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Is It OK To Do An Egg Cleanse To Remove Bad Energy?

Spiritualism has always remained a significant topic of discussion as it focuses on making our everyday lives easier. One such holistic approach that removes all negative energy from the house is egg cleanse. 

Over the past few years, this cleaning procedure has become a trend on the World Wide Web. A lot of people are opting for egg cleanse as it makes their abode a peaceful place to thrive in. 

This comprehensive guide tells you what is an egg cleanse and how to do it at home. So, make sure to read it till the end and discover the beauty of this sacred procedure. 

What Is The Ritual Of Egg Cleanser?

What Is The Ritual Of Egg Cleanser

The ritual usually includes bringing a raw and uncracked egg and further rolling it on your body downwards. The circular movements of the egg focus on soaking negative energy from your mind as well as the body. 

Later, you have to crack it into a glass full of water and try reading it, just like reading tea leaves. Whatever you smell or see will give you an idea of what’s going on mentally, energetically, or physically in your life. 

Next, you know the ways to resolve these problems. The egg cleanse ritual, as mentioned already, can alleviate our day-to-day suffering. But it also helps in eliminating and healing the following concerns:

  • Bad luck
  • Energy blockages found in your chakras
  • Addictions
  • Phobias and fears
  • Negative spirits and energy
  • Bad karma
  • Imbalances
  • Mental and physical health problems
  • Anxiety and stress

When it comes to cleansing your aura along with your body, nothing is better than the egg cleansing ritual. Additionally, it helps in decluttering your safest haven from all sorts of bad energies. 

Did You Know All That We See Is Energy?

Each day, we are exposed to different kinds of energies, just like our objects. We are meeting new people every day, going to new places, and dealing with multiple situations. While some of these energies are positive, others might imply negative effects on our body, soul, and mind.

You will remain aware of the process. Take, for instance, while spending a day at work with some colleague and coming back home feeling drained or anxious. Whatever happens to our bodies, we are the first ones to know it- even when they collect negative energy. 

The ritual of an egg cleanse not only helps you in addressing such negative energies but also depicts ways to curb their entry into the body. You might be thinking about how to do an egg cleanse. Well, don’t worry! I have listed out some ways below to do it all by yourself. 

How To Perform Egg Cleansing At Home?

How To Perform Egg Cleansing At Home

You will need a few things to undergo the process of cleansing with an egg. Firstly, you might need an egg, which must be at room temperature, a white candle, and a tiny white cloth.

Next, look for garden sage, copal, palo santo, or frankincense. You might also need a tiny bowl of lemony salted water and salt. 

Arrange all the tools on a table, a sturdy surface, or on a white cloth. Ensure to arrange everything before you begin so that there are no interruptions. Follow the step-by-step guide to do egg cleansing all by yourself:

Accommodate Your Elements On An Altar

Place all your substances on a white cloth or a sacred altar as you get ready to begin the ritual. Declutter your mind from all worries and focus on now!

Cleanse The Area

Prior to performing any ritual, you must always cleanse the space. This ensures that no stagnant energy interrupts the potential and magic of your intentions.

This egg cleanse ritual generally includes copal burning. So, if you cannot find it, try replacing it with frankincense. Even if you have palo santo or garden sage, you can easily conduct this ritual at home. 

One of the important things to consider is keeping your windows open, lighting the incense, and walking across the room. This ensures that positive energy reaches all the crevices and corners. You might also try passing the egg in the form of smoke.

Wash It

The initial step of any egg cleansing ritual is to wash the egg thoroughly. Then, rinse it gently in a bowl full of water and salted lemon. Once you are done, drain the water and keep the egg on a cloth.

Establish A Connection With The Universe

Lighting your candle is when you know you have to build a strong connection with the Universe. You might also try connecting to the Goddess, Spirit, or Source.

Seek help from the Universe to use the egg as a medium to clear the negative energy inside you. While you perform this step, don’t forget to pass the egg across the candle flame occasionally. 

Fix An Intention For This Cleansing Procedure

This might seem obvious, but setting an intention during the egg cleanse ritual on a full moon day is important. For example, ask yourself what are your objectives and why are you performing the ritual. 

Place the egg on your hands and bring it closer to the heart slowly- all while thinking about your intention. After doing this, repeat the intention loud and clear. It is alright to talk to your egg directly. 

Roll It All Over Your Body

The actual time of egg action has come. You might lay down or stand up and move the egg slowly down your body. Begin with your head and end at your feet.

Don’t forget to continue this in anti-clockwise and small circular motions, just like you would roll an ice cube on the body. It is significant to have faith in your intuition. If you want to place the egg on a body part for a prolonged period, do it. 

Just ensure to cover each part of your body, including your eyelids, ears, neck, and even the soles of both your feet. 

Into A Glass Of Water, Crack The Egg

The next step in your egg cleanse ritual is to crack the egg into a glass of water. Allow it to settle for at least 5-10 minutes before beginning to analyze it. You might use this time to sit and meditate. 

Now, look at the glass side on top and notice the egg inside the water. If there are strands, bubbles, images, or color changes, things might be unusual and deserve your attention. 

The Meaning Of Each Egg Cleanse

The Meaning Of Each Egg Cleanse

On completing the ritual, you might see some usual things. But one might ask how to read an egg cleanse. Here are some common visuals and what they symbolize-

  • Clean water

If there is no unusual smell or shape and the water is pretty much clear, there is less stagnant energy within you. Hence, this ritual has cleansed it, and you do not have to do another ritual anytime soon. 

  • Sinking Yolk

Are you noticing the yolk sinking to the bottom of the glass? It might be an indication that the ritual has cleansed some heavy stuff inside you. 

  • Cloudy Water

Noticing cloudy water without any smell or blood in it might indicate a loss of energy caused by a tiny hole in the aura. You might have been experiencing severe fear, nightmares, or anxiety

  • Bubbles

Small bubbles can eventually indicate that the egg cleanse has absorbed all the negative energy. However, it might also indicate you are more irritated or tired due to extreme stress. If there are bigger bubbles, you are most likely to be caged into a situation that’s inescapable. 

  • Foul Smell Or Drops Of Blood

If you have noticed a foul smell or some blood drops in the egg, it might indicate that you are ill. There are possibilities of you experiencing mental or physical illness. On a serious level, it might indicate that somebody has placed a curse on you. 

  • Cobwebs

Are you seeing cobwebs in the egg? There might be a person in your life who is envious of your success. One might also get a sense of entanglement in some sticky situations that are a result of confusion and negativity. 

  • Flowers

Flowers generally indicate positivity, so if you are seeing one in your egg, the negative energy is gradually dissipating. Be rest assured that better things are coming in your life. 

What To Do With The Egg? 

Once the cleansing ritual gets closure, the next important consideration is what to do with the egg. You have to dispose of it in the right manner. Remember, in any situation, you are not supposed to consume the egg. Although it might seem like wasting a good product, it is an important step in ending egg cleanse rituals. 

Now that you have cleansed your mind, soul, and body from all bad energies, consider the egg as a bad egg. On consuming it, you might allow the toxicity to enter your body again. Just wash it in your kitchen sink and put the eggshell inside the earth’s surface. 

Takeaways…Cleanse Your Aura 

There are various ways to get rid of negative and disruptive energies. But egg cleanse, as a ritual, has gained immense popularity owing to its benefits. If you want to receive its highest benefits, make sure to keep your mind free from all negative thoughts. 

With this, I bring this comprehensive guide to an end. I wish my readers all the very best while they set their foot on such a mystical self-cleaning procedure. If you have already undergone this procedure, comment below and share your experiences.

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