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Yemen Cafe: Menu, Location, Reviews, And Operating Hours

Yemen cafe is a small symbol of the entire Yemen country. You can see and explore the different mouth-watering cuisines of Yemen. The traditional menus of Yemen are full of versatile foods and herbs. The main attractive part is that the perfect combinations of the herb and spices keep your chicken or lamb preparations so soft. So that after a single bite, the kebabs are going to melt into your mouth.

If you like to test the real flavors of Yemeni food while sitting in the middle of the USA. Visit the Yemen cafe in Brooklyn. These are the favorite destinations of every authentic Yemeni food lover.

Let’s take a look at the history of the Yemen Cafe’s origin.

History Of Yemen Cafe

Yemen cafe and restaurant was established in 1986. The first is starting their food journey by serving authentic traditional Yemeni food. Every food preparation of the cafe is crafted with authenticity. The first branch was established in Brooklyn. After that, many more branches like 

Yemen cafe bay ridge is setting up.

Yemen cafe has a warm and casual atmosphere and is becoming the best hangout spot for every type of person. The signature dishes and the outstanding hospitality facility welcome the guests. These are the reasons why the guest keeps coming and revisiting the place more than a single time.

Yemen cafes are surviving some of the red meat and fish authentic dishes. You will get all things in a single place. The delicious, unique herb and spices-filled foods.And outstanding hospitality facility. Both options are available here. You can simply take the foods or just take away the foods from the counters.

Address: Court St and Clinton St 176 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201

Now let’s have a look at the Yemen cafe menu.

Food Menu Of Yemen Cafe Brooklyn

Every Yemeni restaurant serves delicious quality lamb and chicken items. Let’s have a look at the menus of the Yemen cafe. While you are in Brooklyn, you should search for ‘Yemeni food near me. And you will find the Yemen Cafe details.


  • Marag Soup – $2.00
  • Baba ghanoush – $9.95
  • Foul – $12.95
  • Fassolia – $12.95(White kidney beans or eggs)
  • Shak-Shookah with Egg – $12.95

Lamb Dishes

  • Leham Segar with Sauteed Lamb – $16.95
  • Kiblah with lamb liver – $15.95
  • Fatah With Honey or Kishta – $11.00 (Yemeni-style sliced bread and honey)
  • Hummus with Chicken – $17.95
  • Hummus With Lamb – $17.95
  • Salt LAMB – $29.95(with Massloug lamb and backed Yemen style bread)
  • Fahsah – $19.95 Traditional Saltah combined with shredded lamb


  • Boneless Kabsa Lamb with parsley – $29.95
  • Lamb Shish Kebab – $29.95
  • Lamb Chops with grilled baby lamb chops – $29.95
  • Massloug Lamb with mixed rice – $29.95
  • Lamb Haneeth with mixed vegetable and rice – $29.95
  • Mix Grill Kebab with vegetables and rice – $29.95

Lamb Agada And Glaba

  • Lamb Agada – $29.95
  • Zorbian Lamb – $29.95
  • Lamb Glaba – $29.95
  • Lamb Fatah – $30.00

Chicken Dishes

  • Chicken Haneeth – $18.00
  • Charcoal Grilled Chicken – $17.95
  • Chicken Glaba with mixed vegetables and rice – $17.95
  • Massloug Chicken – $17.95
  • Chicken Agda – $17.95
  • Chicken Kebab – $17.95
  • Boneless Chicken Zorbian – $17.95
  • Chicken Saltah with spicy chutney – $18.00
  • Chicken Kabsa with basmati rice – $18.00

Fish Of The Day

  • Yemen cafe Fish of the Day – $25.95


  • Chicken lunch hours Slow oven-roasted chicken with rice and vegetables – $14.95
  • Chicken Glaba Curry – $14.95
  • Massloug Boiled Chicken with vegetable and rice – $14.95
  • Chicken Agda – $14.95
  • Chicken Kebab with vegetable and lamb sauce – $14.95
  • Saltah – $14.95
  • Chicken Zorbian Yemeni dish with chicken and rice – $14.95
  • Chicken Kabsa with long grain basmati rice – $14.95

Vegetarian Dish

  • Assorted mixed vegetable served over a bed of rice – $14.95

Beverage And Drinks

  • Iced Tea – $1.75
  • Special Yemen Tea – $1.75
  • Pepsi – $1.75
  • Ginger Ale – $1.75
  • Sierra Mist – $1.75
  • Orange – $1.75
  • Sterilized drinking Water – $1.75
  • Hawaiian Punch – $1.75

My Honest Review About Yemen Cafe

Before visiting this Yemen restaurant, I did not have any ideas about Yemeni food. I was in Brooklyn Clinton st. Then my friends suggested the restaurant. I forgot the address and searched for a ‘Yemen restaurant near me’ search query. And there are many options, but I select the nearest one with the best reviews on google.

After reaching the Yemen Cafe, I was attracted by its calm and friendly ambiance. This place is a perfect friends and family hangout spot. They served halal meat. I am a vegetarian. My first reaction was surprising to know there was anything available for me. When they give us the menu, I see many vegetarian platters and meat. My two friends are fond of lamb meat. They are ordering Zorbian Lamb and Lamb Shish Kebab. I ordered an Assorted mixed vegetable stew with rice.

The quantity is good. My food tests are heavenly. Every herb and species is perfectly combined with the vegetable. The Yemeni species and the herbs are all extraordinary. And my food tastes awesome. I did not have any idea about Yemen grill meat. But my friend is all happy with their dishes. And they ordered more after their first order.

My experience with the Yemen cafe is very different. The whole ambiance smells of authenticity and traditions. The calm and friendly ambiances are the perfect place for any type of small talk. If you like to taste authentic Yemeni foods while in Brooklyn, you must visit here. My opinion is this will be an outstanding experience for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yemen Cafe

1. How Far Is This Cafe From Brooklyn Downtown?

From the New York Transit Museum, it is half an hour drive. You have to follow Clinton street and Atlantic avenue.

2. What To Order From The Yemen Cafe Menu?

Every traveler has different preferences. But the lamb preparations are the most delicious ones. If you are in the Yemen Cafe, you must order the grilled lamb preparations from the menu. There are many options like eating there or just taking away your food package.

3. Why Must You Visit The Yemen Cafe?

Yemen Cafe is an authentic place to try Yemeni foods. So if you like to have grilled and blended meat with stuffed vegetables and rice, you must visit here. And with your meal, try the authentic Yemeni-flavoured tea.

Yemen Cafe: Conclusion

New York is a place of multiple cultures and customers. The modern and heritage everything is blending in this place. Yemen Cafe is just like that. After you step into the cafe, you will feel the authenticity of the ambiance. And the excellent warm test foods are adding more points. If any traveler is fascinated by the testy grilled lamb and chicken preparations, they must visit this place.

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