t be automatically dismissed.


The Ancient Omen Of Black In A Wedding

The Ancient Omen Of Black In A Wedding
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Before we get into the rights and wrongs of wearing black at a wedding, let’s take a peek at the history books of omens and superstitions.

The wedding itself has a few omens to follow.

“The bride cannot see the groom before the wedding.”

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

“Never give knives as wedding gifts.”

So, what is the superstition behind wearing black at a wedding, and the meaning behind the color?

A black wedding dress is not essentially a sign of bad luck. However, years of bringing down superstition through word of mouth have taught us that. 

Black cats are an omen, and so are black ravens!

However, in the history of superstitions, a black wedding dress is often worn by brides or wives in mourning. This is to honor the deceased. In general, black is the color of mourning in Christianity. 

Since weddings are an auspicious event of new beginnings, the bride adorned with black can be seen as a reminder of death. So, the next time you hear a bride ask can you wear black in the wedding, this is behind the gasps of shock in unison.

Now, there is a reason, and you start defending your cause.

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

“Black will always be the new black.” 

Whether it is our dearest princess Diana’s revenge dress or Ms. Jolie’s sexy slit in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, there is one thing in common, the color black. Whether you agree or not, it is “gorgeous.”

So, wearing a black wedding dress is not a conventional choice, but it is the sexiest. Some iconic black dresses were worn by strong female characters and individuals. It is no surprise that many are asking whether can you wear black to a wedding

However, when people are asking this question, they are not often the bride. This brings us to a different direction in the article. Can you wear black to a wedding if you are the guest?”

Let’s discuss this further. 

Are You The Bride?

Are You The Bride
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Here is why you should or should not wear black to a wedding before you ask, “can you wear black to a wedding.”

Why You Should

⦿ You absolutely adore the color.

⦿ Got the perfect dress for your special occasion.

⦿ The people around you do not really mind. Because no matter how much you wish to fuel your will, you are getting married to your partner. Their concerns sometimes do matter.

⦿ Your venue would fit perfectly with the black attire.

Why You Should Not

⦿ Your finance is not very keen on the idea, and they are trying to convince you why you shouldn’t rationally.

⦿ The theme wouldn’t go with the black dress, and it will make you stand out in a bad way.

⦿ You didn’t find “the dress” in color. There is no point in being adamant on your wedding day. After all, the end goal is to look beautiful on your special day.

Can You Wear A Black Dress To A Wedding

Can You Wear A Black Dress To A Wedding
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Now, keeping the bride’s perspective aside, we will concentrate on the guest list and if anyone is willing to wear a black dress. So if you find yourself asking this question upon finding an excellent black dress for your best friend’s wedding-

Can you wear black to a wedding?

Then here is your guide to wearing one.

⦿  Go all black and simple but elegant.

⦿  Do not go all rogue with an outlandish couture outfit. No, we are not saying that you can’t wear it, but this is not your place to shine.

⦿  Match it with colored accessories. Do not go all black, as if you are in mourning.

Is It Rude As A Guest?

Is It Rude As A Guest
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All the overthinkers out there might be hovering over these questions. “can you wear black to a wedding” or “Or, will it be rude or disrespectful as a guest to wear black to a wedding?”

The answer is Yes, & No.

No, when there is no specified theme mentioned. You can literally wear any color you want; after all, you are not the bride.

Yes, it will be rude if there is a given theme or color code mentioned in the invitation, and you decide to defy it with the most controversial color out there.

However, the color white is more offensive than the color black. Since it resembles purity and is the color of the bride, you will not only look disrespectful or someone trying too hard to outshine the bride.

What About Black Tie Weddings?

What About Black Tie Weddings
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Black tie weddings are a common wedding theme, where women are expected to be wearing black cocktail dresses, and men are supposed to come in a suit and black tie.

At these weddings, you do not even have to clarify by asking whether can you wear black to a wedding.

You absolutely should!

The Season & Time Matters

For the bride and the guest wearing black requires a lot of planning. You can wear it depending on the season, theme, and time. For example, many would suggest you do not wear black to a daylight wedding. However, when it comes to a cocktail wedding party, we hardly doubt a guest would bat an eye if the bride is wearing black, and vice versa.

During the fall season, the season of witches cackling and cauldrons brewing, you wouldn’t need much permission to choose the color black. Just choose a very fall and Halloween-centric theme for your wedding, and rock your black veil.

So, the next time you ask a conservative relative if can you wear black to a wedding, don’t!

Rather make better plans if you really want to.

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