Teeing Up Your T-shirts – 5 Cute Ways to Wear Them To Make A Style Statement

It’s easy to dress yourself up with bling and sparkles. However, if only you can perfectly learn how to dress casually, you’ll shine like a real fashion diva.

T-shirts make the perfect statements using fashion. From feminism to humor, you can wear your ideas fashionably for every occasion. For example, what if you wear a chris farley t shirt for a fun-filled evening with friends?

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a t-shirt.

Keep reading to learn!

Top 5 Ways to Wear T-shirts To Make A Style Statement

1. The Hot Knot

A summer style calls for some skin. But we tend to imagine t-shirts to be covering our skin and putting up a casual look.

This first style on our list is sure casual, but it’s cute and hot!

There are two simple ways you can tie a tee knot—

First, take a portion of the fabric on the side of the tee and tie the knot.

Second, cut the middle of your t-shirt for one finger length and tie the two portions in a cute little knot.

2. Oversized Statement

Summer and winter wardrobes both require oversized t-shirts. So put on an oversized t-shirt with a button-down shirt, shorts, and heels for a brunch date.

You can also make it straightforward, with an understated ensemble with a few buttons undone.

These days, oversized T-shirts are popular. They dangle freely below your shoulders and are loosely fitting. Women with slim builds may pull this off with ease.

Add a corset belt as an accessory to give it some form. All you need is some self-assurance to pull off this off-shoulder, oversized T-shirt.

However, we’d warn you never to pair them with oversized bottoms or flared skirts for oversized tees.

3. Not-So-Casual But Oh-So-Cool

An oversized T-shirt and blazer outfit convey a stylish yet casual vibe. Wear a comparable shade of the color scheme to maintain your stylish appearance, such as an oversized white T-shirt with a grey jacket.

To make the shirt seem more fashionable, tuck it in and wrap a tight brown belt around your waist. This attire is appropriate for semi-formal parties and gatherings.

Although it is classy and comfortable, the blazer gives it a sophisticated look. You can wear this for your casual Fridays and work in comfort and style!

4. Matching The Colors

What about a matching two-piece?

Ensemble a two-piece set that is stylish and has a focus on a pure solid color. This style would make you stand out on the street.

Additionally, let the t-shirt expose the midriff. This two-piece set has a distinct flair from other sets.

You can also go with a pattern in the same hue. Striped bottoms with your striped t-shirt can also be a great choice!

5. Neon Brights

Currently, the 80s theme has been more noticeable!

Women’s neon clothing can be seen everywhere, from Blake Lively’s neon green suit to Ashley Graham’s Prabal Gurung neon sweater dress.

This time, when looking up at “the” neon, a full range of hues is shown rather than just the highlighter lemon green.

Amidst this Neon T-Shirt craze, you may demonstrate that all you want is to have fun. Rip your tee with horizontal cuts and wear it with a contrasting camisole.

This vibrant, eye-catching t-shirt look, with its rows of large rips on the front and side, is perfect for blending the 80s and 21st-century styles!

Add Some Drama

When talking about fashion, we can’t miss out on the drama. There are plenty of ways you can add drama to your t-shirt.

How about this for you if you want to go for extra “drama”? Put on a hot pink evening bag, straight-leg jeans, a lace bustier, hot pink shoes, and your white t-shirt to appear everything but plain. The color pop can really draw attention to your shoes, and the bustier adds intrigue to the shirt.

You can also add drama with layers. Pair it with a long fur jacket and high heel boots to hit the winter roads and party hard!

A Tee For Your Tea

When you say a tea party, we can see some fabric flares, elegant and proper.

Doesn’t sound like a t-shirt, right?

But we’ll make it sound like one!

For the perfect tea party outfit, get one of the solid colors from your t-shirt closet. Next, you can pair this with a flared or lacy skirt.

However, it is important to keep the color contrast in mind. We’d suggest you not go too overboard with the tee color. Select colors that remind you of autumn.

 Pair them up with black, white, or beige flared bottoms for a perfect look.


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