Pisces And Cancer

Is It OK If Pisces And Cancer Are A Good Couple?

Pisces and cancer have an iconic due- owing to their shared zodiac element- water. They share a strong emotional connection with one another as they are both instinctive. A similar water sign makes them extremely compatible with bonding and love. 

While cancer is a little protective of their beloved, Pisces loves to follow leaders. In terms of patience, both the zodiacs have immense potential. Hence, when you see a cancer and a pisces dating one another, you know the association will last long. 

This comprehensive guide entails the depth of the relationship between the two. So, without wasting much time, let us quickly discover how compatible this duo is together. 

The Pisces

The Pisces

Belonging to the arena from 19th February to 20th March, Pisces is the last or twelfth zodiac sign. It is generally represented as two fish swimming in two different directions. The ruling planet is Neptune, or the “planet of dreams.”

Usually, pisces are intuitive and mystical, and they have the potential to sense everything taking place around them. Picking up on feelings, emotions, and vibes is no big deal for them, which is why pisces compatibility has been considered one of the best ones. 

Further, they are deeply compassionate and prioritize the needs of others before theirs. Consequently, they can connect deeply with places and individuals- resulting in a never-ending bond. In certain situations, their creativity knows absolutely no boundaries. 

The Cancer

The Cancer

Coming to the fourth zodiac sign is cancer, which has a symbol of a crab. Pisces and cancer are on the same page in terms of intuitiveness and sensitivity. However, cancers love to keep their feelings to themselves, which sets them apart from pisces. 

Some intriguing attributes of the cancer zodiac include unconditional love, reliability, compassion, and kindness. The Moon rules this sign, which is an indication of its fine-tuning with feminine emotions and energy. Creating meaningful bonds is nothing too difficult for this set of individuals. 

But as we know, every cloud has a silver lining. Cancers can sometimes be extremely emotional and sensitive, resulting in a sense of insecurity. It might or might not have an influence on cancer compatibility with other zodiacs. 

Friendship Compatibility Between A Pisces And Cancer

If you belong to either of these signs, there is good news for you. Striking a conversation and developing a friendship with your horoscopic counterpart is typically easy. Both the water signs are naturally intuitive and prone to delicacy. They might comprehend how to comfort and support each other in the most effective manner. 

Cancer belongs to the category of ultimate nurturer- they are more than happy to praise Pisces. The fish is most likely to flourish when given such undivided attention, and they love returning the favor by taking out the introverted crab of their shells. The latter is literally taken into a world of possibility and imagination by the former (Pisces).

In terms of traditional ideologies, Cancer exceeds Pisces. Another reason for the pisces and cancer compatibility is also due to the fact that the crab loves to conduct mystical practices. Both these signs are extremely compassionate, which is why you might find them spending time volunteering at an animal shelter. 

It is worth mentioning that while their friendship is extremely flourishing, they can also fall apart in the highest wave. Since the water signs have powerful feelings, tidal waves might represent disruptions in their alliance. 

Pisces In Love With Cancer: The Compatibility Factor

“A match made in heaven,”- that’s what people say when they see a pisces and cancer together. Understanding each other’s feelings right before the other expresses them is a common attribute- which means they think carefully before hurting someone. The caretaking aspect makes you feel less neglected when you are dating either of them.

In particular, Cancer might be a bit possessive, whereas Pisces love following their commands. But not everything between them is a bed of roses. Cancer and Pisces might also have differences. However, they show equal efforts to resolve the issue and don’t let the other go without coming up with a solution.

Cancer and pisces compatibility is also a result of the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer. They love to initiate things and make ends meet. On the other hand, the fish sign is mutable as they can comfortably adapt to any situation. While Pisces is more creative and dreamy, its counterpart is a lover of security and nurture. 

The duo can admit to being prone to a plethora of pipe dreams. Since they are both imaginative and affectionate, a common idealogy is to explore new places with one another. 

Intimacy Compatibility Between The Two

Just like other compatibilities, Pisces and Cancer are romanticly compatible, too. The sexual tension between the two is mainly founded on emotional grounds. While pisces might sometimes react kinky and weirdly towards Cancer, their strong feeling towards one another is what enriches their intimate bond.

When it comes to bringing intimacy to the sex life, Cancer deserves mention. They are the ones to nurture their better halves and care for their pleasure- thereby offering them a safe and stable approach. Contradictorily, pisces brings change, inspiration, and creativity because the sign usually exalts Venus. 

The sexual alliance between the two is based on emotions, which is why they cherish one another. Just because Cancer is somewhat conventional and shy in terms of intimacy, Pisces might find this behavior a bit unreasonable. But when they connect with one another on a deeper level, there’s no shallow experience. 

Further, their sex life might lack some spark because they are not fiery signs. But they are a lover of sensual and slow intimacy. 

Pisces-Cancer Alliance: Underlying The Strengths & Weaknesses

Pisces-Cancer Alliance: Underlying The Strengths & Weaknesses

While the duo is compatible in different realms of life, a set of differences might make them fall apart. Below is a brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of each of these zodiac signs:


  • While Cancer mostly values tradition and family, Pisces might support in times of need. 
  • Pisces assists Cancer to be greatly creative and experimenting with new ideas. 
  • They can set examples for Cancer to be more philosophical and altruistic. On the other hand, Cander teaches Pisces to be more down-to-earth and practical. 
  • Both pisces and cancer are highly empathetic and can understand one another. 
  • They always feel connected emotionally. 
  • Cancer always protects Pisces and offers them security and stability while discovering the latter’s sensitive side. 


  • As mentioned above, Cancer can become a bit over-protective while Pisces are overly sensitive. This might result in unclarity about the relationship needs. 
  • Pisces might want Cancer to be more self-sufficient and open-minded. Whereas Cancer needs its better halves to be more concrete and practical. 
  • Cancer doesn’t leave Pisces alone, which might make them feel misunderstood and smothered at times. 
  • Pisces wants to remain detached and does not appreciate the protective nature of Cancer. 
  • They might also ignore the emotions of Cancer until they are straightforward. 

Cancer & Pisces: A Duo Written In Heaven…

The aforementioned points support the fact that pisces and cancer are indeed a match that has been written in the stars. The aura of this magical couple makes everybody affectionate towards them. 

If there are psychological differences between the two, a bit of compromise might help in forming an incredibly strong relationship. Every relationship deals with some form of turbulence, and the Cancer-Pisces alliance is no exception either!

So, are you a pisces or a cancer? Let us know your journey of love and friendship with your zodiac counterpart.

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